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  1. Come one,
    Come all.
    To the Circus of Rejects,
    Who nobody wants at all.

    Deep in the inner cities, or out in the suburbs, there are tales of missing children who were left all alone. But Alas, they are not ordinary children.
    Some are deformed, crippled, or have special talents. Why are they alone, you ask? These people are not accepted by society, oh no, but why not display them in a crude manner, Hm?

    I am the Ring Master, and these are my puppets.

    You, the RingMaster's puppets, are forced and held captive and forced to partake in his sick and twisted games, often put on display as a Circus. Even your lives are threatened during the show.

    However, this is no ordinary place.
    You are bound by spells and magic that you know no knowledge of. You are trapped with sorcery.
    You are a mess to society. You are not human, Not anymore.
    Can you get back to the real world?

    ~ ~ ~ ~

    Your characters are the 'puppets' of the Ring Master, who is played by the GM. (me)

    This is a magic and sci-fi base. Your character is a child (Or adult) who was taken by the Ring Master on a lonely night, and has transformed you to fit his needs into his Circus Games. A living Marionette puppet, A boy with scales or a girl with cat ears and a tail.
    Basically anything sick and twisted you can think of.

    I will create the thread once I get atleast five people in the RP, and I will set the scene for you guys.
    Please dont start until I've accepted you :) !


    Special Ability;

    Its not a very big CS but feel free to add a history or bio.


    (This is my first RP that I've managed so im really excited to start one of my own ahh)

    Sign up Thread;
    OPEN SIGNUPS - Freak Show
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  2. Hey~hey^^!!

    Oooooohhhh... I like it! Kay but so like just the reg rundown:

    What is post freq, post level req, can we play multi charries and what is Max number of rpers??

    Oh! And so like is this sad and emotional or like an abusive and torture porn~ish RP?
  3. I'm interested, I actually have a character that ends up in a circus as a child though her original story isn't so negative. I can adjust her easily for this, does the unique thing have to be superficial or can it be a kind of super power? Cus this character of mine has osteokinesis (ability to manipulate her bones), it's something I can change without a problem, I just wanna know if I'd need to
  4. Oh right !

    I'll add these to the rules on the sign up thread.

    Post's should not be one liners. A minimal of 2-3 paragraphs.

    post level requirement is adept.

    You can play as multiple characters, but max is two characters per person.

    This roleplay will be closed after 6 people. That means people behind the screen. If each person has a two characters, that will be 12 in the roleplay. I'm counting bodies, not characters if that makes sense.

    @Boo Girlie BoomBoom

    That should be fine. When I say they're deformed in some way, the Ring Master has taken them from their somewhat original form and has altered them in some way, shape, or form.

    For example, he will nab a child and turn them into a living marionette doll with strings coming from their skin, doll joints, etc, so her act in the circus will be a dummy sort of play. Or a boy who has threads sewn into his skin and can pull them apart from his body, so his act will be intolerance to pain.

    I explain it a lot better in the signup thread, and I have much more to add in a little bit.

    This is a re-start up of an old RP that I was obessed with but unfortunately died out called the Dark Carnival. Its in the graveyard but I revisit It to gain inspiration for this at times.

  5. oooooh... well if that's how it is I don't have anything that fits unfortunately, sorry >.<
  6. Join this!!^^!! ~BOOOOOOOOM!!~
  7. Kay soooooo like we gots lots of veteran charries... sooooo like we need a bunch of noobs charries. But like just come on in and check it out kay?!^-^!?

    Clicky!~~> Join us!! :33~
  8. ! Is there room!? Sounds really cool!
  9. Hey~hey^^!!


    Yeah for sure man! Clicky ~clicky linky above your post^^
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