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    This will be focusing on the universe created by Frank Herbert, but to be more specific of the general idea I want to focus on the Empire away from Arrakis, that doesn't mean it can't be included but I want to extend the culture of the Empire. This would be set sometime long before the Prelude books, I'm thinking 2,000 years before, so that we can create a concrete storyline without having to maneuver around already established details. Since Dune has religious and political driving plots expect the same here but probably not quite the same caliber.

    Regarding the sources, we may use to flesh out our characters and stories, I am open to any of the books, the RPG corebook, the Encyclopedia and so on. I doubt you'll need anything that's from the Prelude books and after since this will be before them. The most you will need to know is basic knowledge of the Butlerian Jihad, how the government and economy works, and knowledge on the different groups throughout the series, specifically ones we know are established at this point.

    For our characters, it's as you would expect. Your are open to realistic names, though I would assume you would have done that anyhow. Professions: you can be a noble to your own house, Bene Gesserit, Mentat, Fremen, Sardaukar, Swordmaster, Smuggler and just about any profession that is not lore breaking. There isn't really a race choice but consider your planet residence title your race. (e.g. Someone from Caladan would be a Caladanian) Note though that the Tleilaxu have a great difference in appearance compared to the rest of the human race.

    If you decide to be a noble of a house Minor or Major then I would suggest creating your own or using a less known house. I'm not banning the usage of houses like House Atreides or Harkonnen but I would like to see the different cultures that you create for your planet. You may create your own house sigil and choose your planet name. To address the difference of a house Minor and a house Major, don't quote me on this I would have to look this up once again, I believe a house Minor is a house that is in control of a planet but must answer to a house Major. Again not quite sure but house Majors (or a Great house) are allowed multiple planets and may appoint minor houses to oversee the planets that they are not housed on. Simply put, a house Major has great economic and political importance where a house Minor has little. House Corrino is off limits because it is the Imperial house.

    You might also want to be familiar with the technology. This could help when you create your own weapons, armor, or trinkets that might affect the aspects of war, trading, transportation and such.

    What I'm expecting from the people who join is not all that different. I'm not going to ban swearing but I would suggest only to use it when you fill it is most appropriate. For relationships, again I'm not going to ban anything past kissing but I suggest to have about as much detail as Frank Herbert or Brian Herbert has ever given in such situations, if you are not familiar with that I can provide examples. I dont expect to see many or really any younger members included in this but they may become interested in the thread, so I would like to keep it relatively clean.

    It would be helpful if you know quite a bit about Dune already but feel free to do research and if you have any questions send it my way and I might be able to answer it.

    If this can get enough attention we can discuss further details.
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  2. Oh my nostalgia, haven't read Dune in several years to see this thread. I'll place tentative interest here but I am not sure I can commit myself due to working on other things.
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  3. Dune looked very interesting to me. Only watched the movie, so I won't be able to play, since I'm sure the books are massive, and the fact that I don't have the books in the first place. Hope the Spice leads you to greatness in this RP.
  4. damn im only familiar with the movie
  5. To be honest, since the idea was to place it somewhere in between the 10,000 year span between the prelude and recent books, we would unlikely interfere with any storyline in the books, and that's more or less for myself so I'm not having to do a lot of on the side research. All you would really need to research is a bit on the different organizations and how the government and the economy works. A bit of reading on wikipedia should satisfy that, even though it's not always a reliable source its Dune coverage is accurate. The movie is an ok starting source. I wouldn't mind answering some questions but I usually find it best that people read the information for themselves, they usually gain a better grasp, though I dont mind pointing out sources.
  6. I am currently working on setting up my own Dune forum roleplay set in a semi alternate universe, but interested to also play here :)
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