Fraternizing With The Enemy

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  1. Theron gave a quick nod to the vampiress before disappearing into the tree's. He moved quickly through the forest, the beast inside him taking control but he rememberd...he rememberd this forest. He had hunted here when he was a child, first learning to hunt. It had been a very long time...he picked up the scents up the clan. They had just made a fresh human kill, it was fairly obvious. Theron came upwind of them and hid as he staked out the group. The leader, he assumed to be the man, the only man, feeding from the human in the middle of the camp.

    Around him was his harem of wives. He scruched his nose in disgust and clenched his Jaw. Silently he moved in and behind one of the Vampires's grabbing her, placing a hand over her mouth, dragging her off to the shadows without being noticed by the others. Theron noted the fear in her eyes as she realized who he was. He leaned in and sunk his fangs into her neck until she had been drained of blood. With the stealth of the silent killer he was, snatched away the other two woman, feeding on them, draining them of all their life source. Soon all that was left was the man in the middle who had just finnished with his meal, wiping his lips and letting the body drop to the ground.

    Theron dashed into the middle from behind him and elbowed him with incredible strength in the back. He collapsed to the ground in suprise. Theron picked him up by his long, dirty looking hair. A cold, cruel look came across his eyes as he pressed the man's body into the ground, pulling back on his head. After a few long moments there was a gut wrenching snap and he removed the mans head. Theron pulled a lighter from his pocket and lit the man's head on fire, dropping it on top of the other half of the body. It all lit and burned into ash before the krusnik continued on his way.

    He sighed as he felt the liquid run through his veins and his silver eyes return, the beast returning dormant. All of a sudden he heard Kalia's voice, calling to him. He took off without thinking and ran for a awhile before coming across her and sweeping her into his arms and behind him, standing a defensive ground in front of the girl. Two other Krusniks stopped in their tracks, twenty feet in front of him. He could tell that they were from the Clan that lived here in the forest after being forced out of the city by Theron's father many years ago.

    "Well, well, now if it isn't Cashe's Son...How is that traitor doing?"

    Theron growled, spreading his midnight black wings out defensivly. "Be gone Axel, this Vampire belongs to us...!"

    Axel scoffed and smirked. "It dons't look like she is going me it looks like you have made friends with this pretty little Vampiress."

    Theron's eyes narrowed. "Be gone Axel!"

    Axel chuckled, waving away his other companion.

    "Fine...Just be aware young Theron...Daddy dosn't play nice with people who befriend vampires..."

    With that he disappeared into the forest, his loud, evil laugh echoing. Theron sighed and bit his lip turning to Kalia, reaching out and gently grabbing one of her hands in his. He looked her in her beautiful eyes.

    "It seems that there is going to be a rather complicated string of events to follow....Are you alright...?"

    He listend to her as he pulled her along, once she finnished asking:

    "Now...what was it you wanted to show me?"

    He mustered a smile for her, tucking his wings against his back. ​
  2. Kalia bit her lip as she Theron stared into her eyes. She was confused at what the other Krusnik had said. Something about a traitor? She couldn't imagine Theron being associated with anyone who had earned that title. And yet... he was one, wasn't her? A traitor to his race for not killing her. And then, so was she. For not killing him when she had the chance. Things had become so confusing in so little time, her head started a dull throb again.

    She sighed and closed her eyes, rubbing at her temples to help relieve some of the headache. "I'm fine. Just a bit confused I guess." She opened her eyes to find him still staring at her. God, his eyes were gorgeous. "What.." She started to say but shook her head. She would ask questions later. Now was the time to relax and forget about who they were and who they were supposed to be. "Nevermind."

    She squeezed his hand gently and started to walk towards the hill again, aiming for the ruins. They could sit there and talk without anyone disturbing them. It was a pretty secluded spot and many of the humans believed that the ruins were haunted. Probably because of her. But it was all the more reason to go there. A private place to be alone.

