Freaks from Freak City

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  1. Freak City, where different creatures live. A long time ago regular people didn't like freaks because they were different then them, so they forced them all to live in an abandoned underground city. Any freak caught outside of Freak city is automatically aressted and kill

    Risette sighed, looking at the entrance to the surface world. The young creature looked like a beautiful human but looks were deceiving. She had unimaginable powers of Telekenisis.

    (You may have 1 power, you cannot take other powers away or copy powers, you cannot be any leader of any city, you cannot kill without permission)
  2. Violet would of walked up slowly to Risette from behind and said "Hello..?" in a more Curious tone of voice looking at her and Examining her. She would smile only slightly at her. Violet would have medium silver hair that covered her forehead and stopped at her shoulders and a blew bow on the side of her head and bright green eyes. She would have a reptile like tail longer dirty finger nails, some scales on her upper arms and on her cheeks and small horns on the head. she would have a thin body and flat chested with rag like clothing on covering most of get body, Her power was Transformation but could only last for two hours. After that there would be side affects to where when she is done with the transformation partial body parts would stick with her until the next one.
  3. nivek was walking around using his power of electicity to shock people as small pranks before getting some food little did he know his pranks would make poeple mad and then people started to chase nivek so he started to run down the city untill he came to a spot where he lost the people chasing him and nivek hid at the spot nt knowing who was around him
  4. "Hi" Risette smiled. "What's your name?"
    She had long black hair with dark red streaks. She wore a beanie cap and had a gorgeous face. She wore jeans and a t-shirt.
  5. Violet would smile and wave slightly and say "My name is Violet, Whats yous? and uh.. what you doing over here?" in a friendly tone of voice. Looking around the area to see if she could see anyone else that might be accompanied with her. She would be about 5'5 and wouldn't be too clean at this moment.
  6. panting from being out of breath but the metel he was standing on started to give out and nivek started to move but he made a wrong step and fell right to the ground floor were two ladies were now above him
  7. Violet would of said "Oh hello" crouching down looking at the man. She would of said "Are you okay?" in a friendly tone of voice now poking his forehead to see if he could still move but be childish like. After doing this she would look up at what Risette's reaction would be from the man.
  8. can barly look up just holds his head in pain. "h-hello" grunting slightly in pain then tries t get up
  9. Violet would look down and say "So why were you trying to fly mister? I would of Saved you but my ability is at a Cool down right now" in a friendly tone of voice smiling at him before adding "Although I don't think I would of caught you due to our possible weight differences" in a friendly tone of voice grabbing his arm and trying to help him up.
  10. chuckles slightly "wasnt fling i was trying to hi....." thinks for a moment "i mean rest my eyes the the structur gave out " said with a nervous smile
  11. Violet would of said "oh, in public? Isn't that dangerous, i mean random strangers could like do stuff to you when you do that so be more careful and you could of killed yourself or someone.. hmmm.. wouldn't someone accuse you for vandalism Mr.?" in a curious tone of voice more at a rambling point talk to the man in front of her still smiling.
  12. "uh nivek and they can try but i can get my self out of alot of situations" said smiling back
  13. Violet would of said "Well I am Violet, Nice to meet you." in a friendly tone of voice. Violet would of looked over at Risette and then back at Nivek and say "so uh.. Awkward situation since we all just met i guess.." looking at Risette now smiling looking back and forth to her and Nivek occasionally.
  14. "yeah but thats only becuase we are just standing hee i vote we go somewhere preffully" looks around for the onesw chasing him "with less open view"
  15. Risettes eyes glowed purple and she let the strange man down on the ground gently. "You seemed to have needed some help" she said.
  16. Alexei was walking slowly through the entrance to the underground world. He had expected more of a defence in front of it, at least some robot-dogs, some guard towers, maybe a wired fence here and there? Nothing like that - the entrance was left free and was unguarded as a mockery to those living beneath. They could have a glipse of the surface world, but if they tried to escape into it... well we all know how these instances ended. Alexei was a man at about thirty five, with black, long hair and brown eyes, but he looked a bit older. We was tall, not very muscualr with wrincles on some parts of his face. He was a human... a very bright human scientist, but as his latest discoveries earned him the anger of the Church, he was forced into the Freak city and declared to be one of them. The two guards acoompanying him pushed him into the underground passage with disquest as if they pitied him. Alexei was not mad at all. Even countrary to that - in the Freak city, as he hoped, noone would disturb his work. And then he would come back to astonish the surface world. With that though in hishead we walked the downward path as hesaw two females and a man standing in the distance. Alexei walked towards them, as they were preparing to leave for somewhere and greeted them in a polite manner which undoubtedly exposed him as a part of the surface world gentry:
    - Good day, young ladies, sir. Would you be so kind as to point me to mayor's office, you see, I am new here and it is demanded that I make my registration with him.
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  17. Violet would see the people enter and would point and said "company" to the other two before going into a more crouched position. Though lucky her cooldown for her powers is almost over so if anything bad happened she would be ready and said to the man approaching "Uh.. who are you?" a bit nervous as to why a Human would be entering here and saying "Why are you here, Your suppose to be on the other side" in a more nervous tone of voice.
  18. Risette looked over at Violet and felt bad for her. She felt bad for every one of the freaks here. Just because we were different dosent mean that we should be forced down here. Risette always snuck out of the city unharmed because she looked like a human. She would sneak out and steal useful items, but recently she's been stealing stuff that looked neat. "Hey, Violet..." Risette began seeming to trust her. "You wanna see something?" she asked.
  19. scratches the back of his head and sighed "well guess this is where we part" nivek said as he bowed and turned around starting to walk away before he made more of a fool of himself.
  20. "Wait!" she said to Nivek "how long have you been here in this city?" she asked.