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  1. I will draw your characters, for free. Really. Requests open.

    I do not guarantee that I will take all requests as I am pretty busy, but I will definitely try to.

    I DO ALMOST EVERYTHING, I am not too comfortable with couples or overly-muscular people, but in case something like that comes up, I will manage. I WILL NOT DO furries and mechs. Not because I don't like them, but because I genuienly suck at them, and I'm sure that nobody wants a half-done job.

    Some examples of my art:

    If you're interested, reply in this thread. Please be very detailed.
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  2. Zirnitra, Slavic Dragon God:

    Hair: Raven Black, with streaks of violet that aren't very predominant. Two curved horns on his head, similar to a ram's horns, in gold, curving downward.
    Height: Tall, around 6'2, slightly imposing.
    Muscle Build: Thin, yet toned.
    Eyes: Luminescent Green, with trails of green energy seeping off to the sides. Slight iris outline, but not enough to say that there's an actual iris. Similar to this.
    Face: Scar on the bridge of his nose, extending to both cheeks. Prominent. Kind of like this. Grinning.
    Hands: Holding a brown book with a pentagram inscribed on one of its covers, in his left hand.
    Clothes: These robes, hood down.
    Skin: Slightly tanned.
    Feet: Wearing sandals with tabi socks.

    Hopefully that's detailed enough for you :D
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  3. You said you don't do furries so I don't know how you feel about wings but that is going to be a main component of what I would like, granted you are willing to do it for me. Here is the description.

    I would like a woman a combination of a Seraphim (a six winged angel) and a Hindi Goddess (a six armed woman). I want the theme to be light colors and some black. I would want this said woman said woman to have pale skin and white hair, I am unsure what I want for the hair so feel free to play with it but I would prefer if you could do medium to long length if possible. Across her eyes will be a black blindfold and she is adorned in a dress, you can play with what you want the dress to look like but I would like it to be floor length. She has a Goddess-esque air about her and if you can include it she has swords for each hand. I have a lot of ideas here and I know the general idea of what I want but feel free to have artist intervention and change something, the main components of this piece are the six wings and hands.
  4. I will get to work on you guys' requests ASAP! Might take a while, since I'm going to be flying an 8 hour long plane today, but it'll be done. ~___^
  5. @HELL BOY☆

    Be safe on the ride, and take all the time you need. Where are you going if I may ask?
  6. Thank you! I'm going to Moscow from Hong Kong.
  7. @HELL BOY☆

    Russia would be a good place to go now, the summer sucks, all the heat. It will be nice and cold.
  8. Oh god, yes. Especially after Hong Kong, it's so humid and hot here I feel like a steamed bun.
  9. Thanks Hell :D
  10. @HELL BOY☆

    Yes eww. I am in south Georgia and it feels like 115 and it is just beginning to be summer.
  11. @Tarot Haha, I feel that. I'm from Houston, so it gets pretty hellish here sometimes as well.

    @Nemesis Which one would you like me to draw?

    @Arcadia Lumina Colouring yours right now! Should be done sometime in the evening tomorrow (Moscow time ;;;^____^)
  12. OMG so excited to see the finished product :D
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  13. The first one, as I linked to it.
    Though, I understand Iwaku likes to jump around at times.
  14. @HELL BOY☆
    Oh yeah, Houston can get pretty hot too. I have friends that live in Texas (I am right in assuming where you live, right?) and they talk about the weather every now and then.
  15. @Nemesis I gotcha! It shall be done.

    @Tarot Houston's problem isn't the heat, it's the humidity. That's what really kills me. )-:
  16. Thank you for your patience.
  17. @Nemesis Do you have any preference about the pose/background/etc?
  18. @HELL BOY☆
    That was how I felt in Florida, I lived there when I was younger and I go to visit family. Inside with the ac is the only safe place.
  19. I'm not certain.
    Contemplatively studying one of the "seeds" mentioned in the profile crossed my mind, but I've not given any thought to how they would actually appear.
    It doesn't much matter to me, a simple pose and blank background are enough.
    I'm more curious just to see your interpretation of the character.
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