Free Banner and Signatures (Maybe manips, too.)

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  1. Hello, I'm Jess. Welcome to this shop. I don't have alot of Banner and Signature images to show, but I can post my amazing manips. They can attest to my skill. <3

    My tumblr has most of my work-- including these odd little drawings I do on my phone. <3



    If you want a Banner, I need:
    Background color/design/image:
    Text color/text:

    If you want a signature, I need:
    Background color/design/image:
    Text color/text:
    ++I can't do moving signatures. Not yet. <3

    Actors/People You want in the image.
    ++I do these in primarily black and white, seeing as it is easier to hide editing mistakes. You can find them on tumblr.

    Weird drawing thing:
    Gimme your favorite color. <3

    Now, guys-- give me your patience. I'll try to churn out those banners at the speed of light for people. <3