Fraternizing with The Enemy

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  1. Lilac was walking down the sidewalk. She took heed to be aware of her surroundings, finding that at night this city was a dangerous one. Lilac didn't have a task this night, but that didn't mean that she wasn't a bit wary or that she didn't have a switchblade tucked away carefully into one of her combat boots. Lilac took a look at the dreary atmosphere as darkness began to creep into the sky and the moon threatened to make its appearance. The concrete was damp because of a recent drizzle and the scent of wet pavement was comforting in its own ways. It made Lilac want to curl up inside of her little apartment and read the night away, but chill and a bit of dampness couldn't stop her from going to one of the local bars. She pulled her jacket closer to her body to prevent some of the bite the wind seemed to have as it swept past, disturbing her loose strands of purple dyed hair.

    The young woman heard the familiar clamor of laughter and chatter and soon identified the small bar on the corner of Hay's Street, the name granted from its use as a horse cart path a century before all of this new development. Now pavement replaced cobblestone and steel and cement replaced wooden structures. Now dull colored office buildings and apartment were arranged with the metallic satellites and other gear scraping hungrily at the bottom of the sky. It may have appeared dull, but it was usually bustling with the thousands of inhabitants going about their jobs and lives. Currently, other activity was stirring. Criminals ran the night and sent most civilians wisely hiding inside to stay safe as the police force and their associates did their best to protect the innocent. Lilac knew she should be out helping, but they hadn't asked her to and tonight she needed to unwind.

    Lilac approached the bar, it's flashing sign displaying the title, "The Thirsty Traveler." An odd name, but Lilac knew it well. It was usually her go to spot for a nice drink. Some of the characters there were shady, but it wasn't one totally run by wrong doers. Lilac could certainly handle a bit of riff raff if need be, so she wasn't worried when she entered through the wooden door in front. A small bell announced her arrival as she wiped her boots carefully on the crookedly placed mat at the entrance.

    Lilac was glad of escaping the wind and made her way towards the bar with confident strides. Others sat at tables arranged around the room, conversing, drinking, and eating. The lighting was dim, fluorescent fixtures hanging from a bleak looking ceiling. It smelled of smoke, alcohol, and grilled food. It had a casual atmosphere for the time being. Lilac took a seat on one of the empty stools and was greeted by a scrawny looking man with salt and peppered hair, white apron dotted with small stains. He had a scratchy stubble along his chin and a few light scars on his face. He offered a curling smile as he cleaned out one the glasses. "Ah, Lilac. What will it be today?"he asked, voice a bit gravelly, but still familiar.

    Lilac returned the smile with a sly one of her own, fidgeting momentarily with her nails. "Surprise me with one of your beers. I'm up for a change tonight."she replied.

    "Very well then. I'll pick you a good one, a nice fall brew."the man replied, name tag identifying him as "Robb."

    Lilac took a discreet look at the patrons behind her, finding none to be really threatening at the moment. She allowed herself to relax a bit as she slid off her coat and rested it on the back of her stool. Now her red and black striped button up flannel was revealed. She casually re-situated her hair and fished some money from where it was safely tucked away on the inside if her pants under her pocket to prevent pick pocketers from doing damage. Robb returned with a cold glass full of an amber liquid. Lilac gave him the cash and took the handle of the glass carefully. She lifted it to her lips and took a hesitant sip before offering a thoughtful look and swallowing. Lilac managed a flash of a grin. "Good choice."she praised Robb.

    "Pleasure to serve. Give a holler if you need anything, darling."he said before walking away to attend to others.

