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  1. GROUP IC: OPEN SIGNUPS - Freak Show

    Come one,
    Come all.

    To the best Freak Show of them all.

    There are tales,
    Oh yes.
    Of Children who play at night,
    Of People who walk the streets.
    They disappear.
    Oh yes.
    But fret not, traveler. They are found, believe me.
    But they are not the same, oh no.
    They are changed.
    But quite the same as the night they left.
    Will you care to watch my show?

    I am the Ring Master. And these are my puppets.

    "You see my puppets, do you? I assure you, I made them myself. Arent they beautifully grotesque? You'll come watch them play, wont you?"

    You are the creation of the mind of the Ring Master. Taken from your loving home and into the rough life of the circus, changed and altered forever.
    Your goal? Escape. Leave.
    However. You are bound to him by magic. Sorcery. Spells. You cannot walk, run, swim or fly away. There is a barrier barring you from the outside world. You cannot interact with the crowd for help, or fear punishment after the curtains close.

    "You address me as Master. Do you understand, puppet?"

    Character Sheet;
    Special Ability
    How long have they been in the circus?
    Are they new or a veteran?

    Feel free to add anything you'd like to the CS :)

    The Ring Master is to be played by the GM (me)

    Your characters will play as pieces in this game the Ring Master has created. You are taken from your loving home and reconstructed into the Ring Master's own image.
    For instance, a little girl transformed into a living marionette doll, and her act will be a living puppet in the circus.

    -Minimum of 3 paragraphs; NO one liners.
    -Posting requirement skill; adept. You don't have to be an expert, but grammar and spelling is key with the exception of a few errors.
    -Max of 2 characters per person.
    -This is a plot based roleplay. Your character will not be the 'superhero' of the RP and allow everyone to escape. The Ring Master is in control, which is played by the GM. We will discuss plot direction in the OOC thread.
    -DO NOT go OOC in the IC thread. I will remove you from the RP. If you have something to say that is not in your characters dialogue, you say it in the OOC thread.
    -Have fun with this roleplay. Its meant to interact with other characters. Don't be that one character that is by himself and has no speech each post. It is a morbid roleplay, but its also meant to be fun.
    -Be as creative as you can be. Characters have no requirements when it comes down to it. They have to be altered in some way, and the rest is up to you.
    -You cannot start posting in the IC thread unless I have accepted your CS.

    My own Characters;

    "Come one, Come all. To the Dark Carnival of Wonders."

    The Ring Master.
    My Age is insignificant, Pet.
    You address me as Master, and nothing else. See you do, and you will be punished. And oh, my Pet, you do not wish to be.
    I am not cruel, less you make me upset. Do you wish to upset me, Pet? I give you shelter and provisions, yet you still loathe me. Why is that, Pet?
    I am your friend. We are here to entertain.
    Aren't you?

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    "Who, Me..?

    "I don't know where I am.... I'm scared.."
    Age 10
    Payton Aegis
    Payton originates from a small town off the coast of Long Island, New York. With a small family of five, her parents and sibling, she was living a low and comfortable life. Until the Carnival, however.
    After being taken away by the Ring Master, Aegis has two small ears poking from the top of her head, a small cat tail that hangs from her lower back, and two fluffy paws that extend from her ankles.
    Aegis is not new to the circus. She is closest to the Ring Master in terms of being there the longest, and is often in charge of welcoming new Acts in the circus.
    Aegis can jump to magnificent heights, up to 15 feet with no support but her own legs.
    Her Act in the circus involves jumping from net to net, leaping through flaming hoops, ect.
    Aegis is small and sweet, in charge of the newcomers because of her charming nature. Her voice is almost the chime of bells, and her temper is not easily lost. She is caring, as well as nurturing for being at such a small age. She has no recollection of her family after being altered, so her only memories are of that of the Circus.

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  2. I will probably join, for appearance; did you want anime or real?
  3. Can be either! I really don't mind.
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  4. Main post was updated with rules. The character sheets do not have to look like mine, but have the same content.
  5. Super interested in this. I'm trying to settle on characters...either siblings made conjoined twins or siblings turned into something opposite, like one with wings and one as a merperson or an angel/demon type thing...I'll figure it out lol
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  6. Both of those ideas sound awesome ;u;
  7. See my problem? lol

    Ohh or a sun/moon thing...I had characters for that already written up somewhere...