    Alone with a Krusnik? How strange.
    For some reason, part of her mind refused to accept that Theron was no threat to her. She shook the thoughts out of her head and smiled up at Theron. He was breathtaking in the late afternoon sunlight streaming through the foliage. It seemed to form a halo with his hair.

    "I'm showing you my favorite place in the world." She tugged at his arm lightly, urging him to go faster. She wanted to get to the ruins soon. She couldn't wait to see the look on his face when he saw it. She fiercely hoped that he would love it just as much as she did.

    As they walked along the woods, she noticed that she had a spring to her step that only happened when she was in a particularly good mood. Now that she thought about it, she was actually happy for the first time since she Changed. It took her a minute to realize why. And then it hit her. It was Theron. He was making her happy. And not just the content happy, but the kind of happy that you get only once in a while. When you feel like nothing can go wrong and you wish that you could stay like this forever. She beamed up at him again, her green eyes sparkling with joy, and pulled him to her, wrapping one arm around his waist. Hopefully, he didn't pull away. It was nice, having someone to lean on and just enjoy things with. She almost forgot he was her mortal enemy. Almost.

    As the thought entered her head, she tensed a slight bit. It wasn't right to do this. She couldn't get close to him only to have to be separated, never to speak to each other again. It wasn't how she wanted this. She started to loosen her arm and pull away slightly. Hopefully, she could disconnect herself a little before she got too attached.
  3. He looked at her, confusion in her beautiful eyes. Theron wished to soothe her worries and fears but it would only mean involving her more and that wouldn't be good...After a little while Kalia sighed, closing her eyes. She looked a bit in pain as she rubbed her temples...must have been a headache. He didn't blame her...his whole life had been a headache, a pain in his side. But so was this situation. As much as he loved being with Kalia, he was in deep trouble with his family whenever he decided to return home. She reassured him she was fine, just he thought. Again it pained him that he couldn't awnser her question and it showed in his eyes. Theron was still looking at her as she opened her eyes once again. He listened to her as she began to speak but she shook her head, telling him to nevermind. Her hand to nevermind. Theron sighed and bit his lip.

    "No...if you have something to ask...ask..."

    Her hand felt so natural in his he had almost forget he was holding her hand. Only when she squeezed his hand did he remember thier fingers were intertwined. No wonder Axel was suspicious. Kalia turned and pulled him in the direction of the the hill. As they silently walked Theron thought about her. Even after all this...she was still a vampire. She was what she was. Part of him still wanted to believe that he would change for this woman...but another part of him, the preditor that hunted and killed...wanted her blood. Theron looked off into the woods as far as his excellent sight would allow. He would have to see where this lead. Suddenly her beautiful voice caught his attention. She informed him that she was taking him to a place, her faveorite place. Theron turned and looked at her once again; a smile forming on his lips. As they walked there he noticed she had a spring in her step, seemed in a good mood and that made him happy.

    But she realized it herself and became lost in thought. He felt happy here, to be with her and he hoped she still felt this same. After a little while he reassured him and pulled him close against her. She beamed up at him her cute smile and sparkling lovely green eyes convaying how happy they both were to be here. Her arm was around his waist and he slid his other hand over hers, touching her soft, pale skin; keeping her hand at his side. To touch her skin made his heart flutter. Theron had never felt this way with someone, it was amazing and never did he want it to end. It pained him inside to know that sometime it probably would.

    They kept walking towards their destination when he least expected it her arm loosned and she started to pull away from him. He stopped and looked over at her; his wings drooping a bit. Theron turned her and leaned in closer, placing a soft kiss on her lips.

    "Kalia...? What's the matter? It's killing me I can't help you..."

    His concern was in his eyes. Theron moved his other hand and tucked her bangs behind her ears before caressing her cheek.
  4. Kalia gave Theron a small smile. He really wasn't that bad considering he had tried to kill her less than 2 days ago. Had it really been that short of a time? Yes. She supposed it had. But it felt like a lifetime ago that she had her first encounter with a Krusnik in that alleyway. Her mind must have drifted because she was jarred back to reality when he spoke to her. "No...if you have something to ask...ask..." Kalia's eyes flicked up to Theron's. He really was a sweet guy. Under different circumstances, maybe things would be different. But right now, she was so confused and torn between her instincts and her emotions.