    Lilac was left alone with her drink.
  2. [BCOLOR=transparent]The night was in full swing, meaning that no one saw the pair of dark eyes that materialized out of the shadows in a large alleyway. Making sure that no one saw her, Leila slipped out of the dark abyss without a sound. Shaking out her long hair, she breathed in the scent of the city: oil, pollution, trash, wet cement… Yeah, it was a good night.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Shadow travel was always the best way to get around, she thought. There were shadows everywhere, plus a realm within the shadows that was her own domain. It was a great place to store stuff until she needed it, and made catching her impossible. Though it took her quite a while to master, it was what had allowed her to make it to the big leagues of villainy. The havoc she could cause by getting into supposedly unreachable places was so enjoyable and lucrative. Plus it made getting to the bars so much faster. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Making her way toward the street, she smile innocently at some large fellow that had passed her, knowing that he was going to try something stupid. And that smile was her invitation for him to try. She knew how she looked - tall with a nice rack but fairly thin otherwise, so pale she looked anemic, her tank top slightly revealing the skin around her stomach and the crest of her cleavage - she looked easy. Sensing his hand approaching her, she grabbed his wrist. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” she said, her voice low and melodic. Using the shadows of the alley, she constricted his wrist, hearing a sickening crack. A sadistic grin crossed her face as she felt him break away and run, clutching at his broken wrist. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]What a chickenshit! [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]She had hoped for a scuffle, but really, she shouldn’t use her powers so obviously without her disguise. It was a pain, but maintaining a civilian cover was necessary if she wanted to keep bringing in the money, which was very high on her priority list. The only thing more important was chaos, which she always caused on her regular nights. A desire to destroy everything welled up in her, and she took a deep breath. This was why her second in command said she needed to take a night off. She needed a drink to wind down.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]The first bar she found was one that wasn’t familiar. Looking around, she hadn’t made it far enough to get to her usual haunts, but the “The Thirsty Traveller” had to have alcohol. Really, what did the building matter? Not like she particularly enjoyed the crappy company in her usual places, always filled with second-rate villains trying to plot something stupid. While she was pulling jewel heists, these clowns were trying to rob ATMs. Trash, all of them.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Making her way into the new bar, the smell of grease assaulted her immediately. Her nose crinkled and she was glad that she didn’t need food. Leila had always been atypical, preferring vegetables and fruit to fried food and candy. That was why she liked wine so much, she reasoned - it was made from grapes. Plus the buzz was fabulous.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]It was a bit noisy for her tastes near the tables, so she made her way to the bar. The only other person sitting there was a girl with dyed hair and a flannel. From what Leila could see, she was pretty cute, and a wicked grin crossed her face. Perhaps “The Thirsty Traveller” was a good choice after all. The usual villain bars were full of dudes, and while she had been with a guy here and there, girls were so much better. Cleaner, softer, more kissable for sure. Much prettier. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Leila sat one seat away from the girl, leaning slightly toward her as she laid her arms on the bar. Her leather jacket and navy tank rode up at the movement, showing a strip of pale hip flesh. “A glass of your most expensive red wine,” she called out to the bartender. He gave her a wink and a nod, quickly fetching her a glass full of the deep red liquid. She sniffed it, a feline smile crossing her face. This bar had good wine and cute girls - why hadn’t she come here sooner? The smell was terrible and there were too many noisy people, but right here at the bar was pretty nice.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Sipping her wine, she turned her upper body toward the other woman. She had a beer, which Leila could forgive, considering that her face was pretty damn cute, too. Tapping her dark nails against the counter, Leila leaned a bit closer, her chest on full display. It was the subtle things, she thought, that brought people together. “How’s it going?” she asked, her voice low and husky, slowly blinking her heavily painted lids.[/BCOLOR]
  3. Lilac heard the bell sounds from the door and casually glanced over her shoulder. She almost did a double take upon seeing another young woman enter. Lilac looked forwards nonchalantly and processed what she had seen. A slender looking fair skinned woman with hair black as pitch. She had a dangerous way about her, but seemed enticing. Lilac put the thought aside, assuming the attractive woman would just go elsewhere in the bar to flirt with men or whatever. She knew nothing of this dark seeming woman and it would probably stay that way. Lilac stifled a sigh and brought her glass to her lips again, drinking deeply before setting the glass back down with a small clink.

    Lilac heard a stirring in the seat next her hers and her heart fluttered. It was the woman who she had just been admiring, right next to her. Lilac looked away, only stealing discreet glances for the time being. The leather jacket was a nice touch to the sleek appearance in Lilac's opinion. Lilac pretended not to notice the strip of skin exposed on the woman's hip, but it only served to further excite her. Lilac kept a cool and casual composure still, mind racing secretly. This woman could be straight, not interested, a criminal, or all of the above. Lilac would just be observant for now and wait for any potential to make a move.

    Lilac leaned back in her seat and crossed her ankles, feigning a totally casually demeanor. She heard the woman order fine red wine and made the assumption that this woman had very particular tastes, which could be a good or a bad sign in this case. Lilac was surprised to hear the woman speak in her direction, voice husky and so appealing. Lilac felt the hair on the back of her neck raise in response to this alluring tone. Lilac noted the slow batting of the eyelashes and dark painted nails clicking upon wood with her keen eyes. Lilac also of course saw a bit more exposure of this woman's cleavage and looked back to the woman's dark eyes. Don't look at her boobs, no, no, no...Mission failed.Lilac thought to herself, not able to prevent a last quick glance. Was this woman flirting with her? Was this a dream?

    One corner of Lilac's mouth pulled upwards in a sly half smile and she rested one of her elbows on the backside of her stool to make herself in a more imposing position. "Pretty well. It's been a nice quiet night, plenty of time for drinks. How about you?"Lilac replied with a coy tone of voice. There, let her interpret that.Lilac thought. She liked to leave people guessing sometimes, to toy with them a bit of course.

    Lilac ignored the clamor of the bar for the time being. The sounds of the raucous laughing and mumbling conversations was just background noise now. Of course she'd realize if anything had gone amiss, but for the time being all seemed to be going quite well. Maybe she had shot at learning more about the woman sitting before her. Her night had certainly become more interesting now.
  4. When Leila had sat down at the bar, she had expected one of a few things: a polite rejection, an angry rant about the sins of being a lesbian, being ignored, having a boyfriend called over, or making her target incredibly nervous. Any of these things would have been amusing in their own right - she'd experienced them all. What she had not been expecting was the woman in question to sneak a peak at her breasts, lean back, and flirt.

    Game on.

    With the other woman turned toward her now, Leila got a better idea of what she was hiding beneath that flannel. The mental image caused her eyebrows to raise, wondering what those curves would feel like beneath her palms. Her face was pretty too, appealing blue eyes gazing back at her. Leila wanted to run her fingers along her choker necklace, feel the delicate skin there. But this was all a game, and if she wanted to win, she had to play.

