Freakish animal hybrids

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  1. [4:19:42 PM] Diana: Someone should go post this as a topic in General, because it would be GLORIOUS.


    Anyway, what animal hybrids do you think would be the coolest, weirdest, most terrifying, etc. A bunch of us chatting about it came up with some fun ones. Catbears, beasts with all the power of a bear and all the fickle malice of a cat. Owlferrets, a freakish feathered rodent with a long body. Catworms, 50 foot long furry tubes with claws and teeth. Mousebears, maybe huge cute things, maybe ferocious tiny things, who knows?

    Add to the mutant menagerie for Diana's amusement. :D
  2. Octolocusts.
  3. Spider-bee.


    Bobbit worm-earth worm.

    Giant squid-horse.

    Imagine you get your new spuppy. It's adorable with its eight legs and big eyes.
    One night you're dozing off and hear it scuttling about somewhere, not giving it much mind. Your eyes crack open and instinctual fear kicks over for a heart beat.
    Above you is your pet spuppy, wiggling its abdomen at you frantically before dropping from the ceiling to rub it's pedipalps all over your face.
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  4. Every animal combined into one giant abomination.


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  6. This thing:

  7. Bear-Shark.

    King of the land meets terror of the deep.

    All shall fear the Beark.
  8. Gorilla+Scorpion= Scorporilla

    Rat+Scorpion= Ratscorp

    Raven+Cat= Craten

    Frog+Spider= Sprog

    Bear+Rabbit= Braebit

    Snake+Spider= Sniker

    Roach+Shark= Shroarch

    Dog+Owl= Dowlg

    Lobster+Maggot= Masgott

    Rabbit+Dear+Ferret= Raberret
  9. What I immediately thought of when I saw this thread;

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  10. There's an entire Real Time Strategy game based around this exact premise called Impossible Creatures. It was a hoot.

    You don't know fear until you've seen Vulture-Wasps and Orca-Scorpions.
  11. Can't forget the Jackalope.

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  12. Tiger+elephant <-<
  13. Giant Squid combined with a Lamprey and a Mongolian Death Worm.
  14. A moose shark. Not like, a shark with antlers or some shit like that, but a moose/shark hybrid roaming the woods at night, in search of prey.
  15. I think a beaver/ferret/duck combo would be pretty wicked. I mean, lol, could you imagine something like this?

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  16. Chimera Cactus Lemming
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