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  1. NOW! I'm Not saying I'm going to be the fastest! Or the best! But, I will most certainly be trying my best to make things work! What I want from you guys is simple. I'll be putting a small form for you're requests so that you can't flood me and make me drown and confused! Now you can make Multiple requests! But Please be understanding that I may skip around if you have quite a few! Also! I'm still learning! And males are one of those things I'm still working on! So be patient with me okay!?

    I'm doing this out of the bottom of my heart and am trying to get better at art myself. Now! If you're feeling generous! You're always welcome to send some money my way! If you wish to just go here and click my little donate thing there! That's the easiest way to get me money! *coughs and moves on because these really are free drawings*

    Now that my shamelessness is past, I would like to show you some of my art so you're not hugely surprised. Now! Not only can I do drawings, I can also make songs about you're characters (though they will only be lyrics and a melody as i have not learned to compose background music yet) and I can also do digital, but at the moment digital is not an option seeing as i don't have a computer right now that will work with my tablet. UPDATE: I am a dip shit and am now able to make Digital art!

    Sooo The different mediums I work with and the examples will be below!

    Pen-Colored in pen and/or Completely done in pen

    Pencil-Completely done in pencil

    Ritsuka is H-O-T HOT
    Unfinished drawing of Pegasus
    Gin and Viper

    Acryllic Paint- (self explanatory though I have very minimal supplies for this style)

    Charcoal- Colored or Black and white Charcoal art
    Dark.Paine (Tera)
    Jayce For Epi-san!
    Laura (1/3)

    Digital- (Again not available at this time but for when it is available. Now available! here are some examples!)

    Gameboy Derpy Contest Art
    Link of the Cats
    Karan: Homeworld Fanart


    Your Username:
    Chara's Name:
    Chara's Age:
    Chara's Gender:
    Chara's Speices:
    Medium: (Pencil, pen, you know)
    About the chara:(All the pertinant info about the chara that will help me capture them better in my art)
    Type: (Headshot, Full body, waist up, Chibi, Anthropomorphized tell me here)
    Other Info: (Tell me anything else you might think i need to know)
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  2. Your Username:meltywoman
    Chara's Name:hannah
    Chara's Age:30
    Chara's Gender:woman
    Chara's Speices: slime girl
    Medium: digital
    About the chara:she is a slime who works as a gymnast. she appears to always have a purple latex clothes and is always finding new ways to shapeshift
    Type: I want the full body please
    Other Info: a pic of the character will be provided. (Hannah is based on the girl in the purple latex)

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  3. it might take me a bit of time to get to this but thank you! Need to get my digital art re-set-up!
  4. thanks!