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This is a plot I did in the past with a great partner, whom came up with this plot. I have done this before, but it didn't really work at as the previous partner just disappeared which is fine, that's life. I altered the plot a bit and I will RP both versions with two people. I do hope I can do this long term or at least get past the small stuff to really get into the roleplay. If anyone is interested please PM me.

I have no huge expectations. Only, I'm an advanced player and can post about 2+ a day. I'm a versatile player and I don't typically follow the whole uke and seme lingo, but for this particular plot I would like to try out a submissive role, if possible, to practice?


Version one: A band of misfit runaways form a cult as circus performers. Like any other circus, they make the audience become surprised, terrified, and excited. The only thing that makes this circus different from the rest is that they take the lives of their audience amd eat them. Sadly, one youngster is unaware of this little detail as he himself is by himself in this world and is looking for work as he is talented in aerobics. One of the members instantly took a liking to the younger and vouches for the boy when he witnesses a traditional feasting of theirs. The two build a bond as the boy learns the ropes of his new lifestyle and accepting his new family, but can the younger even trust this odd sadist and these people? Both men not having the best past, and this could possibly be the flourish an unbreakable bond between two unlikely people.

Version two: A young detective takes it upon himself to investigate the reports of missing civilians. After a blackout and countless screams as our hero gets kidnapped by the crew members. The ringleader takes an interest to the older and decides to spare his life if he only accepts to be his slave in exchange for his life. Evidently, being near each other one would think the relationship is only platonic and for self gratification, but what happens when the two are so antoxicated with one another?

Both versions will contain heavy sexual content, but still a plot going on to keep it going. Only a small age gap, nothing to big. Mentions of and scenarios of cannibalism; not too explicit though.
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I'm dominant and this idea sounds interesting, mind if we create magic? ^^
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