    Suddenly though, his lips were on hers. Just a soft brush. Nothing too heavy. But it was enough. Kalia's eyes widened in shock and she held back a gasp. This was wrong. She couldn't be kissing her worst enemy! And worse, she couldn't be feeling how she felt. Still, she didn't let her emotions show for too long. She quickly wiped her face blank and put on a neutral smile.

    "Nothing's the matter. I promise! Things are just really confusing I guess. Too much adrenaline as well." She pointed just up ahead to where the trees began thinning out. "The place is just past those trees. Believe me, you'll love it!"

    She started to pull him forward again but soon stopped abruptly, tearing herself out of Theron's embrace and furrowing her brow. There was a scent, on the breeze. Ever so little but it was there. She felt her fangs descend and felt the prick of them on her lower lip, a trickle of blood falling down her chin as the pointed incisors broke skin. She raised her nose in the air and lifted her lips in a snarl.


    The one name came out of her mouth sounding foreign with a dangerous lilt to it. It was her true accent, one she had when she was young but had managed to subdue it over time. Except when she was too focused on something else. Kalia whirled on the spot trying to find where the scent was coming from. But it had passed. The air was no longer tainted and now smelled like crispy leaves and clean forest air. She narrowed her eyes and gave one more look around before turning sheepishly back to Theron.

    "Thorry." She clapped a hand over her mouth as she realized that her fangs were still out. She quickly pulled them back up. "Sorry." She said again. "I thought I smelled someone." She walked back to his side. She grabbed his arm and tried to pull him back towards the ruins. "Let's continue!" She plastered on a fake smile that wouldn't have fooled a dodo bird but it was the best she could do. The scent had thrown her.
  5. It had just hit him that he had just kissed her...the woman who was supposed to be his mortal enemy, even his dinner. He managed to hide the embarressment that he felt for doing that but it just felt...natural...normal. Kalia had a body like alot of women; fingers, eyes, arms, legs... She had the same emotions. To Theron she didn't seem very much at all different than Krusnik women. When he had kissed her he felt her tense up a little bit but it wasn't anything that wasn't already expected.

    When he met her eyes again her expresion was neutral. No happiness. It baffled him a bit that someone could look so blank but he managed a half smile for her. As usual she reassured him that she was fine and that nothing was wrong. That she was just a bit confused. So was he...I mean both of them were fighting against thier natural instinces to be this close to each other and not rip each other's throats out. Mid thought she pointed off in the distance, pulling him away from what was going through his mind.

    Kalia insisted that the place wasn't too far away from where they were and she started to pull him forwards but abruptly stopped in her tracks. She pulled away from him and he smelt blood as he Kalia's fangs emerge from her mouth. She snarled as she picked up a scent in the breeze. He smelt it was forgien. This wasn't something he had smelt before. Then he heard her say one name: Jason. Who...was Jason? An Ex-Boyfriend? Her Creator? Either way she wasn't too pleased to smell he was in the area. Her voice reviled a threatening and forgien accent. To be honest he was a bit suprised...and it showed in his face and eyes; his body tensed a bit too. Kalia whirled around, trying to track where the scent was coming from.

    Then All of a sudden the scent disappeared and she turned back sheepishly to Theron. He chuckled a bit at her fangs sticking out of her mouth. She clapped a hand over her mouth then retracted them, apologizing.

    "I thought I smelled someone." She said, coming back over to him.

    Then She started to pull him along again, plasting a fake smile on her lips. He Frowned a bit. They would have ALOT to talk about later...
  6. Kalia practically dragged Theron through the woods in her haste to get to the ruins. Now more than ever she was ready to just go there and relax. She always felt the most at home there. And definitely more relaxed too. It was where she went to just look up at the sky and daydream about fantastical things. Or to read a book and get lost in the world that the words created. Or even to just get away from the day. It was her home away from home and she sometimes wished that she had lived in the time when the building had been in one piece.

