Fredbears Family Diner (FNAF OOC& SIGN UP)

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  1. Okay I'm not gonna make it super fancy, because I'm not in the mood for it and also because I need to do a lot of explaining.

    So! As you know 5 kids were murdered possessing the 5 animatronics. Well, we'll rp exactly what happens according to the theory. And if after that if the rp is still alive, then We'll accept OC's and We'll play five nights at Freddy's... With drama, cus why not?!

    Theory (open)
    ((if you don't want to read take two minutes and watch "its been so long" by the living tombstone on YouTube. It explains the theory))

    You know that thing about the purple man killing the kids right??



    The mother of one of the kids fell into depression.she blamed herself for her sons detah. She couldn't bear the pain so she killed herself and haunted the Marionette. I'm not gonna show evidence for this theory cus I already have in one of my blogs. Anyways, like the kids were stuffed into the animatronics she "gave life" to the kids by pitting their souls in each animatronic.

    But there's only four animatronics, then there's Golden Freddy. His name is Freadbear. He was the original Freddy fazbear but was replaced when the murder from Fredbears family finer happened (before FNAF 2) it was closed not because of the murder, the people didn't even know about that yet, but there were these weird oddors coming from the animatronics and mucus dripping from them, so they were closed down due to sanitary problems. They were closed down and another company bought it and replaced the name with a better reputation and new mascots. Also, they kept Fredbear like for scrap parts, like the old animatronics in Freddy fazbears family Diner.

    And just so it's clear it came from

    Fredbears Family Diner


    Freddy Fazbear's Family Diner

    Freddy Fazbears Pizzeria

    ((I think))

    Anyways, there's my Theory.

    Also! We begin with OC's but they have to have the personality of the animatronics.

    Another theory:

    I think the animatronics think that the night shift thing is a game of hide and seek.

    Bonnie and Chica almost have the same personality.

    Fredbear/Golden Freddy is the cheater.

    Freddy is the smart one, he tries to mes with you for a while then grab you

    And foxy is the competitive one, running to get to you first.

    Okay enough explaining, here is the CS

    And I'll be making an IC thread as long as theirs enough Rpers

    Open spots:

    Chica (Girl)

    Freddy ( Girl or Boy )

    Bonnie ( Boy)

    Foxy ( Boy)

    Fredbear ( Boy )

    Pic: (anime preffered)
    Age: (no higher than 10)
    Personality: (you can add more than what I mentioned )
    Bio: (this includes why he/she lovesngping to fredbears pizzeria and why they followed the purple man)


    Last thing, I'll be playing the mother that gives the animatronics aka the marionette