    "Ah, quiet nights are hard to come by around here," she said, swirling the wine around in her nearly empty glass. "But yeah, this is a good one. Perfect night to be in a bar. This bar, in particular." Bringing the glass to her lips, she easily swallowed the last of the wine, gesturing for another to the barkeep.

    "Good company always makes the night better, though. I'm surprised that you're here alone," she said, accepting the drink and bringing it to her lips again. Leila felt the wine warming up her chest, and put her elbow on the bar, angling herself more toward the subject of her fascination. With the slight turn of her bar stool, she slid he leg against her companion's knee, leaving it there as if nothing was strange. "You're so cute, seems as though you'd have a date."
  5. Lilac picked up her glass in her free hand, savoring the cool feeling against her palm. She raised the drink to her lips again and took a polite sip before returning her attention to the woman in front of her. The beer she had was nice, decent amount of hops and a crisp taste. It was definitely a great brew, but it was probably made better in the presence of an attractive female.

    What could Lilac say? Lilac liked a good woman and a beer, if men could openly express this, why did everyone hate on her for doing the same? Lilac had received a fair amount of harassment over the years, but at this point she rarely paid them any heed. Most stuck to delivering short remarks, but a few had been too much. All arrogant men trying to "change her mind." Even if Lilac had been as straight as a ruler, she would have never even contemplated talking to these douche bags. Yet they still pursued her all the same, cornering her and speaking of sweet tidings with breath that smelled of alcohol. Once one had tried to touch her to get a feel. Lilac gave him a feel, the feeling of a sharp slap across the face that is.

    Lilac refocused when the woman spoke up again, looking over the woman again. It seemed that this woman preferred dark colors with the shadowy makeup, coal black nails, deep blue jeans, navy tank top, and admirable looking combat boots. The woman also had a head of black hair and even her eyes looked dark in pigment. This woman seemed to have a dangerous edge to her, and Lilac was loving it. She liked danger and dangerous situations, maybe a little too much. danger gave her a good rush, an adrenaline high that always made her want to throw her head back and howl. Okay, maybe that was a bit ridiculous, but the odd power she had been granted with made parts of her mind more canine like. Almost like a primal sense of sorts, which was sometimes what she needed on a mission.

    For now she was on a different mission, winning this girl over. "Mhm. This bar is one of my regulars. Pretty mellow, sort of comfy."Lilac added in response to what the woman had said, nodding slightly.
    Lilac raised an eyebrow at the comment about company, wondering where this woman was going with that thought. Hopefully it would lead to a favorable outcome for both of them, as it seemed this woman was also feeling a bit flirty right now. Lilac saw the woman adjust herself so she was looking at her, almost mesmerized in that dark gaze of hers. Lilac checked herself to make sure she wasn't too captivated since that could lead to more unfavorable and unexpected danger. Lilac looked down as the woman's knee touched her own. Lilac offered a small mischievous smile, noticeable only upon close examination. Then she moved her knee away about an inch and looked up at the young woman before her, meeting her eyes with her own. There, let's see if that makes her think.Lilac thought as she began to twirl a strand of her light purple hair with a slender finger. Upon hearing the last statement made by the woman, she replied with a chuckle, "You're too kind. I guess others find me just too much to handle."

    Another questionable statement delivered. The night was going well and their game was beginning. Lilac took the next move and asked, "So, if it is company you want, it's best to start with names. What's yours?"
  6. Leila raised an eyebrow when the other woman moved her leg away. She was either uninterested or she was playing hard to get, and that flirty way she was twirling her hair around a delicate finger said that she was definitely interested. Perhaps spending so much time in the shadows had taught Leila how to read people, how to properly observe. She wouldn't be such an excellent thief if she didn't know how to observe, after all. If she wanted to be chased after, Leila didn't mind being the hunter.

    She raised an eyebrow at the woman's words. This was her regular joint, which made the weird eye the bartender was giving her make sense. He was a bit protective over the woman, it seemed. She swiveled her head, swinging her long hair over her shoulder to block out his face. When she continued, Leila wanted so badly to say that she could try to 'handle her'. The influence of her right hand, Alex, obviously.

    Taking another sip of wine, Leila let out a huff that was almost a giggle. "Company, huh? I guess that's a good word for what I want," she said, hoping to sent the woman's mind spinning. She turned a little more, now fully facing her, and slid the side of her boot against her companion's boot, her shin grazing up the back of her calf.

    "Call me Leila," she said. She felt no pressure to hide her name, considering that it wasn't connected to her other persona at all. Leila was slightly entranced as she watched the woman's light purple hair twirl around her finger. It made her want to touch her hair, twist it into her fist, pull her head close and whisper filthy things into her ear. Maybe get in a nibble of her earlobe. The movement was driving her to distraction, so she reached forward and grabbed her wrist, pressing her thumb lightly into the base of her hand. The hair fell from her fingers and brushed against Leila's knuckles. Oh, it was as soft as it felt.