    As they walked through the last bit of woods, Kalia continued to scent the air just in case it came back. It didn't, but that didn't stop her from being on edge the whole time up until they stepped out of the shaded woods and into the open field. Kalia looked up, surprised that it was later than she had thought. They must have been in there hunting longer than she had realized. She shrugged and looked back at Theron.

    "It's just over the crest of that hill." She told him as she pointed slightly to their right at a small hill that hid the ruins below. She looked back to where they were walking and could barely contain herself from running towards the top. She smiled and her grin widened as they got closer and closer.

    Soon, but not soon enough for Kalia, they reached the top and Kalia stopped on the top so that they could look at the sight. And what a sight it was. As far as the eye could see, there was an enormous field. The great expanse of the massive field was filled with the ruins. Here and there you could see just the foundation was left. But then there were some spots that had half houses and buildings from a long since forgotten town. Just past the bottom of the hill, there was still the outline of an old road that wound through the ruins and branched off like veins and connected the buildings into one single unit. You could tell that this town had been a grand one. Many of the buildings in what was clearly the residential area had foundations that were the size of a football field and many of them still had the crumblings of gigantic pillars that once held grand mansions. Even the smallest house was large, having a foundation roughly the size of a small school house. Many buildings still had their roofs still intact and one in particular, Kalia's favorite, had all the walls and roof with warped and yellowed windows that were aged with time. It stood in the middle of the residential area and was fairly large.

    Kalia's beamed down at the little town tucked away between the rolling hills. You could only reach it by trekking through the woods which many people did not do because of the rumors of the woods being haunted. Probably because of all the clans that lived within the trees. Nevertheless, she had never been disturbed any of the many times she had been here.

    She looked up at Theron. "So?" She inquired happily. "What do you think? Isn't it wonderful?" She smiled up at him.
  7. Theron was being dragged behind Kalia as they went though the woods. She seemed in a hurry to get to the ruins. Though she did seem excited as well. After a little bit she slowed down and they started to walk. It still seemed that she was on edge up until they walked out of the shaded woods and into an open field. It was a bit later than he thought. It was about dusk...apprently when they went hunting time had passed far quicker than it seemed either of them expected. Cause she looked back at him and shrugged. She told him it was just over that hill and pointed to thier right at a small hill. It seemed the closer they got to that hill the bigger the smile got on her face. Finally they reached the top of the hill and Kalia stopped.

    He looked out across the ruins and he couldn't hide a smile. The field which yielded them was massive and so were the ruins. The ruins consisted of dozens upon dozens of houses that were in shambles except for one. If the building wasn't standing there was a foundation there, testifying if it's once exsistance long ago. He could see the outline of an ancient road that used to wind though the town. The krusnik could picture a magnificent city where people woke up and went to work. Where people stayed up late and night and partied. Where people took care of children and familes raised thier children. A place where people fell in love. Love creeped into his eyes and his expression softened. It could very well be that in such the short time he had known Kalia...he had fallen in love with her? He pushed the thought out of his mind for now. Theron would have time to deal with it later. Then she looked up at him, asking him happily what he thought about it. Theron looked back out across the field at the ruins, examining them once again.

    "Well...It's true. It's fantastic. It's so old but yet there are a suprising amount of theses buildings who have thier roofs and one that appears to have all it's walls and roof. Not only that but looks reasonably stable. So...won't you tell me....? Why exactly do you like to come to these ruins? I mean thier wonderful but what is it about them? This place is probably as old as my dad...and that's ancient."

    He chuckled and looked back to her, relaxing a bit. The mention of the guys name earlier had put him on edge but now he was relaxed again. His wings streached out a bit as he did. Theron looked at her, waiting for her awnser.

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