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  1. Hi!

    Section 01: Introduction
    Hi everyone! I am "Doctor Freak" and I love to RP - especially when it comes to mixing plot and sex. I'm here to tell you all that I'm looking around to RP some ideas I've had. For the most part, I'm pretty open to most things. Heck, it'll get a little weird up here *points at head*. But there are limits. They are listed below. I'm a kinky individual, so you've been warned!
    If you're still interested in RPing with me after reading the thread, drop me a PM or send me an IM (and if you add me, please immediately tell me who you are...).
    DO NOT PM me if OOC gender matters greatly to you. It does not to me and I just find it cripples any potential an RP had.

    Section 02: Kink List
    A lot of these are not mandatory, but if you'd like to RP, I'd hope most of it is something you're into. Do not message me if you only want vore or sex though or if only less than 50% of these kinks make you interested.
    Also note that the * marks have explanations or examples written below each kink list. Please read them.

    I will do:

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    • Humans | Aliens | Furries | Mythological Creatures* | Slime/Goo Girls | Cyborgs/Robots | Ghosts/Spirits
      Soft Vore | Breast Vore | Anal Vore | Cock Vore | Belly Button Vore | Unbirthing
      Incest | Pregnancy | Lactation | Huge Breasts** | Breast Growth | Butt Growth | Subtle Muscle Growth
      Tentacles*** | Mind Control | Possession | Corruption | Mutations**** | Transformation | Gender Bending
      Demons | Magic | Angels | Being Predator and/or Prey*****

      --- Clarifications ---

      * = Mythological creatures can be almost anything from mythology, though my personal favorite are Driders - spider-like creatures with human torsos.
      ** = Huge breasts are still in the grasp of realism, usually only going as far as possibly E cup. Macro breasts can be done with this, but going beyond E-cup would be temporary.
      *** = Tentacles is a large fetish of mine, but not necessary. This expands even into tentacle-like genitalia (ie tentacle cocks, for example)
      **** = Mutations are something I'd like to do more often, but when it's included, the mutations are very strange and definitely not for everyone (an example would be taking an injection of a formula and basically becoming some form of monster.
      ***** = Being a Predator or a Prey vastly depends on my role in the RP. It also depends on my mood. If I were a demon, then I'd more than likely would prefer to be predator. I have, largely, liked being Prey-turned-Predator though. I still love it.

    I won't do:

    Show Spoiler

    • Micro | Micro Pred or Prey
      Weight Gain | Big Bodied Women and Men*
      Disembowelment | Scat | Watersports
      Loli** | Small Breasts*** | Large Muscles |
      Pokemon | Pokemorph | Pokegirl
      Hand Vore | Feet Vore | Eyeball Vore | Nose Vore

      --- Clarifications ---

      * = By Big Bodied Women and Men, it technically goes along with Weight Gain. I'm not a fan at all of plus size female or male characters. I like temporary big bellies and even then, they look more pregnant on females (and I don't like big bellies on males).
      ** = Loli refers to any character, male or female, sexually under the age of 13. It is, also, extremely rare that I'd agree to any less than 16 minimum for characters in an RP as well.
      *** = Small breasts includes also being flat chested. I much prefer females having some sort of groping factor since most of the time, I do adult RPs - vore or not.

    I might do:

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    • Hard Vore | Gore*
      Bestiality** | Uncommon Vore***

      --- Clarifications ---

      * = Gore is sometimes allowed in an RP with me, though never sexually. It depends if the RP is an adult action oriented one, where I don't mind non-sexual combat and possible killing. This also includes Death as a "might do", but falls under this category still.
      ** = Bestiality is only done with female characters and never males. It's only male ferals on female humans/aliens/etc.
      *** = Uncommon Vore I might do are types of vore that aren't standard but interest me. Such as things like Hair Vore, Spiritual Vore, etc. If I haven't listed it and you think I might like it, let me know!

    Section 03: Other Important Things

    I will NOT tolerate RP quickies or RP's only focused on say two characters. I will not tolerate people who cannot play multiple characters as well. There's story to be told and worlds to be created and explored. I much rather have a few interesting characters rather than a bland, only two character RP. I also will not tolerate "I only do pred/prey". I'm switch myself and I like playing with other switches. They tend to be more creative.

