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  1. Cheering broke out at one of the tables as a tall, powerfully built young man walked into the diner. He grinned and walked over to them, shedding the black bomber jacket that identified him as a member of OMEN- Organisation for Mutant Extermination and Neutralization. Its full title was clearly designed around the word OMEN. Not that anyone really cared. OMEN was respected around most parts. And the young man that had just walked in was clearly respected among his teammates.

    "Six of your finest orders of burgers and fries, and six large Cokes!" One of them declared. The waitress nodded, smiling. "Right, everyone, pay up." Someone called. The newcomer reached into his pocket for his wallet, but was shouted down by five voices. "Nope, Seth, you're the hero of today! This one's on us!" He laughed and thanked them.

    Their food came and they all started eating hungrily. "So, Seth. Tell us exactly what happened." One of them asked. He nodded, swallowing his mouthful of burger. "Okay, so..."

    He recounted the story of how he and two others had been faced against two powerful mutants. Towards the end of the fight, his two partners had been knocked out. Both mutants were wanted for testing, so Seth's orders had been to attempt to knock them out and only kill them if necessary. Seth had managed to knock them both out, call for backup, tie them up, and have his teammates in the recovery position before the backup arrived. And now he was a hero.

    "Guys, I'm going to get another drink. Move!" His friends moved for him as he went up to the counter. Now that his jacket was gone, he was simply in a plain white shirt and black combats. His gun was in a holster, but out of sight, tucked into the waistband of his trousers.

    He leaned on the counter and waited for the waitress's attention. He noticed a girl with dirty blonde hair a little way down the counter. He grinned at her and jerked his head towards his table. "Hey, sorry for them being so rowdy." He said apologetically.
  2. She had been here for awhile, nursing the glass of soda that she was given along with her fries and the remnants of her burger. They hadn't been there long, but they had already grown old on her. She kept to herself, though, not wanting to bring attention to herself. It was never good in these times to bring attention, especially if one is special in a way that's not considered 'normal'.

    Then he walked in. She only glanced back when he walked in, and quickly turned back to her play and soda, recognizing the jacket without much effort at all. All of her kind recognized the insignia and the four dreaded letters that made up the OMEN logo. She scoffed, back in her own world for a moment to remind herself that her kind isn't a separate species altogether. It's just an improvement on the current, close-minded morons that control this world.

    Her mind slingshot back when the one man started talking, telling about his latest... capture. She couldn't help but listen. She didn't notice that she was starting to shudder from pure anger until he was done and already approaching. She cursed under her breath and started trying to find something else to concentrate on. When her emotions went haywire, she tended to have a little less control on her gifts.

    Then that man talked to her.

    Don't be rude... she thought, trying to act casual. "No problem," she murmured, the words coming out a bit rougher than she wanted them, too. She quickly brought the soda to her lips, trying to keep the conversation from continuing, if there was going to be one.
  3. He turned away from the girl as the waitress approached. "Hi, can I get another Diet Coke? Stick it on their bill." He said, indicating his table. She nodded and poured him a glass, dumping a shovel full of ice into it. He smiled at the girl and turned back towards his table. They were all standing up, draining their glasses. He raise his eyebrows. "We've got to go. Just got paged." One called in apology, handing the money to their waitress. He nodded, sitting up on a stool at the counter. He had the afternoon evening off. As he adjusted his position on the stool, he winced a little, putting a hand to his side. Maybe he'd take tomorrow off too.

    He lifted the edge of his shirt and saw blood on the bandages beneath. "Aw, fuck." He swore. One of them had produced claws and almost made mincemeat of Seth before the tranquiliser had kicked in. He carefully turned back to the counter and took a swig out of his glass. He needed to put on more bandages, it appeared, or bind them a little tighter, but he was finishing his drink first. "This fucking job." He muttered. He'd started it for vengeance, but he was starting to wonder if he was in too deep. He'd hidden his injury from his friends, because... Well, he didn't know. He didn't particularly want them worrying, he supposed.
  4. She ignored him the best she could, but she couldn't help but hear the other men leaving in quite the hurry. She couldn't help but smirk, glad that the amount of those OMEN hunters have greatly decreased. She put the cup of soda back down and started to play with the condensation ring the drink had left behind on the counter. Her attention was still on the remaining hunter in the room, keeping her eyes to the liquid at the tip of her finger.

    When he had adjusted himself, she automatically turned fully toward him, thinking he was going to move to attack her and that her cover was blown. Instead, all she saw was the bloody bandages that were stuck to his side. The sight of blood made her queasy, but she always had a more maternal instinct kick in when it comes to those things first.

