Fragments of Dreams

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  1. Zachary McClemens

    "Will Zachary Mcclemens please report to the principal's office. Will Zachary McClemens please report to the principal's office. Thank you," the intercom sounded. The dark-haired teen looked up at the speaker on the ceiling with furrowed brows. Why the hell was he being called to the principal? He glanced over at his Chemistry teacher, who nodded to let him know it was alright to leave. He piled his books into his book bag and slung it over his shoulder, only zipping it halfway as he stood and walked out of the classroom.

    He walked downstairs and turned right to get to the office. He opened the glass door and looked curiously, seeing his mother. "Mom, what's goin' on," he asked, frowning. She never picked him up from school, especially not two ours before school let out.

    She didn't answer his question, but the dark-haired woman ushered him out of the office. "I've got to go on a business trip this weekend," she told him. "So we're going to have our lunch today, instead." They always had Saturday lunch out at a restaurant, or a home-cooked meal. Sort of a tradition they had to stay close to each other. She had dated a few guys, but none had stuck. She was a single mother and felt alone, and Zach was a little protective of her because of it.

    "Alright. Where are we going," he asked her as they left the building to head to her car that was parked out front. "I don't mind cooking, if we can get to the grocery store. He liked cooking, and was pleased when his mom liked his experimental recipes.

    "Let's head to the grocery store, then," she smiled at him as she got into the car. When both doors were closed, she pulled out and headed out of the parking lot. "So what concoction are you thinking up," she asked him with an amused twinkle in her eye.

    "I'm thinking... Something Australian, maybe," he said with a grin. He pulled out his phone and pulled up the browser to look up a recipe. "Yep, Australian," he said, nodding at his phone. He bookmarked the page of the recipe he chose and pocketed his phone.
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    Edrea has only been in the Mortal Plane for a total of 5 days and all she could say about it was that either they are innovative geniuses or just completely lazy. She entered the Plane with Molrim, her Guardian and Fenris, their Mortal Plane expert/enthusiast, also her tutor. So far they(Fenris) has been busy running around trying to prepare appropriate clothing (and these people did NOT know what was appropriate!) and preparing her for what they called a "high school".

    Apparently today was its first day and someone (Molrim) had read the schedule wrong and thought it was tomorrow. Most of the morning was spent by Molrim and Fenris bickering before they could even leave their current abode and the ride inside their "bloody-metallic-contraption" was also filled with more arguments. Edrea was usually the silent type. Always observing, passive, but never not knowing. She liked knowing. Specially when things happen like right now:

    There was a sense of a long confusion before momentum hit them. She almost choked on the car's seatbelt (which Fenris insisted for every single one of them to wear and he was right considering how Molrim drove) as the momentum of the car hitting another object caused her to jerk violently forward. Her face almost hit the back of the front seat. There was a panic and confusion. Definitely lot of confusion. She looked at Molrim and Fenris, neither one seems to be bleeding and both were already on their way out of the car, opening both doors to the backseat.

    "Your Majesty! Are you hurt?" Fenris has quickly removed her seat belt, Molrim right at the side helping her get down. She could see the panic in his eyes and she immediately tried to comfort both of them.

    "I'm alright, what happened?"

    They all looked at the front of the car.

    "Fenris, please see if the other party we have collided with is unhurt."

    "We've had a collision, I beg your forgiveness, Your Excellency." Molrim motioned to bow deep down with one knee up but Edrea immediately stopped him.

    "Remember that nobody can know that we have entered the Plane, Molrim. Address me as if I am your niece." Edrea turned back to Fenris, immediately, her face changed to that of concern and worry. She hoped the two passengers, who looked to be mother and son, in the other car were uninjured.
  3. Zachary McClemens

    Zach heard tires screeching before he heard a huge crunch, and didn't have enough time to brace himself before his mother and he were jerked forward by the car. Thankfully, they didn't hit the car in front of them, but the car did turn to block both lanes.

    "Zach! Zach, are you alright," she asked, panicked, as she unbuckled her seat belt to check on her son. Her brows were raised in worry and fear, her son was all she had and she couldn't lose him. Not before they went back to the Plane. "Zach, please answer me," she begged, tears forming in her eyes as she shook his shoulder.