    Sexual Pairings I'm Willing to Do

    Take note, these pairings are applicable to fantasy creatures, humans, anthros/furries and aliens.
    Show Spoiler
    • Male/Female
      Herm/Herm (Have to be in the mood for)

    • Sexual Pairings I'm Not Willing to Do
      Show Spoiler
      • Male/Male
        Male/Herm (particularly if the male is the one bouncing on the herm's cock, but this still a very low chance of a yes if it's just a male having sex with a herm and only touching her lady parts).

      Preferences for Role Playing
      First Preference (IM) - IM is now my first preference when it comes to RPing. I do like real time stories. However, it does not mean Forum RPing is off the table.
      Second Preference (Forum) - This is my second preference. Forum RPs are still pretty darn good.
      Third Preference (Email) - I tried this once and didn't mind it. Might try it more.

      If we don't use IM at all and still use a forum, please limit OOC chat to a PM for ideas to spring back and forth and not put it directly into the RP.

      Section 04: Plot Ideas (Not the Only Plots I Will Do)

      Currently the Plots I'm Most Interested in From This List

      Show Spoiler
      1) The Bleach Premise/Setting Plot
      2) Any Possession Plot
      3) The Corruption Comic Based Plot
      4) The Killer Tongue Fan Plot
      5) The Cybernetic Nightmare Original Plot

      The ones listed above does NOT mean they're the only ones I'll do at all. Feel free to suggest plots, too.

      1) Comic/Dojunshi Based Plots
      Show Spoiler
      1) The Spellshop
      Based on:
      Spells R Us - Dream Girl Plot
      Note: This one's unique because it could be an on-going thing where primary victims to a potion change, while the shopkeep is technically the center focus on giving the potion to women (and maybe men, depends on the variation).
      This plot revolves around an unattractive (either flat/too skinny or overweight) girl is trying to find a way to woo a quarterback at her high school. After failing to find a "sexy" outfit, she and a close friend stumble upon an antiques shop and she is offered a lust potion from a wizard. She is told if she gives it to her crush, he will see her as his dream girl. That immediately makes her friend distrust him, but the girl buys the potion anyway. She then drops a small amount into a soda can when the boy isn't looking before he drinks it. Once he does, in the middle of her next class, she ends up transforming herself into his dream girl - thus she literally became it. Except for her close friend, everyone else ends up thinking she's always been busty, curvy and somewhat tall. However, the girl soon finds out that the lust potion ends up letting the boy will her to do things and alter her appearance - if he wills it, she becomes slutty or her breasts/curves/butt could grow again. She tries to warn her friend, but is too late as she's also used it on someone that had a crush on her. This goes onto reveal that Elizabeth (girl from the comic) has her life spiral downward, eventually revealing she's now dreamt of becoming a porn star. This also reveals that the reasoning why her friend gets all the good luck and is rich and famous is because she exploited her friend and started up her own porn business. The comic then ends there with two more girls going into the shop from the beginning of the story.
      ie this story is a bit strange, where the shopkeep ends up being the only recurring character. The RP variation of this can range from anything to happen after the first two girls. :D

      2) The Remote
      Based On:
      Reality Altering remote control adult comic
      A young man finds a remote control lying in the bushes near his house. He picks it up and takes it with him after finding out it still works. Once home, however, he tries to program it to work with the TV. Once it is supposedly programmed, he tries to change the channel but hits another button on accident, causing the woman on screen to grow her bust size. His elder sister then returns from work, catching him staring at the large breasted, topless woman. Startled, the brother turns around and ends up noticing a red dot on his sister's shirt, he presses the same button as before and low and behold, in the middle of her sentence, his sister's breasts inflate like the woman's did on the television. She yanks the remote from him and runs to her room to try and change, but ends up enjoying the said change and wants to show her best friend. Together, they both do more changes, finding out what the remote can actually do and then decide to go out and pretend to be fully grown adults (they're high schoolers), but they end up finding out the remote can go as far as altering their mindset, turning them into sex crazed bimbos or worse, give the holder of the remote complete control over them.

