Free character commissions (female characters only)

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  1. March’s commissions

    Hello! My name is March and I have been drawing for as long as I can remember! I had gotten my tablet about 2 years ago and I feel as if I haven’t really put it into full use! So~ I am willing to do free commissions for the character you’ve been dying to rp with!

    My art style
    > I do a anime realistic art style (sometimes super realistic and sometimes more anime) but I am still finding my preferred style so some of my art may be slightly different than the next but that’s just me trying new technics!

    > That’s up to you! I can keep it colorless or I can color it! It just depends on what type of coloring you’d like.

    >I prefer to draw my characters standing but if you send me reference then I will definitely do a pose for you (it may just take me longer)

    >I don’t do background but I do do a simple solid color

    My Dos and Don’ts
    >I do not do full body! It would be very rare but it always depends on the pose! I tend to stop at the waist or mid thigh.

    >I only draw woman

    >Don’t ask me to draw in someone else’s art style

    >I do draw nudity but I will not draw them with another person. (Adding: I will only draw 1 person per drawing unless there twins or something)

    If you have any questions PM me and I will give you a format to fill out so I can get started on your character! Thanks~
    (PM me if you’re also curious on what my other artwork looks like)

    If you would like to contact me for updates my instagram is
    > official.honey.beebi
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  2. Well if you can draw girls, I have one you might have fun Drawing, my fallen Cherub named Wilona, Hope you can draw her.

    The only color she has is her eyes, the redness on her nose/under her eyes, and skin. the rest is gray and black. I want her to have a happy smile and a bust shot would be perfect of her in your art style :3

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  3. wanna draw my elastic ninja? if so then please message me. here is what he looks like. new elastic ninja..jpg

    draw him as a girl if you want.
  4. I would love to see your interpretation of my Wereowl-bear Tiefling savage, Aeor o Ulo!

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