    The young man's head had slammed against the side of the door and had cracked the glass, though it hadn't broken. He groaned, wincing and reaching his hand up to feel his head, and frowned at the little bit of blood on his hand. "I'm fine, Mom," he groaned, unbuckling his seatbelt and looked at her. "Aw, Mom, don't start crying. I'm fine, it's just a bump," he assured her and opened the car door. His mother exited on the other side and went to go check on the other car. She stared in shock as she recognized them, staring in awe and worry. Why were they here?

    Zach glanced over at his mom with furrowed brows before he turned his attention to the others. "You guys alright," he asked, glancing at his mom again, who had seemed to regain herself and walked towards them. He figured she was just in shock, so he didn't think anything of it. He turned his gaze back to them, a little angry that they'd hit them, but stayed silent without accusing them and demanding why they hadn't hit their brakes.
  4. Fenris nearly stammered when he recognized Miria. She probably went by a different name by now. He looked at the boy that was with her; so it must be him, the Lost Prince of the Shadowlands. Well that went faster than intended.

    "Uncle Peter?" They have decided disguising their names was a basic security necessity. Although it was the first time Edrea has ever called anybody an uncle. It came out clipped and forced, but she hoped no one had noticed. Fenris' sudden stupor alarmed her quite a bit. She then looked at the older woman. She was beautiful, her skin a shade of delicious caramel and her eyes reminded her of a burning fire nearing twilight.

    "Are you injured? Do you require to be taken to a health facility?" Edrea has gone forward, reaching for the woman who seemed to be rooted on her spot, very much akin to Fenris. She then noticed the boy with her; he was tall, lean but well-built. His complexion resembled that of his mother but otherwise... he looked rather misplaced. But she shouldn't be one to talk. She had snow-blonde hair and purple eyes. Her complexion's pale compared to that of a normal one. She's never seen her mother and father although she supposes she must've gotten her looks from one of them. But before she could ponder anymore she noticed the tiny trickle of blood on the side of his face.

    "Oh dear! Uncle Peter, please call that--that, emergency number! 911! He's bleeding!"
  5. Zach raised his eyebrow. That emergency number, like she'd forgotten it? She did talk a little different than other folks around here. She must be new to the area, he figured. "It's alright, don't call them," he held his hands up in a gesture to show he wasn't a thread. "It's fine. It's just a bump. It'll stop bleeding. Jeeze," he ran his fingers through his hair. "Freak out, much."

    "Can you drive your car, Mister... Peter," Miria asked Fenris, using the name the girl had given him, though she surely knew him under a different name. "We should get our cars out of the street," she nodded to the traffic building up quickly behind them. "We're in the way. We'll pull into the parking lot over there," she pointed over behind her son.

    Zach walked with his mom back to the car after giving the three of them another curious glance. Thankfully, the airbags hadn't been deployed, so the car was still drive-able. Once the cars were parked out of the way, he got back out of the car with his mom to discuss insurance, or so he assumed.

    "Do you have insurance on your car," Miria asked them once they were together again. She already had her insurance information out. She was just following regularities to keep up appearances. Really, she knew they would have to talk about why they'd left the Plane, but that would come later, in not-such-a-public place.
  6. "Right. Insurance." Fenris repeated it to himself as if telling his brain that he should know this stuff. "Car stuff. Right." He walked back into the car and reached over the glove box for the necessary paperwork of the car. He ran through several files before exclaiming: "Insurance! Aha! Here it is." He felt relieved yet uneasy. Edrea doesn't know yet that these were the people they were looking for.

    Edrea continued watching the boy. They remained a safe distance from them, afraid they might say something incorrect. She was worried about his bleeding and wanted so badly to heal him but that would mean revealing the truth that she was not from here. Molrim stayed by her side the whole time, keeping silent as he always does. Molrim was a huge man but he was fast and light on his feet. He was the best warrior they had.

    "Do you suppose I should still attend the second half of ... high school? It seems rather extreme, keeping kids the whole day in one place from morning until the afternoon."

    Molrim simply shrugged his shoulders. Edrea sighed. What would he know? The boy would probably know something though, but she feels that it's not really safe to ask as it would unnatural for a young adult in their world to not be knowledgeable about this stuff.
  7. Miria stayed close to Fenris to help him out, so it didn't look out of the ordinary with her son there. She kept her tones hushed so he wouldn't hear. "What are you doing here," she whispered, looking at him. "You've never left the Plane before." She eyed him with worried curiosity.