    "What about you, sweet thing? You have a name?" she asked, letting her hand fall slightly from her wrist, enjoying the way her skin felt beneath her fingertips. The flannel was soft, and though Leila thought it to be country bumpkin attire, she had gained a whole new appreciation as the edge of her hand ran against her cuff.

    Let's see her play coy now, Leila thought, allowing herself a feral grin.
  7. Lilac seemed to forget her drink now. It wasn't time for casual sips. She wasn't going to lose this little mind game that both of them were now partaking in. A game of wit and control, one that leaves each player guessing. Lilac liked this type of game, especially when she won and she wasn't one to back down so there was no way she was going to be scared off too easily. Lilac ignored Robb's stares, though she felt them. He looked to be a mixture of confused and amused at what was going on with his regular patron and this dark clothed lass. He returned to his duty, leaving to go prod an overly drunken man collapsed at a table. Lilac paid both of them little attention, only focusing on Leila.

    The little huff the other woman had released was enough to almost drive Lilac wild. Now she was baited, really wanting to know this woman...very well. Lilac wanted to know the secrets of this mischievous woman, who and what she was. She desired to just grab her and find out what those soft looking lips of hers felt like. Lilac forced her mind to calm, knowing she wasn't the type to be easy. She wouldn't fall head over heels, but she felt herself slipping for this stranger. Thoughts fluttered in the back of her mind, both appropriate like wondering what this Leila was like, as well as a few inappropriate ideas lingering around.

    Lilac felt the presence of the woman's shin against the back of her calf. Although she craved more contact, Lilac knew if she allowed these touches so easily that she'd lose the game. Lilac adjusted her legs so the other woman wasn't touching her calf, a slight shift, but a noticeable one. "Leila, huh? A pretty name for a pretty woman."Lilac ventured to say with a quick smirk.

    Lilac stifled a flinch when touched suddenly, not expecting the woman to grab her hand. Lilac deemed the woman as harmless for now, so she didn't pull away quite yet. She liked the feeling of Leila's thumb pressed against her hand and left her hair drop, ceasing her fidgeting for now. Lilac was half tempted to grab Leila's hand in her own and pull just to get closer to that pretty face of hers, maybe bury her fingers into that coal black hair that hung so loosely and naturally, but Lilac resisted the idle desire.

    Lilac allowed Leila to touch her sleeve before pulling away ever so slightly so that only the other woman's nails brushed the fabric. It was discreet and almost posed as a challenge. Lilac managed an obviously sarcastic remark, wearing a teasing grin. "Of course not. Names are overrated."

    Then Lilac added, "but if you're really curious, my name's Lilac." Her name wasn't one she kept secret, not having any reason to hide it. She wasn't a notorious hero yet though, so the woman was probably not going to recognize it to commend her work. She decided not to bring it up though since this alluring woman could still be a criminal, though Lilac was beginning to think against that ideal.
  8. When Leila's name escaped her lips, it caused a strange stirring in her chest. It wasn't often that another person said her first name. To her subordinates she was 'Boss' or 'Ma'am' or 'Sir'. To her business associated, she was 'Ms. Calloway'. So to hear this attractive woman say her first name felt intimate in a way that almost made her uncomfortable. Almost.

    Focus on the game, she told herself. She wouldn't lose - in fact, she hoped that they would both win, in a sense. Leila laughed at her sarcasm, one loud burst of mirth. She didn't just find this woman attractive, she actually might genuinely like her. That wasn't normally part of the game, but she loved breaking the rules. The scent of vanilla surrounded her, and Leila had the urge to try and lick the flavor off of her skin.

    "Lilac, huh? How colorful," she said with a smile, brushing a bit of hair away from Lilac's face. She let her fingertips push against her temple, enjoying the warmth of her skin. THe shadows were fairly cold, which didn't bother Leila in the slightest, but Lilac was practically radiating warmth, and it was intensely appealing. Lilac was definitely playing her role well, being coy and teasing. So Leila leaned back, putting her elbow on the counter. She leaned her head on her palm, letting her hair fall around her arm. By hunching her shoulders just so, she slid her shirt down slightly, an edge of black lace from her bra showing. Lilac wasn't the only one that could tease.

    "So, tell me something about yourself, Lilac. I'll even start. Between you and me, I have a kitty tattoo somewhere on my body." Tilting her head in a coy manner, she winked. "I'll show you where it is if you tell me something especially fun," she said, her tone low and playful. Running her tongue lightly along her lips, Leila grinned, wanting to lean forward and kiss her new friend. All in time, she assured herself. Lilac was cute and now Leila was super intrigued. There was no way this one was getting away at least without a make-out session in the back alley. At the very least.
  9. Lilac belived she was currently winning in this game, having played hard to get as per her usual. She was no easy catch, that was for sure. Though for some reason this night she felt slightly more lenient, almost conviced to stop playing her standard coy role. She decided to keep it up a bit, at least for a little while.

    Lilac allowed her hair to be moved away from her face, skin left tingling wher Leila had trailed her fingers. Lilac's nerves were afire now, sensitive to the touch. Lilac giggled quietly before pulling her head just out of Leila's reach. Lilac offered a small smile, blue eyes gleaming devilishly. Her hand rested on the bar top, fingers idly tracing paterns in the wood grain as she continued to focus on the young woman before her.