      3) The Anomaly
      Based On:
      Adult comic known as Unstable Assets
      The comic on this takes place during the Middle Ages, but can work with a modern setting. Like Spells R Us, it involves a wizard/alchemist of some sort. A young female thief sneaks into the Wizard's/Alchemist's shop and steals a potion in order to make herself pull off a big heist. She's rather unnoticeable compared to others, being very plain but being small and agile has made her a great thief. She bumps into a guard on accident, spilling the potion all over her clothing and, of course, her body. She hurries back to her secret hideout before witnessing the potion already taking effect. She begins to grow taller, much longer hair, her breasts expand significantly, and she gains the figure of an hourglass. She decides that it's a perfect disguise for her plan to steal a priceless jewel from the Prince. She makes her way into his party by accidentally seducing him (figuring out she just needed to let him stare at her huge breasts to get an invite) and ends up, you know, sleeping with him. She's back to her small self in the morning, thus sneaks out because she couldn't explain to him about what had happened. However, it seems like the potion was unstable as when she's hiding from guards in a room and trying to be quiet, her body heats up and alters itself temporarily into the description they ended up giving about the royal consorts, forcing her to become incredibly horny and force herself to climax. She returns to normal once they disappear, confusing her. She then dawns the clothing of a servant and just before she manages to get to the gate, she's stopped and placed in a line up by a Head Mistress whom is clearly a lesbian and begins to see which woman in the line is to become her mate. However, the girl's body senses the perfect womanly form for the woman and ends up turning her into a herm, but she manages to fight the urge to yiff/fuck her and jumps down when the woman isn't looking. She rides in a cart covered in hay, trying to get rid of her own erection by pawing off (masturbating). She then notices she's beginning to shrink for an unknown reason and tries to hurry back to her hideout. Unfortunately, she ends up blacking out. When she does, her eyes immediately begin to glow and she mutters "Energy...", finding herself climbing into a sleeping homeless man's pants and beginning to mess with his cock, hardening it and causing it to climax all over her. The seed she eats up causes her to rapidly grow and rip out of the man's pants, making him panic and run off. Thus the thief is changed into a sexual predator that demands more sex, but also wants control. Basically, the potion has transformed into a sexual "monster" of sorts. The comic itself toward the end has her womanhood grow teeth when a man tries to control her and... um... she 'bites' off his dick. Take note that this is in the comic and more than likely I'll be fine if that's left out.

      4) Stranger Danger?
      Based on:
      Adult comic known as Stranger Than Fiction
      It starts off with a young man having a strange dream, talking to another man that can supposedly alter reality at will. Though the man tells the boy that his time is done, but the boy's is beginning. With that, his alarm goes off and he is called by his mother to get breakfast and whatnot. However, he notices something strange when he greets her. She seems younger, curvier and suddenly - bustier as her breasts grow enough to bust her blouse open in front of him. On his way to school, he ends up looking at various women and they suddenly have similar growth and height spurts. This is eventually revealed to be the fact he was given the gift of Reality Augmentation from the man in his dream, quoting "it's his story now, he can do what he wants."