    Curse my character-idea-spewing brain!
  8. [​IMG]
    Name: Theodore "Theo" Christopher Vaughan
    Age: 18
    Origin: The circus circuit. The Flying Vaughan Family were small-time circus acrobats.
    Personality: Fairly typical 18 year old. Loves to travel and see new things and meet new people. He misses his parents, though. He has a soft side that he rarely shows off in front of other people.
    Alteration: Made into a conjoined twin with his little sister
    Special Ability: Surprisingly agile and flexible with a deeper connection to his sister than he ever had before.
    Act: Trapeze, juggling, and aerial silk/corde lisse/Spanish web
    How long have they been in the circus? Only a couple of months.
    Are they new or a veteran? Veteran to a normal circus, and certainly new to being joined at the hip with his sister

    Name: Genevive "Ginny" Whitaker Vaughan
    Age: 17
    Origin: The circus circuit. The Flying Vaughan Family were small-time circus acrobats.
    Personality: Outgoing, sometimes a bit bitchy. She misses her family and wants nothing more to go back, knowing they're worried and that they can't perform their acts without her and her brother. She worries a lot, but puts on a brave face in front of other people.
    Alteration: Made into a conjoined twin with her big brother
    Special Ability: She had always been very flexible, but not as flexible as she is now. And the ability to almost communicate with her brother through thought alone is freaking her out quite a bit.
    Act: trapeze, juggling, aerial silk/corde lisse/spanish web
    How long have they been in the circus? Only a month or two
    Are they new or a veteran? Veteran to a normal circus, and certainly new to being joined at the hip with her brother.
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  9. Accepted! I really like the concept, it'll be fun to mock them haha. I'm sure the Ring Master will have plenty a fun with the two of them!

    I'm going to start writing out the opening post on the thread to start it off and I'll set the scene. :)
  10. Awesome! :D Thanks!

    I think the attachment goes all the way to the bone. They're joined at the hip, and if it was just skin and muscle, they would have freaked and ripped themselves's entirely possible that they were a horrible handful for the Ring Master and that he had to attach them twice, going deeper (ie to the bone) the second time >__>
  11. Oooh, this looks fun, I think I'll be joining in!


    Name: Soren Ensio

    Age: 14

    Appearance: Soren has very pale skin, making him look sickly. Light blue eyes peek out from his white bangs, his white hair usually being a mess. He generally wears all white, from his turtleneck to his shoes. There are chains on his wrists and ankles to keep him weighted down and, as a precaution, to prevent him from escaping.

    Origin: Soren lived a fairly normal life before the circus. Both of his parents loved him and he loved them back. He had a few friends he could rely on during middle school that would’ve come with him to high school if he hadn’t been curious about the circus that was in town.

    He and his friends, curious about the circus, begged their parents to let them go and enjoy it. They relented, wanting their kids to be happy, and Soren’s parents were chaperoning the trip, no exceptions. They had fun, looking at the various exhibits and seeing the various acts, but the boy seemed to sense something, something that wasn’t quite right with the circus people. A lot of them were sad, being a part of this circus and he wanted to know why. So he snuck away from the group, and before he knew it, he was in a different location and had new abilities as a ghost child, a ghoul child.

    He’s made three escape attempts during his time in captivity. The first one the Ring Master slashed his throat out of anger. The second and third times he had to perform the fire eater exhibit, something he feared greatly. How the Ring Master knew about his fears, he didn’t know or remember. He just knows that he has a desire to escape, call the police on this place, and go home.

    Personality: Quiet. That seems to be Soren’s defining trait, him being quiet. His voice, if he wants to speak up, is usually in a whisper, his vocal cords having been severely damaged by the ringmaster the last time he tried to escape. He, too, does his best to help the new people that the Ring Master and has a good amount of empathy for those less fortunate than he. Having been here for a while, he’s come to know the routines of the circus and, as a result, nothing seems to faze him anymore. He hasn’t given up on the idea of escape, but as the days wore on, it was becoming less and less likely that’d he’d see his parents again and has fallen into despair over it.
    Alteration: Ghoul child

    Special Ability: Able to phase through things at will and seem incorporeal at times. Does not affect his clothes. Doesn’t need to eat or drink anymore and can hold his physique without wasting away or becoming fat, but he still feels the effects of hunger and thirst.

    Act: Acro dance/contortion act for his usual, fire eater when being punished.

    How long have they been in the circus?: Four months

    Are they new or a veteran?: Veteran

    More info: Afraid of fire due to touching a candle flame when he was a little kid. Very flexible. Wanted to be a ballet dancer when he grows up. Can get nasty sunburns if not protected. Is proud of being an albino and often wore all white to school before capture. Also punished by withholding food and drink from him, not just playing the one act he fears. Has all the problems that come with being an albino.