    "Did you get that checked yet?" she asked him, turning back to the condensation on the counter and playing with it some more, trying to act uninterested.
  5. He shrugged. "Got the medics to make sure they hadn't gone too deep and stick a few bandages on them. They look worse than they are, honestly. They're just fresh. They'll be healed up in a few days." He took a mouthful of his drink and swallowed, looking at her. She was pretty, he had to say. And there was something about her that he couldn't quite put his finger on, something that intrigued him.

    The waitress came back over. Things were quieter now and she flicked on a TV set that was over the counter. "You guys don't mind?" Seth shook his head, taking another sip of his drink. He looked up. The news report was on a breakthrough about research into the cause of the mutant gene. "Don't know why they're bothering to research it. If they're so dangerous, shouldn't they just be wiped out?" Another waitress remarked as she cleared a table. Seth traced a pattern in the condensation on his glass. "Our job is only to exterminate those that are an immediate threat. We're trying to help them. We're trying to develop something that can stop them from losing their minds. They're still people after all." Seth told her, glaring at the waitress. That was what he believed, and while he didn't necessarily know how true it was, he had to believe it. Otherwise he couldn't do his job, and if he left OMEN, he would be suspected as a mutant and killed.
  6. "That's good..." she murmured, still looking down as the silence stretched a distance. She glanced up momentarily as the waitress went to turn on the television and was soon brought to the images of it, talking about the 'mutant gene' and 'research'. When one of the waitresses mentioned completely exterminating them, she stiffened up, about ready to tell her off. Instead, her attention was brought to... what was his name...? Seth.

    She sighed, back to the condensation. "I wouldn't say it's completely losing their mind that is the issue. They're scared of the government and scared to be tested on," she muttered. "Some are just discovering what they are and don't know how to necessarily control the abilities. I do agree with you, though, that they're still people, but I would still call them human." She smiled and managed a chuckle. "But that would probably just make me weird, I guess."

    Her hand stopped and she frowned deeply, realizing that she spoke a bit to familiarly. She stood up and tossed some cash on the bar where she sat to pay the tab. "Keep the change..." she told the waitress before turning away. She didn't want to look like she was in a hurry, but she wanted to get out of there, just in case someone tried to catch onto her.
  7. Seth grinned at her as she talked about the mutants. However, before he could say anything else, she stood up and left, handing the waitress some money. He fished out a couple of notes and handed them to the waitress with a smile. He left the diner and looked around for her. There was just something about her. Most people kept their mouths shut about the whole mutant situation, except to say something bad. Even the mutants did. But this girl... He was curious.

    He spotted her and jogged a little to catch up. He had to slow to a walk a few metres away, however, wincing with the pain in his side. "Hey!" He called, grinning as he caught up. "I never caught your name." He said, grinning.
  8. The girl managed to make it out, but she wasn't alone for long. She heard the footprints approaching before she heard him speak. She passed him a sideways glare, a mild one, before turning back toward her path. "I didn't say it, so there's no way you could catch it," she told him, holding back to urge to continue with a tart, 'like you catch those mutants you hunt!' at the end. After a few beats, she finally muttered, "Just call me Ku."

    It wasn't that she was irritated with him or anything of the sort. Actually she was scared. Even if he was injured, he was still dangerous. He could still call back his OMEN hunter friends and let them know about her. Then again, if she just acted casual and not let her emotions get the best of her, she could make it out of this scott free.
  9. He grinned at Ku. "As you probably heard, I'm Seth." He ran the hand on his good side through his hair. "Listen, this is uh- a bit weird, but do you want to go out sometime?" He asked, grinning a little bashfully. "We can talk more about mutants and whatnot."

    He liked her. He did. He didn't know if he liked her in terms of wanting to be her boyfriend, but it was worth a shot. "Sorry, you're in a hurry. Here, I'll give you my number." He found a pencil in the pocket of his combats and jotted it down on a piece of paper, handing it to her. "I better to get my jacket." He realised. "Okay, so... see you." He grinned again and walked back to the diner, retrieving his jacket from the booth.
  10. The girl started at him, dumbfounded at his words. There was never a time that someone outright asked her out before. It was always her confessing that she liked someone and him hearing through the grapevine that she did. Usually it ended with the person avoiding her or him actually liking her back, which the latter didn't happen all but once so far. She took his card, anyway, and watched as he walked away, still stunned.

    He was good-looking... She wouldn't mind running across him again.