      5) The Corruption
      Based on:
      The Corruption of Kissi, a jollyjack adult comic.
      A girl, who's supposedly perfect and innocent but has a naughty and very dark activities and fetishes in private, finds a strange necklace that attaches itself to her and begins to tap into her inner dark fantasies. Each fantasy plays out each day, but resets when she passes out (returning everything to normal for a few hours, even when she wakes up afterward). She finds out it's a necklace that was imbued with powerful demon magic and that she had a dark heart, which means slowly over time the fantasies last longer and longer and the regular hours last less and less. She also grows to begin to love it, but still tries to fight and find a way to get rid of the necklace otherwise anyone she knows or sees will become monsters forever.
      6) A Strange Occurrence
      Based on: A New Fit (Western Adult Comic)
      A dying young man makes one final wish to be healthy again as he laid on his hospital bed on his last days of life in the world. The wish comes true as a female patient is brought in critical condition, but is not impossible to save. When he closes his eyes for the night, he feels a strange rush of adrenaline before waking up the next morning, now in the female patient's body. Confused, she looks around and doesn't understand why or how this happened, but feels like it's a second chance. Not used to being female, the former young man must deal with that and a sudden ability to see what the living cannot. The former young man now also has to reconnect with his old friends and family while maintaining the female patient's own, but it all goes awry when it's revealed she was an overall well liked and attracted quite a bit of sexual tension.
      7) Failures
      Based on:
      How to Make a Lewd Pussy (Ero Manga)
      A young woman (or a teenager) gets fired from her dream job after being chewed out by her boss for lack of work and being worthless. Left with no way to pay her bills, she ends up homeless, considers herself a failure and nearly ends her life. A young succubus, wandering the streets in her last moments as she refused to fully kill a mortal with life energy, gives up the remaining life energy she has. Instead of letting her die, the young woman repays her by allowing the succubus's soul to live alongside her own in her body. This, in turn, allows the succubus to control her body when she's given permission in order to collect life energy from her friends or clients once she gained a new job.
      8) Mixed Signals
      Based on:
      Sexual Alien (Ero Manga)
      An alien targets an attractive female and abducts her, physically replacing her after forcibly gathering data by devouring her fully. Once back on Earth, the alien walks around in its new form though it forgets to cloak its strange looking bikini-like tech gear. Being ridden off as a sexy cosplayer, she goes about her mission to collect samples from humans to see how they reproduce and study them. However, when she experiences sex for the first time, she gets overwhelmed and just plain addicted. She continues her research, but finds herself unable to leave the planet knowing so many men haven't given her samples of their seed. She's also interested in women and can mold her body accordingly as she finds and logs more and more data. She is, however, picked up by a secret lab and they repeatedly attempt to capture her.
      9) The Condition
      Based on:
      Reader (Ero Manga)
      A young woman has a strange condition. It surfaced during her days in middle school, but if she were to be bumped into hard enough, she could become possessed by that person for a day. Namely males who bump into her, as females in her city tend to not do so, she relives every time it happens what it's like when a guy enters a woman's body. However, she can force them out if she can somehow learn the name of the person who is possessing her. It is said that it's more of a blessing than a curse, as she cant take away the pain of another for a day to make them truly happy. Eventually, her ability would evolve though. She'd be able to possess others, but be at great risk of it backfiring and getting possessed herself by her target.

