Free cookies!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Sonja, Jan 4, 2015.

  1. hai. :3
    my name is sonja (pronounced son-ya) and i brought cookies for everyone!
    *opens cookie bag*
  2. Hello Sonja, I'm Hollow, The darkness as you can see. *smiles* I'm not here for the cookies but for your friendship. Welcome to the site^╰╯^ ♡
  3. nice meeting you, hollow!
    i hope we'll be good friends. :)

  5. What kind of cookies?
  6. *supermegaglomphugglesquishes diana-chawn* (=´∇`=)

    any and all kinds. the bag is made of super-cosmic-magicky stuff. hue hue. c:
  7. Super-Cosmic-magicky stuff? I think I will pass.
  8. i also have bagels.
    if you want.
    *cries in a corner*
  9. *chew chews on cookies* O,O :cookie:
  10. *Eats the Bagel*
  11. Gimme cookies! Welcome!
  12. Welcome Sonja.. I'll pass on the cookies, the bagels though.