Free As A Bird

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  1. In the year of 3050 the Earth as we know it no longer exists. It is a dead wasteland no longer fit for life. So humans have found another planet which can harbor their life with ease. They have become far more technologically advanced, and now have flying ships which sky pirates and a few lucky others pilot. Medicine is ridiculously strong, but without the Earth’s herbs and natural resources to create them with they have to start over and rely on the new planet’s resources.

    Sterhera is the new planet, which humanity has inhabited for 25 years. But all is not well on this planet, the government on Sterhera has become corrupt and overbearing. They have taken control and now are being looked to instead of religion. All the humans believe the Council of Sterhera is equal to gods. All the humans save the Sky Pirates, they have adopted their own set of ways, creating their own gods. Unbeknownst to the Pirates however these gods actually exist, as they came to the leader in a dream, to be worshipped. On the word of the gods, the Pirates, go against the government, trying to free the people who are trapped by the corrupt rule.

    A war is now breaking out between the Sky Pirates and the government. The gods are watching, waiting for when they will be needed. The only question is, what will you do? Will you join the corruption, will you watch from the sidelines, or will you become a hero?