Fraternizing With The Enemy (Re-Born!)

Dia Thames

The Beast lingers just beneath the surface~
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(My Last Post Before you stopped writing!)

Theron gave a quick nod to the vampiress before disappearing into the tree's. He moved quickly through the forest, the beast inside him taking control but he rememberd...he rememberd this forest. He had hunted here when he was a child, first learning to hunt. It had been a very long time...he picked up the scents up the clan. They had just made a fresh human kill, it was fairly obvious. Theron came upwind of them and hid as he staked out the group. The leader, he assumed to be the man, the only man, feeding from the human in the middle of the camp.

Around him was his harem of wives. He scruched his nose in disgust and clenched his Jaw. Silently he moved in and behind one of the Vampires's grabbing her, placing a hand over her mouth, dragging her off to the shadows without being noticed by the others. Theron noted the fear in her eyes as she realized who he was. He leaned in and sunk his fangs into her neck until she had been drained of blood. With the stealth of the silent killer he was, snatched away the other two woman, feeding on them, draining them of all their life source. Soon all that was left was the man in the middle who had just finnished with his meal, wiping his lips and letting the body drop to the ground.

Theron dashed into the middle from behind him and elbowed him with incredible strength in the back. He collapsed to the ground in suprise. Theron picked him up by his long, dirty looking hair. A cold, cruel look came across his eyes as he pressed the man's body into the ground, pulling back on his head. After a few long moments there was a gut wrenching snap and he removed the mans head. Theron pulled a lighter from his pocket and lit the man's head on fire, dropping it on top of the other half of the body. It all lit and burned into ash before the krusnik continued on his way.

He sighed as he felt the liquid run through his veins and his silver eyes return, the beast returning dormant. All of a sudden he heard Kalia's voice, calling to him. He took off without thinking and ran for a awhile before coming across her and sweeping her into his arms and behind him, standing a defensive ground in front of the girl. Two other Krusniks stopped in their tracks, twenty feet in front of him. He could tell that they were from the Clan that lived here in the forest after being forced out of the city by Theron's father many years ago.

"Well, well, now if it isn't Cashe's Son...How is that traitor doing?"

Theron growled, spreading his midnight black wings out defensivly. "Be gone Axel, this Vampire belongs to us...!"

Axel scoffed and smirked. "It dons't look like she is going me it looks like you have made friends with this pretty little Vampiress."

Theron's eyes narrowed. "Be gone Axel!"

Axel chuckled, waving away his other companion.

"Fine...Just be aware young Theron...Daddy dosn't play nice with people who befriend vampires..."

With that he disappeared into the forest, his loud, evil laugh echoing. Theron sighed and bit his lip turning to Kalia, reaching out and gently grabbing one of her hands in his. He looked her in her beautiful eyes.

"It seems that there is going to be a rather complicated string of events to follow....Are you alright...?"

He listend to her as he pulled her along, once she finnished asking:

"Now...what was it you wanted to show me?"

He mustered a smile for her, tucking his wings against his back.

(Just in case you want a Reminder where we left off: )