      2) Original Plots
      Show Spoiler
      1) Viper Rigg, Space Explorer
      This will kind of go alongside the "Predatory Hunter" idea from the Bleach plot. In this varied plot, we'd follow intergalactic Space Hunter (and very hot alien of some sort or could be a human turned into an alien) Viper Rigg as she takes on oddjobs. However, she runs into trouble on one planet and is infected by a strange alien pod. She begins to gain a massive hunger increase, which forces her to stop by planets every so often and just eat anything - live animals, food, and even inhabitants. She can't control herself as she even begins to vore her bounties, beginning to care less and less about being paid with the amount of power she was gaining. It was also corrupting her, which would lead to the Intergalactic Space Squad to try and find her, then cure her or put her on ice.
      2) Invasion
      A young teenage girl that has everything going well in her life finds a strange man and tries to befriend him. Not getting much of a response and just watching him disappear into the woods behind her house for a few days, she decides to go after him and try to get him some help. Once she's in the said woods, she is ambushed by the man, whom seems to be emitting a strange groan and growling noise. She's pinned down, not believing a man as skinny as he is was easily overpowering her. She feels him plunge into her virgin tight womanhood and for short while, he viciously molests her. She continues to panic until the man finishes and a strange and very large tentacle slithers from his mouth and into her own. It transfers itself from him to her, causing the man to fall over and making the girl lose her own mind. One it's fully swallowed, she lays there for a moment until a vicious grin falls upon her face and she gets up in the creepiest way possible - slowly and like an acrobat that can arc their back in a strange way. She approaches the male, her maw agape as her new tentacle tongue like the man's wraps around him and pulls him into her mouth, swallowing him whole. The now changed girl sways back toward her house, now being possessed by this strange entity and hungers for more food.
      3) Oni
      A young woman is an aspiring real estate agent and heads to a mansion that no one can sell nor are willing to do tours in. She takes on the challenge of surveying the house and selling it, along with touring it. On her first tour with customers, everything seems to be going well. Until strange occurrences happen and several times the woman has to evade this large blue creature - referred to as an Oni by her co-workers. Unfortunately, she finds the bodies of her potential buyers in the master bedroom and then the bathroom. She is ambushed by the Oni when she attempts for the front door, managing to take it out but not before being bitten hard. Rather quickly, her skin turns blue and she begins to transform into the Oni herself, only an exaggerated attractive female form. It is then before her full conversion occurs that she sees the others reforming as Oni as well, under her command. When the conversion is complete, the woman grins and begins to use the house as bait. For a while, it works great - she gets food and new soldiers. But eventually it gets bigger than that... She finds more houses, makes them more bait traps and continues to expand.
      4) Mind Games
      A portal is opened within a city, letting in strange mechanical beings from another dimension. They end up running amok, taking refuge within society on Earth. They find their victims and decide to make them into hosts. In order to do so, they corner their targets and then burrow themselves into the target's head, entering the mind in such a way that doesn't cause any mess or obvious markings. The only noticeable difference is a strange type of horn the person might have (though these are usually small and hidden). Once burrowed inside, the host becomes a weapon for the mechanical controller. These beings live for combat, slightly jutting out of their head or going as far as being a spider-like robot and just using the host's body as a literal karate weapon. A young teenage girl named Marci is a primary target for one of the stronger mechanical beings, having a large energy pool, thus being able to withstand more power being forced into her. She's attacked and soon more or less "possessed" by this being, becoming a savage fighter that causes havoc to everyone - friends and even family. She isn't the only victim to these beings, but she is victim to one of the - if not the most - powerful. Chaos ensues as the mechanical being within the girl grows more and more dangerous every day.
      5) Apartment 103
      A young woman lives alone in a crowded apartment complex. Her landlord insists on sharing her apartment with a roommate, much to her displeasure. She has a terrible secret, one of which is amplified by the fact the apartment complex and city itself is vastly overcrowded. Ever since she had moved into Apartment 103, she developed a problem with blacking out. It was as if something else took over her body, though she knew what this other entity would do. They'd feast on various people within the apartment complex and most of the time it'd also extend into the city. Whether it was just an innocent invite into the apartment or a very sexual date that would end with the said date being her meal, she couldn't stop this "Other Self". When she's back in control of herself, she begins to try and research what is happening to her. This escalates to where her Other Self begins to come out even during the day if she is hungry enough and making her note that she doesn't need to be in the apartment anymore after suffering a month of this strange occurrence. Will she ever find out why this is happening and how to stop it?!
      6) Demonic Gateway
      This plot can be several things. A young girl discovers her mother has been devoured and replaced by a demon. The plot involves the daughter trying to find a way to get rid of the demon while possibly being harassed, raped and witnessing the demon devour people (strangers, friends, even loved ones).
      This plot could also focus on a girl who is very sick and turns to black magic to help her get better. She performs a dangerous spell, which ultimately cures her, but she begins to act demonic and gain demonic traits.
      A third variation is a woman is cursed due to some sort of situation she gets herself into and now begins to black out, sometimes waking up covered in blood and slowly begins to realize she's not the only one in her body anymore.
      7) Parasitic Problems
      A young girl finds herself witnessing a "falling star" falling into her town. She makes a wish on it and goes for a walk. Soon enough, she is attacked by a strange parasite either in its purest form and needs a host, or an infected individual it doesn't intend to keep as a host. She's chosen as a host due to her developing nature (young teenager) and desire to alter this development cycle. She's infected and briefly passes out. She doesn't realize she's infected when she wakes up, creating a bit of a split personality until she realizes the alien's taking over and eventually taunting her from her thoughts and forcing her to perform out of character actions.
      The plotline can be altered from parasite to dying alien transferring its life force, the girl could end up being a guy, or the alien completely overtakes another character and ends up taunting and essentially torturing (ie through sexual favors, forcing her to watch alien activities such as quite possibly voring people, etc).
      8) Portal Girl
      A young girl leads a normal life, only to find out she's part of a lost line of creatures known as Living Portals. On her 18th birthday, she wakens to strange pains and sudden memory loss as she transforms from a normal yet beautiful woman into an abnormally beautiful fantasy-like woman. Her body can stretch to accommodate anyone of any size trying to travel through her newly transformed womb, which is now where the portal is. Her new job is to unbirth and birth related passengers no matter where she is. She slowly regains some of her memory over time and is determined by this to find out what happened to the Portal Girls and why she is one if they're supposed to be extinct. Along the way, she runs into people who want to use her - particularly black market criminals for smuggling purposes - and has to try and not be overly used otherwise she'll forget her quest to find out more about the Portal Girls and personally find out why they went extinct.
      9) A Cybernetic Nightmare
      A young woman stumbles upon a secret that she shouldn't know about. In an attempt to run and hide for her life, she is struck down and presumably killed. Instead of burying or burning the body, her likeness and brain and transferred into a new technology being developed. The project is referred to as Cyber Demon and she is turned into a cybernetic hitwoman that has an alloy exoskeletion that allows her to devour her targets while also assuming their identity once the new robotic woman gets the victim's DNA. She is sent all over the time stream - past, present and future - in order to alter events in history for her creators.
      10) Unwanted Gift
      A young woman has an unknown talent. She emits a strange energy that attracts ghosts to her in the afterlife. Unlike a traditional medium of the modern world, these ghosts choose to take over her body and make her do things she cannot or doesn't want to remember. It ranges from being a very, very naughty girl to devouring an old enemy of the ghost. Due to her strong, but strange energy, spirits that possess her can allow her body to do the abnormal. It's even possible for more than one spirit to possess her and meld her together and she cannot stop it. She tries to find a way to control it or get rid of this "talent" regardless as she can't keep a relationship with how her condition is.
      11) The Visitor (NEW)
      An alien being invades Earth and finds its first target. Whether it be a male or a female, it traps them and devours them quickly in order to take their form and pose as them. The most common form the alien will take is that of a female. It manages to grab one of the better known naughty girls known around the college campus and decides to use her knowledge and looks to get around the school. The alien targets males first, collecting as much male seed as it can - decided whether or not the male is worth keeping afterward - and then uses converted seed on forcibly impregnating other females within the college to attempt to breed its kind. The more seed the alien collects, the bigger its alien cock becomes. This is likewise to the more women it consumes either via oral or unbrith, which causes her to appear pregnant-looking but gain significant curves and bust size to her body with each meal.
      Slight Variation: An Earthling (female, 90% of the time) could be possessed/converted by an alien parasite rather than devoured and still act this way as the're forced to help said parasite breed.
      Note: This plot does involve at least tolerating vore, pregnancy, macro cocks, and fantasy curvy women with huge breasts.
      12) Sentient
      An alien organism invades the Earth and cannot do much until an innocent Earthling or animal comes by. If it is eaten or can get inside of an organism on its own, that said organism falls unconscious as it steals its DNA and then consumes it. The alien then gains dominant features of whatever it was in. This can mean consuming a human woman, but the alien form could have been within a scorpin prior, giving its new form a female human look but with a scorpion tail. Its mission is to eradicate the dominant species on Earth, which becomes easy to do when it discovers the easiest way to consume its targets is via sexual intercourse and general body touching.
      13) Blood War
      In a society that's slowly ruining itself, a young girl ends up being the center of attention when she begins to see people and other things that others cannot. She's freaked out about it at first, but then learns that she is of hybrid angel/demon descent. Being an orphan, she never knew her parents and now she ends up finding out that both Demons and Angels are trying to 'Awake' her to either side so they can triumph over the other, assuming she would end the Blood War between them.