    Lilac couldn't help but notice lace protruding from Leila's shirt, indicating the top of her bra. Lace, huh? Lilac liked lace, finding it to be a devilish touch to underclothes. Lilac tried to imagine the rest of the bra, guessing it was black judging from the rest of the woman's attire. Lilac imagined how it wouod feel to unhook that bra and let it slide off to reveal....Lilac awoke from her day dream whenever Leila spoke up again.

    Lilac noted the challenge and coy smile, not ready to easily let this woman win easily. The teasing smile and wink only further motivated Lilac. "Well, hmmm...let's see. What to tell, what to tell. Oh, I know. I like to fight, martial arts in particular. A little brawl is always appreciated."She offered, giving a suggestive wink of her own when speaking of a brawl. Then she cracked a half grin and tilted her head discreetly to expose her fair skinned, soft throat. "So, where's that tattoo of yours?"she asked.
  10. Every little twitch of Lilac's face became incredibly interesting to Leila. Watching the corners of her mouth quirk up, her eyes sparkling in the low bar light. The little minx was playing back, and she was loving the competition. The few times she'd had time to hook up with someone over the past few years, it had been a total conquest. It normally didn't take much for Leila to talk a girl into her bed, but this battle of whits was so alluring. There hadn't been time lately for any fun encounters, as the super villain trade was time consuming. Her sexual frustration was making itself apparent, as Lilac's slight movements away from her touch were driving her mad.

    "Ah, you're a feisty one, huh?" she asked, looking her up and down. Not many normal people liked to fight in such a manner, or would talk about violence so offhandedly. Could she be a hero? Leila knew the villains in town, considering it was her business. Plus she occasionally hacked the personal sites of local superheroes. It had been awhile since she'd bothered to look into up and coming heroes, as she had been so busy. Her spine stiffened slightly. Could this be a set up? Did someone know her identity?

    But then Lilac tilted her head to the side, showing off the glorious expanse of creamy next. Leila almost felt like laughing. She was so careful with her identity, there was no way she had been compromised. And maybe Lilac just did martial arts or something. Considering how much Leila wanted to press her lips against Lilac's neck, she accepted this as the absolute truth.

    "I like a good challenge myself, though I prefer a battle of wits over a battle of brawn." Leila was aware that her arms were pretty weak, and she could barely lift some of the weapons used by her subordinates. She wondered if Lilac had firm muscle hidden beneath that flannel.

    Bringing both of her hands in front of her body, she pulled down the sleeve of her left arm slightly. The silhouette of a black cat seemed to walk across her wrist, and Leila smiled. "Were you expecting something naughty?" she asked, her tone becoming suggestive and husky again. Leila wanted to prod her, get her off her game. She also wanted to kiss her, but she wanted to see Lilac break before she made her move.
  11. Lilac chuckled at Leila's comment, a mischevious tone to it. "That's what I've been told. A real spark to me, there is."Lilac replied. Then, deciding to hide her identity for the time being, she added, "I have no use for the skill really, but maybe one day I'll find a use." This way she didn't have to come out and day that she was a hero. This provocative woman didn't seem to have ill itent to her, well maybe in a sexual sort of way, but not as in a "I'll stab you" way.

    Lilac passed the neck exposure off as a stretch as she straighened it out again casually. Lilac was a sucker for neck kisses and wondered if she could play her cards right to acheive such a prize. This game was becoming surprisingly more difficult than usual now that she had a more evenly matched oppenant. Equal or not, Lilac still wasn't through with it, enjoying this exchange very much. It was exciting and held the promise of some post game fun if things turned out alright.

    "In truth, I like both types equally"Lilac replied with a light shrug of her narrow shoulders. She wasn't for brawn either, but she did like the speed and accuracy allowed in a martial arts type combat as much as she enjoyed a good debate or competition. Lilac had lean muscles, but if one were to touch her they'd feel them so long as she flexed a bit.

    Lilac watched intently as Leila lifted her sleee and revealed a tattoo of a shadowy feline. The husky tone's reapperance nearly made Lilac shudder. How could she produce a voice that alluring? Lilac wasn't about to back down now, she had gotten too far. "Maybe. "Lilac replied, almost having a purr to her voice, a teasing and also suggestive tone.
  12. Lelia listened, thinking about one of her henchmen accosting Lilac on the street. Of course, she didn't have them doing petty shit like stealing from civilians, but they were instructed to show no mercy if someone was in the way of completing their objective. A handful of innocent lives had been lost this way, but Leila saw them as collateral. Her main targets were heroes, stupid government officials, and big business. Anything for a profit. If Lilac was a good at combat as her confidence seemed to imply, she could probably get away from one of her guys. The thought of watching Lilac spar with someone was a bit distracting, thinking of her muscles flexing, sweat glistening on her forehead, her eyes full of fire...

    "Well, considering how this city is, knowing how to defend yourself can't hurt," she said, trying to shake the thoughts from her mind. No point in thinking about her regular job, she thought. This night was about relaxing, though the night had taken a turn for the better, certainly. Wine was relaxing. Chilling at a bar was relaxing. Lilac was something else entirely, and Leila wanted her more than she'd wanted something in a long time.

