Free art? waaah??

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Do you like my art? ; u ;

  1. Yes! :D

  2. No :c

  1. Hello amazing people of Iwaku! I am the weird Kid muffintop but please call me Val ^^

    I still kinda new to Iwaku and have done a few roleplay but now I want to do some drawings *Yay*

    I want to be an animator someday and I need to seriously work on my art skills since I have been slacking for the longest time. x(

    So with that said, I'm willing to do free art for you lovely people buuuuuuuuut I have the right to be choosy > o <

    I get distracted easily and I do have a job so that takes up some of my time but I always make time to draw whatever it is I need to draw.

    With that said: Time for some samples~ weeeeeee~!
    (P.s. some are just lazy sketches and others line art that I took my sweet time with.)

    Most latest drawing: Sofia vs. Valentina (characters I created ^^)








    Hope you guys see a style you like or if not, feel free to stick around and chat ^^ I get lone sometimes :c

    Byes for now~!! :D
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  2. Hey there. ^^
    This looks very neat, but it lacks depth. Do you construct your characters before actually drawing them? Doing that makes it easier to make a believable drawing.

    I can give you a few tips and tricks, both for drawing and if you want to try animation yourself. n.n
    I know a lot of technical stuff, but I don't personally think I'm an awesome artist.
  3. Yea ^^; I havent really gotten into deeper stuff when it comes to drawing just the basics. BUT I'm finally going to be taking computer animation classes in Feb. so hopfully I'll get better xD
    I would love any tips and tricks you would like to share! The more you know the more I can do!! :D
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  4. Sorry for the long wait on a reply, was swamped with work * _ *

    anywho~ I am not very good with males mainly because I havent had enough practice with them. But if you're willing to take a risk with me, I can try my hardest to draw a male :3