      2) Fan Based (Or Just Setting/Premise) Plots

      Since these would be fan based (or at least an original RP done in a similar setting or manner), I assume you would know the general premise or plot of the series listed. We can talk completely fan based or original RPs with similar premises.

      Due note, requirements for any of my plots are at least tolerance of pregnancy, big breasts, sluts and general smuttiness.

      List of Series Interested in RPing (Fan Premise or Fan Based Entirely - Cartoons)
      • Bleach
        Danny Phantom
        My Little Pony
        Soul Eater
        Kim Possible
        TUFF Puppy
        My Life As a Teenage Robot
      List of Series Interested in RPing (Fan Premise or Fan Based Entirely – Live Action)

      • Killer Tongue
        Jessica’s Body
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    I has new plot!

    It revolves around a woman (or teenage girl from a class) somehow becoming fused to an ancient artifact that dons a "curse" upon her. This curse makes her turn into a fantasy woman from anyone she currently has either as a mate or ends up desiring her in a sexual way (ie for example, the most popular jock turns her into a cheerleading airhead babe because that's his fantasy girl and they got physical or he said something to her that made her subconsciously desire him and then eventually a science student finds her, admits to liking her and/or kisses her and then she transforms into a super intelligent scientist "babe"). Due to the curse, she's unable to hold a relationship for very long. Namely due to the fact when she transforms, she begins to lose memories of the last lover and the general public believes whatever her current form is was always her current form. This leads to her trying to explain to someone what's going on but they do not believe her.
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