    Adjusting her sleeve to cover her wrist again, she grinned. Now she was getting somewhere. She leaned forward, gently pushing Lilac's hair away from her ear, letting her fingertips brush along her scalp. Anyone looking would think that the two women were just sharing a secret, which was partially true. Her lips barely grazed the outer ridge of Lilac's ear as she spoke. "Did you want it to be something naughty?" she asked, keeping her tone low.

    Letting the words hang in the air for a moment, she leaned back, withdrawing her hands entirely. She picked up her wine glass and took a sip, looking at Lilac with a placid smile as though she had just asked her about the weather. Her turn to decide, she thought, hoping that they were on the same page.
  13. Lilac agreed with what Leila had said. This city was a dangerous one, criminals crawling from ally to ally in the dark if night. If Lilac wasn't a hero, she believed she'd have still learned some martial arts to protect herself. Lilac wondered how much crime was going on outside of the quaint little bar under the cover of shadow. Her stomach twisted by she thought of how much of that crime she could have prevented. She put the thought aside. The police hadn't given her an assignment tonight, so she wasn't going to work. Even though the prospect of preventing more damage to this city was a bit tempting.

    Leila was more enticing than the prospect of going out into the cold to try to hunt for dangerous people in alleyways. Lilac wondered if it was wise to reveal she was a hero since maybe Leila would find her to be more interesting. Then again, although Lilac didn't think Leila was a criminal, others in the bar that could be listening could be criminals. If they heard what she was, in a drunken fit one may attack her or something. Or even worse, a sober and clever one could slip a knife into her back before Lilac would even notice. Lilac didn't like the prospect of either situations, so she kept her mouth shut about her occupation for the time being.

    Lilac watched apprehensively as Leila leaned close. Upon feeling gentle fingers in her hair, goosebumps rose under Lilac's sleeves. The woman was so close now and it made her heart skip a beat. Now she was very attentive, no longer even thinking about being a hero. Lilac felt Leila's lips brush her ear and the sensation nearly made her sigh. She wanted to turn and take Leila by the mouth now, but waited to see what would happen. She felt a warm breath tingle in her ear as Leila asked lowly if Lilac wanted the tattoo to be somewhere else, a more intimate place perhaps.

    Lilac watched as Leila pulled away as if nothing had happened, just drinking her wine. Now she had a feeling she was beginning to lose this mind game. She had to think of something clever and fast. "Me? Thinking naughty? I'm shocked."Lilac replied sarcastically, raising an eyebrow and gesturing her hand to her chest when she spoke.

    Then she reached out and finished off the rest of her beer, liking that the slight buzz it gave her mind only added to the excitement she was feeling now.
  14. Leila let a grin slip back onto her face at Lilac's words. The other woman was getting flustered, she could tell, enjoying the slight panic in her eyes as she tried to come up with a reply. Leila didn't accept losing, and seeing Lilac begin to crumble sent a jolt through her body. She wanted to see the light-haired beauty break, she her shudder and sigh in defeat. Of course, it would be a pleasurable defeat, Leila would make sure of that. Most of her opponents weren't as lucky.

    Lilac emptied her beer glass, but Leila was only watching her lips pressed to the rim of the glass. They were nice, kissable lips. Really though, all of her was kissable. Women were so lovely, but this one was more than that. Feisty, competitive, sarcastic... it was like they were meant to meet. Leila followed suit, emptying her glass of wine, the buzz growing to a clamor in the back of her mind. It took more than two glasses of wine to get her drunk, but she was definitely feeling lighter, like she was on fire from the inside. Only part of that was from the alcohol, she figured, her eyes roving over the curve of Lila's breasts.

    She leaned forward again, looking her straight in the eyes. Their lips were about six inches apart, far enough for their faces not to touch, but close enough to feel her warm puffs of breath against her skin. "I think you're a very naughty girl," she said, lowering her volume so that only Lilac could hear. "If you weren't, you wouldn't still be talking to me." This was entirely true, considering that Leila had fairly obviously been propositioning her for the last hour or so.

    "But there isn't anything wrong with being naughty," she continued. "In fact, I'd say it's preferable to being a prude, wouldn't you?" Up close the vanilla scent was heady and nearly overwhelming. It made Lilac seem like a desert, like something she needed to eat up before it was gone. Leaning against the counter, her cleavage on full display, Leila was sure she looked ridiculous to anyone else in the bar observing them. But she knew that she was having some sort of effect on Lilac, and that was her goal.
  15. Lilac watched Leila careful, blue eyes shifting to take the whole woman in. Everything from those awesome combat boots, to her slightly exposed cleavage, and to her lovely face of course. Leila's skin looked pale and soft to the touch. Lilac yearned to leave her mark of this woman, wanting to leave faint scratches on this woman's back.

    Lilac was a bit of a fighter when it came to more intimate times. She'd make quite a bit of noise and tended to claw at the other woman she chanced to be with. She'd let them win her over most times, but not without a good anount of effort. Lilac hadn't been fortunate for a while though and wondering if this night showed promise. Lilac wasn't one for one night stands, but she'd make an exception if offered. Then she would want to follow up and know this woman a bit more personally than what could be gained from a simple nigjy. Yes, that would be nice.

