Freak Show based off AHS?

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  1. Hey! So I wanted to ask if anyone would want to do something where there is a group of traveling freaks and stage hand loosely based off the American Horror Stories Freak Show season. It's a lot of work, and I already have some stuff thought out. I just wanted to ask for interest ahead of time before putting all the story planning and work into it ^^

    What I have right now is that freaks are considered worse than trash and "God's abandoned projects" so to say. But the ringleaders believe that freaks should be something celebrated all over the world, which is why they began the show. No matter how much an audience laughs at them, or talk about them like they're animals, or generally disrespects them.

    Basically a story about freaks trying to change the way they're seen or they'll die trying.
  2. AHS For Life XD, I am so into this.
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  3. This sounds interesting. Is it going to be set during the time frame AHS had it in? ​
  4. Probably, if not earlier.
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