    No! she thought, shaking her head vigorously and turning away and continue walking. He was a hunter! She's a mutant! If she got close to him, it could mean the end of her. It can also lead to people around her getting hurt. She couldn't take that risk. Despite her negative thoughts, she slipped the card into her pocket. Who knew? Maybe there would be a big change between the present war between her people and his people.
  11. time skip is an obvious choice here xD I'm going to assume she had a reason to call him and arrange to meet him- and this is where he's going to learn her secret

    Out of his work uniform, he felt a lot more comfortable. He was in a short sleeved white button-down shirt and black jeans. His gun was always present, but seldom by choice. Even when he was off-duty, he was obliged to carry it. He was nervous, he wasn't going to deny. He had a bunch of flowers in his hand as he waited outside the restaurant. His phone was in his pocket, but on silent. He didn't want any updates on how hunts were going. He just wanted to have one night properly away from work.

    He smiled as she approached. "Um, hi. I got you these." He held them out, looking her up and down. "You make that outfit look great, by the way."
  12. (Yeah... Totally needed.)

    The girl felt a little used. When she went home, to her little hideaway with a few mutant roommates to try to stay low, they found the card he gave her. Questioned her about it, then told her to get rid of it. Before it made its way to the trash, though, someone stopped her. They had one human companion that lived with them and he called the shots most of the time. He said that she could get close to him and figure out a way to free the others. Then they can try to take over against OMEN from the inside out.

    She hated that idea. She hated having to go through with it, too. Then again, she did have butterflies of nervous anticipation when she was preparing and making her way to the meeting spot for their day out. She was also finally able to dress up for once. She wore a simple black dress with spaghetti straps, a sweetheart neckline, and lace overlay that went down to her knees, flats, and a locket. She had a small purse that kept her phone, her wallet, and a pocket knife, all put to silent.

    The flowers held out to her made her face redden. "Th-thanks..." she murmured, slowly taking them. For the attitude that she showed before, she was very shy now. "Thanks..." she repeated after his compliment about her outfit. "You look pretty spiffy yourself." Don't get used to this... she told herself. He's OMEN.
  13. He grinned. "Shall we?" He asked, heading into the restaurant. They were shown to their table, and he sat down, still grinning at her like a fool. His phone buzzed, but he ignored it. As he studied the menu, it buzzed again. He resisted the temptation to check it. The waiter appeared after a few minutes. "Good evening, sir and miss. Can I take your order?" He smiled at the girl across from the table. "You first." He listened to her order and then said, "I'll have the carbonara, please, and a beer."

    "So, you obviously know that I'm an OMEN officer. But what about you? What do you do?" He asked, smiling. She really was pretty. His phone buzzed again, but he decided to wait until she was finished talking to check it.
  14. She followed along with him, looking around at her surroundings. The restaurant was very nice, clean, and well organized. The fanciest place that she ever really ate at would probably be that pub that they met at. She sat down across from him and viewed the menu for a few minutes before deciding her order. "I'll have the baked salmon and a... hm... sweet iced tea," she told the waiter. She waited for him to take his order, too, then went into listening mode, watching him speak. It seemed like he fidgeted ever so slightly, but she wrote it off to nerves as well.

    "I'm all over the place..." she told him, smiling slightly. Why am I smiling? Ugh... I can't stop. "I like to help out a lot all over the place. Most of the places are where I was previously employed and the bosses were sad to see me go." She took a moment to look down, her hand going up to her locket as a sad look conquered her features for just a mere second before she recovered with a smile and just played with the locket at her fingertips. "Do you go to that pub often? That was the first time I saw you there."
  15. He shrugged. "I sometimes go there. It's usually just to celebrate. Sorry, but I should check my phone. If it's anything important and I miss it, I'll be hung." He pulled out his phone and read the messages. The first was just telling him that there was a mutant in his area and that he should be on his guard. Then that it was extremely near to him, and that if he didn't have his gun, he'd be in great danger. Then that they were going to be nearby in a few minutes and not to be alarmed if he heard gunshots, and that they probably had the situation under control.

    He put the phone away. "It's good. Nothing too important." He smiled at her. "So, tell me a little about yourself. A random story." He grinned as the waiter put down their dishes. "Thank you." He took a sip of his beer.

    And that was when OMEN burst into the restaurant. "SETH?" Someone exclaimed. They surrounded his table, and he stood up. "What's this about, guys?"

    "She's a mutant." He looked at her, feeling his stomach drop through the floor. But he swallowed. He still liked her. She was still pretty. And she hadn't hurt him. "But she hasn't turned violent yet. She doesn't need to be targeted." One shrugged. "Orders." He clenched his fists, and looked at her. "Run. Now."

    "Seth, the fuck are you doing man?" One asked. He swallowed. "The right thing." He threw a punch into the face of the nearest officer.
  16. The girl nodded, smiling and listening to him. "Go ahead," she allowed when he needed to check his phone. After his next question, she smiled a thanks to the waiter before moving a hand to her fork. "A random story...?" she started. "Well..."