    Lilac watched as Leila finished her wine. She also noticed her chest was recieving some attention and contemplated unbuttoning her flannel a bit. Maybe later. For now she noticed Leila leaned close so their faves were only a few inches apart. Lilac's breathing became shallower and she looked deep into Leala's eyes, wondering what move to make. Her lips were so close now, so close.

    Lilac heard Leila call her a naughty girl and almost lost it. It was exactly what she wanted to hear and more. "Mhm."Lilac offered with a smile, unable to find clever words as this woman began to lead the game.

    "I'd agree."Lilac replied, almost quavering with her pent up energy. It was almost electric. Lilac also saw Leila lean back and mostly noticed her cleavage. Oh how she'd love to give them a touch. Lilac couldn't help but look now, but she also seemed to lose her voice. Lilac opened her mouth, but no words came out.

    Lilac straightened up a bit and huffed, a cute sound that she made on purpose. "You have me all flustered now, darling."Lilac admitted with a light laugh.
  16. A feral grin spread across Leila's mouth as she listened to Lilac's reply, the slight quiver to her voice sending a small shiver of pleasure up her spine. She could practically see the other woman melting, her blue eyes hazy with want. Really, if she wasn't determined to have control of the situation, Leila would probably look something similar. Her body was on fire, and it took all of her willpower to keep her gaze steady. Fortunately, she had willpower in spades - being a prolific villain meant sticking to your guns, even in the worst of situations.

    Feeling as though she had finally won, she called the bartender over. "For my drinks and her's," she said, nodding to Lilac. "Keep the change." She slid a crisp one hundred dollar bill across the counter, knowing that it was far too much. Despite her plain clothing, Leila would never have to worry about money again, between her heists and stocks. And maybe she was still trying to impress Lilac, sure. Might as well used what you've got.

    After being sure that the bartender was gone with her money, Leila turned back to Lilac. She gently pressed her hand to the other woman's knee, sliding her fingers upwards slowly as she began to speak. "You and I both know what we want, don't we?" she said, her tone low as she shifted to hide her hand movements from curious eyes. She didn't mind being open with her sexuality, but this felt strangely personal and private. Leila wanted Lilac all to herself, and the crowded bar was beginning to feel oppressive.

    "All you have to do is say 'yes, Leila', and we'll go back to my place." As she spoke, her hand had reached Lilac's upper thigh. Leila brushed her thumb along the waist of her pants, feeling her own face flushing from her arousal. "We'll have a fucking great night. You'll stay, we'll have breakfast. Then we'll go from there." Lilac staying and having breakfast hadn't been part of her initial plan, but it felt right to say. Though it was dangerous territory, she felt like she wanted more than just a single fuck from this woman. But that was a thought for later.

    Leaning forward, Leila pressed a light kiss to the side of Lilac's neck, shielding them with her large mane of hair. Raising her head slightly, she caught the other woman's earlobe in her lips for a brief moment, before continuing. "Just say 'yes, Leila', and you're all mine," she whispered, practically trembling in anticipation.
  17. Robb excepted the large bill with apprehension. He raised a bushy eyebrow as he took it. It seemed the woman didn't care much that the sum was so large, so Robb just thanked her and left to storw the money somewhere safer. He also cast a congratulatory look at his friend Lilac, offering a flash of a smile. Lilac gave him a loose wave of her hand in return as she watched him leave.

    Lilac noticed Leila place her hand on her knee and begin to slide up. The light pressure was enough to send her mind reeling again. She clenched her teeth and focused again, still having some of her senses even through this arousal, though they were fading. Lilac didn't nove away this time or make any effort to feign any discomfort, done with her game. She had lost the game, but they'd both win tonight.

    Leila's voice sent another shiver down Lilac's spine. Lilac still managed a trace of a grin, far from submissive even though she had given in to her desires. Lilac nodded slowly, knowing exactly what they both yearned for now. It was practically unavoidable now. Lilac's heart almost stopped when Leila reached her upper thigh, craving more. Not now though, they were still in public and had to stay somewhat decent with their actions. Lilac could already feel herself want to comply to Leila's suggestion.

    Lilac liked the prospect of a great night, and breakfast was also appreciated, as was seeing how they could further a possible relationship. Lilac wanted to take Leila on now, but she had to say the words and then they could leave. A simple trade it seemed. Lilac felt the light kiss onher neck and her breath hitched. When her earlobe was touched as well, Lilac reached up and threaded her fingers through Leila's black hair. She leaned in and whispered back, "Yes, Leila."

    Lilac then decided to make the next move, having spent enough time letting Leila take full control. She planted a brief and soft kiss on Leila's lips before pulling away, teasing the other woman. She allowed herself to half grin again, a devilish gesture.
  18. Leila nearly purred when Lilac touched her hair. She had been doing so much touching that finally being touched back nearly took her breath away. Then hearing her comply, hearing Lilac say her name, feeling her hot breath on her cheek sent her mind into a tailspin. "Good girl," she replied, unable to say more.