    Name: Li Hua Chen

    Age: 13

    Appearance: Li Hua has straight black hair and brown eyes that could stare into someone’s soul if she glared at them. She doesn’t really have a shirt, just bindings were her breasts would be. This is so that the plants on her back would grow without any hassle. Other than the lack of shirt, she has on a purple long skirt reaching her ankles and black sneakers. She also has a crystal pendant and a gold bracelet with Chinese carvings on it, the last remnants as a reminder to what she once was.

    Origin: Li Hua was born to two Chinese parents back in China. At the time of her birth, her parents were visiting her mother’s mother and her grandmother was surprised and delighted she was able to see her own granddaughter. They returned to America soon after.

    Her parents were incredibly strict when it came to schooling and filial piety so all her life she had to face the wrath/yelling of her parents if she messed up in anything. After some time, she began to see why they wanted her to get good grades, to become a wealthy and happy person. She became even more determined to do her best in everything and her parents didn’t have to tell her to do anything, for now she was able to do the deed herself and they praised her for it.

    After a particularly hard test, her parents decided to take her to a circus that had appeared in town. She couldn’t wait to see it and so they went to the circus. Thing was, she somehow found herself separated from her parents while they were talking about calling the police since the freaks looked sad and that conditions were unhealthy. Next thing she knew, she found herself in a cage with plants growing from her back and the circus had moved far away

    Personality: Normally a sweet girl, Li Hua strives to be the perfect role model to everyone, whether it be being a model student or being a loving daughter. If there’s a job at hand, she’ll do it and she’ll try to do it as perfectly as possible. She does as she is told all the time, whether it be out of fear or respect or if she had to do whatever job needed to be done. She isn’t brave, though, and being taken away from her parents, never to see them again, and being altered like she did has made her cry every night. Her form wasn’t perfect, and she- well, she’s more focused on her family and friends rather than her form, but once she calmed down, she’ll most likely come to hate what she’s become.

    Alteration: Has plants growing from her back, their roots deep in her skin. They appear red due to using her blood as water.

    Special Ability: None

    Act: Clown for her usual, shallow diving when being punished

    How long have they been in the circus?: Only a couple of days.

    Are they new or a veteran?: New

    More info: Afraid of heights and large bodies of water bigger than herself. Straight A student. Has to drink a lot of water to make sure she doesn’t die from dehydration.
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  12. Super excited! :D
    Accepted <: !!!!!
    Though @chaosheart13 if you could add some sort of image so we can get a better idea? <: ? Its not mandatory, you're accepted either way but whatever works! :D

    I got called out of work today so the intro post will be up tonight!
  13. @Ayla

    Ah, alright! I normally don't do images because the ones I usually find don't describe my characters well. They're generic, though, so I guess I can find some? Either way, thanks for letting me know they're accepted!
  14. Ill be joining soon!!
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  15. Thank you! It just helps me see what is what since I have a hard time invisioning things ;y;
  16. [​IMG]
    Sage Gibbs


    Sage stands at 5 foot and 7 inches, her body is more legs than anything else. Her features offset themself, with porcelain white skin, jet black shoulder length hair, piercing blue/grey eyes. Her upper torso is somewhat short, however, she has a longish neck and longish arms.

    Comes from a traveling ire dancing family, however, she moved away from her parents and tied to have a "normal" life living in New Orleans, Louisiana.

    + Loyal
    + Fearless
    + Cocky

    +/- Blunt
    +/- Aggressive

    - Temperamental
    - Cold
    - Libidinous "lustful"
    - Lazy

    Her skin has the texture of a snake, her eyes are like a snake, and she has a forked tongue.

    Special Ability
    Flexibility, dancing, double jointed in her hands, arms, and shoulders

    Sword shallower and fire dancer

    How long have they been in the circus?
    Only been in for two shows

    Are they new or a veteran?
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  17. May I join?
  18. Looks good so far, @Emi !


    yeah sure! I didn't expect it to get so much interest, so I'm going to extend the limit on the amount of people.

    Also make sure to look through at the other CS's. We cant have 2+ people doing the same act, or else it wont work.

    In a big post later on, one I finish up the introduction post I'll explain how the posting sequences will work and how the acts will work and everything.

    But so far so good on the Character Sheets so far, I'm loving all of them!
  19. Thank you @Ayla ! I'll have my CS up by tonight.
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  20. Acro dancing and fire dancing are different
    Same with fire swallowing and sword swallowing

    Though if I need to change it I will figure something out
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