    Then she heard his name called out and turned to see who disrupted her. Her eyes widened as they were soon surrounded by OMEN hunters and she stood up out of her chair. How did they find me? she thought in a panic. Her image started to fade as her mutant abilities started to kick in and bend the lights around her. She wondered if this was an ambush, but Seth was just as surprised as she was to see them here. Or he was just a good actor. She had a feeling that someone had just betrayed her, but she wasn't sure who. All she knew was she was going to have to defend herself from these men.

    Until she heard Seth told her to escape. She turned toward him, stunned for a moment, and was brought back when she saw him punch an OMEN hunter. One of his own comrades. She bit her lip and quickly turned. "Be careful, Seth," she told him as she started toward the kitchen doors in the back of the restaurant.
  17. He was outnumbered, of course. But he gave three of them bloody noses and one a black eye before they managed to slam his chest into the table and hold his arms against his back. He was dragged to the office, sporting a bloody nose and bruises down his ribs from where he'd been slammed into the table. He was in pain from where the still healing wounds had been slammed into the table as well. "WILLIAMS! What the hell were you doing!" His boss demanded. He raised his head to stare at him. "I was told that we were only to subdue those who attacked us. She hadn't done a damn thing to me, sir. If an innocent person was being attacked, you'd expect me to intervene. That is what I did."

    His boss stared at him. "You can tell me what you like, but I will not allow an innocent person to be touched." Seth repeated. "She was a mutant!" His boss repeated. "Who hadn't-" He started, but he was cut off. "There is no such thing as an innocent mutant! She was probably going to attack you at any point! They are all going to turn!" Seth straightened up. "But she hadn't! That's like killing a person because they might just be a serial killer!" His boss stood up. "Your job is not to defend them."

    "My job is to protect people. And no matter what you say, they are still people." He stared at his boss, who sat down and shook his head. "Take tomorrow off, Seth." Seth started to speak. "But-"

    "That's an order, Williams!" He swallowed. "Yes sir," He replied bitterly, saluting and walking out.
  18. The girl finally made it to a corner a couple blocks away, but still within view of the entrance of the restaurant that the were at. She bent over, hands on her knees, and worked on catching her breath from the run. She had never been so scared in her life. She had always been careful, so what changed now? It couldn't have been Seth. She could still see the same shock on his face even now. She'll probably never get that look out of her mind of when it looked like he was so disappointed to find out she was a mutant.

    She wanted to hit something out of frustration. Just because she was different in the matter of abilities, what does that mean that she should be looked down upon as a human? Why should any of them be looked down upon? It seems that one power-hungry, paranoid human saw mutants and the potential for them and created a mass paranoia to help eradicate them.

    Her eyes went up toward the restaurant again. She didn't want to miss him if he came out. She wanted to make sure he got out okay. Should I text him...? she asked herself, looking down. What would he do if she tried to talk to him again? What if he'll try to track her down himself and trap her? She stood up, putting a hand through her hair and looking away from the restaurant. Maybe she was no good here. Maybe it was best if she just left.
  19. He sighed as he left, pressing his hand to his ribs. He needed to find her and apologise. And he needed to back to the restaurant and pay for their meal and apologise. He'd do the latter first, and would try to find her then. Or maybe she didn't want to see him. He was confused. She knew he was an OMEN officer, and yet she'd still asked him out. Hell, if he was a mutant, he wouldn't go near one. Most of them just liked killing things. The only reason he was still working for them was because he believed that he was trying to do the right thing. That and, if he left, he'd be suspected of being a mutant and would probably be killed.

    He reached the restaurant and spoke the manager, paying twice what the meal should have cost as an apology. The manager hadn't wanted it, as they hadn't done any damage, but Seth was worried about ruining their reputation. He left the restaurant again, pulling his phone from his pocket. He thought about calling her. Or texting her. Or maybe just walking away and keeping her safe. He stood outside, staring at his phone.
  20. The girl caved and finally decided to text him. It was the least she could do. If he didn't want to talk back, he can simply just ignore her or tell her to go away or something. She just hoped that he wouldn't be too hard on her for something she couldn't even help but become. She took out her phone and froze for a moment, needing to find the nerve again to text him.

    'I'm sorry, Seth. If you still want anything to do with me, I'm waiting nearby to make sure you're okay. Otherwise... I'm sorry and have a good life.'

    She froze again before the send button. After the message finally went through, she sighed, going up to the closest building and using it to support her. She was going to have a fun time getting home. The shock was still wearing off and her knees were starting to get weak. She was probably close to having a panic attack at some point in this whole mess, but she was just more worried about what he would say back.
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