    Then their lips touched. The skin where they were connected was on fire, and if she didn't want to get Lilac into her bed, she would have dragged her to the bathroom or a back alley and kept the kiss going. Leila returned Lilac's grin, enjoying the impish expression. This would be fun.

    She took Lilac's hand in her own and dragged her out of the bar, needing to feel the cool night air to regain some sort of control. The night hit her full blast and she took a deep breath, smiling over her shoulder at her companion. They were about the same height. Better for kissing, she couldn't help but think, a light laugh escaping her lips. A taxi was parked nearby and she dragged Lilac behind her again, pulling her into the back seat. Leaning forward she gave the cab driver an address that was about ten blocks north toward the center of town. Her 'civilian apartment', though she spent most nights at her hideout deep in the city's underground.

    When they started moving, she turned her attention back to Lilac. Her hair was windswept and her cheeks were flushed, and Leila figured she looked the same. No longer hesitant, she gripped the back of Lilac's head and pulled her in for a kiss. There wasn't anything gentle about this one - Leila claimed her mouth, slipping her tongue between her lips at first chance. She was so on edge she could barely control herself, nibbling at Lilac's bottom lip as she wrapped her free arm around the other woman's body, moving her hand from her upper back to her ass, gripping it tightly. Leila couldn't remember being so wound up in years, and she could barely contain a moan as she pulled Lilac closer.
  19. Lilac allowed herself to be dragged away from her seat. She looked over her shoulder and spotted Robb, who offered a wink. Lilac realized she had left her jacket on the back of her chair, but she watched as Robb grabbed it and knew it was in good hands. Lilac would worry about jackets later, for now she was just focused on Leila. She picked up her stride a bit so that she was being led instead of dragged. She was grateful for the cool air outside since it had been getting rather warm in there and wasn't aided by the fact that she was a bit hot under the collar from their interactions. Lilac couldn't believe it, she was finally getting some action with a woman that could potentially be something more than just a lustful session. For now though, she'd enjoy the less formal approach at getting to know the other woman and would do so in a more enjoyable and wild way.

    Lilac also noted that they were about the same height with Leila only being a mere inch taller. Lilac also found this to be a good sign since their faces were always conveniently level. Lilac noted the taxi and again let Leila guide her into it, glad the other woman was also running wild with passion now so their game had been a close one. Lilac sat down hastily in the back seat and closed the door.

    Lilac smiled a sweet smile, fixing her hair briefly. her cheeks were a bit flushed and her eyes were glimmering int he low light. She soon felt Leila grip the back of her head and pull her in, knowing she was in for a kiss and probably not a gentle one. Good, Lilac wasn't one for gentle. Lilac felt as Leila took her fiercely by the mouth, tongue entering her mouth forcefully. Lilac returned the kiss and held the Leila's lower back right above her hip bones. Her tongue struggled to over come Leila's. Lilac accidentally released a small squeak of sorts into Leila's mouth when her ass was gripped tightly. That didn't stop her from kissing though. She did pull away just for a second, but soon her mouth was upon Leila's again. The taxi driver paid them no mind, used to this sort of behavior and more and trained to ignore it. It wasn't too hard though since he was tried and just wanted to get his pay and head home.
  20. Leila let out a low chuckle at Lilac's little squeak. She found it kind of adorable, but this woman wasn't the cutesy sort. Now that they were fully engaged with one another, she could tell that Lilac was a warrior. Her grip was strong and she returned the kiss with equal vigor. Leila hoped that she could keep it up, because the ones before her ended up being wallflowers in bed. But she didn't feel like she had to worry about that, considering that their tongues were currently in a war with no clear winner.

    After a few minutes the cab stopped, and Leila pulled away. She pulled another one hundred dollar bill from her pocket, telling the cab driver to keep the change. Why have money if you don't flaunt it a bit? Exiting the cab after Lilac, she nodded to the inconspicuous high rise apartment. "Home sweet home," she said, taking Lilac's hand again. Normally she wasn't one for little touches, but Lilac's hand was warm and strong and she still wanted her so badly.

    They were greeted by a doorman who nodded to Leila. She smiled politely, walking through the small but immaculately clean lobby with Lilac at her side. Sure, her 'civilian apartment' could have been incredibly fancy. She could afford it, really. But she preferred this place, still really nice, but didn't draw much attention. Considering her penchant for the shadows, Leila didn't care for flash and attention. Swiping a card at the elevator, it opened instantly. It carried them up without Leila pressing a button, depositing them in the foyer of her apartment.

    The place was fairly plain, decorated with dark furniture and Gothic art. A black cat snoozed on the kitchen counter, not even twitching an ear at their arrival. The large windows were covered with mesh covers, but the view of the city was pretty nice. But Leila wasn't about to give a tour. Instead she bent over and unlaced her boots, depositing them by the door. Trusting that Lilac would follow, she went to the bedroom. Another fairly plain room, but it was her favorite. The large king sized bed had a plush black comforter, and a crystal chandelier hung over the bed. Luckily she had it attached to a dimmer switch, turning it to the lowest setting. Tossing her leather coat to the floor, she hopped on to the bed, impatiently waiting for her new companion.
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