    Zach sat on the ground beside his mom's car, messing with his phone while the insurance was settled. He glanced up at Edrea. "You can stop worrying. I'm fine," he told her, wishing she'd stop staring at him like he was an alien. "You guys aren't from around here... are you," he asked, standing up and leaning against the car as he put his hands in his pockets. He was observant and curious about them. They definitely did not act normal compared to the people who lived in the area.
  8. "We need to talk privately. Let's drop the kids to.. uhm... school. And let's talk this over lunch. Molrim will stay close by. We've already set up the wards around the perimeter." Fenris saw the alarm in Miria's eyes. Her mind must be going a mile a minute. "We're not here to hurt your son, you know that." Fenris tried to calm her down. After all, he was one of the men who had risked their lives transporting her from the Shadowlands and then to the Mortality Gates. But she wasn't gonna like what he's going to say once they're in private either.

    Edrea suddenly stood straighter and walked towards him. She didn't know if he could hear their conversation. She watched his movements carefully, trying to figure out his true entity. There was no danger emanating from him yet somehow... there was definitely something. "No. We just... recently moved here." His head was seriously bothering her. Then she remembered something. "Wait here."

    She dug through her bag and retrieved a handkerchief. It was one of the many handkerchiefs that were a gift to her from the Dream-weavers. It was made with moonshine gossamer harvested from the Land of the Silvermoon. They wouldn't mind if she lent one to him. She placed a bit of healing incantation on it, not enough to heal it quickly, but just enough to make it stop bleeding.

    "Here," she offered the silver white handkerchief to him with a smile. Molrim shook his head. How she remains to kind-hearted yet so strong will forever be a mystery to him.
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    Miria nodded. "You're right. This needs to be private," she agreed. She was just worried, she saw a hint of grimness in his eyes, and she would not be looking forward to their conversation later.

    Zach blinked as the girl told him to wait. She looked about his age, maybe a year younger. Her hair and eyes were definitely different- there was no doubt that she stood out. He watched her walk away and glanced at the intimidating guy who still hadn't spoken a word. He looked more like a body guard than anything. He'd remember not to get in that guy's way. His gaze went back to her as she came back and blinked at the handkerchief. Who used these anymore? "Uh, thanks," he said. "But this is white. I wouldn't want to stain it," he said, taking it and looking at her curiously. He wouldn't want to ruin something of hers, not like that.
  10. Edrea stood there in confusion. Did he not like the color white? "Would you prefer it in a different shade?" She started thinking maybe it would've been better in a darker shade since his blood was red. She looked away, deep in her thoughts. Would it be strange if one carried a multitude of handkerchiefs? She turned to Molrim, maybe he'd have one of a darker color.

    "Uncle John, do you--" Before she could finish her question, Molrim has stepped towards Zach and said: "Just take the handkerchief, boy."

    Fenris looked up from his conversation with Miria and interrupted the other three. It's better that they get down to business at once. Time is essential.

    "Uhm, Jane, dear," Fenris interrupted, making Edrea look up, "We must get you to school. It appears we may have other matters to attend to regarding the car accident."
  11. Zach stared at her, one brow furrowed and the other raised. "No, I don't care what color it is, I just-"

    "Just take the handkerchief, boy." the big bodyguard-like guy said.

    "Alright, alright. I just didn't wanna stain it, that's all," he said, putting the fabric to his cut.

    "We should get you to school, too-" Miria began, but looked up at her son.

    "Mom... You just picked me up from school," he reminded her.

    "Oh! Yes, that's right. Uhm... Would you mind coming to our house? Zach was going to make lunch," she said, glancing over at her son, who shrugged. He didn't mind cooking for one or two more. Miria turned her gaze back to Fenris.

    Zach glanced over back at the girl. She looked about his age, so he assumed she might be in one of his classes. Wouldn't that be interesting... He'd have to have his mom teach him how to get blood out of fabric so he could give her handkerchief back to her.
  12. "I suppose they don't really teach anything essential in the first day of school, right?" Fenris nervously glanced at Edrea who was still unaware of the gravity of the situation. He'll have to brief her in the car. "You go ahead, we'll follow you."

    They were wary of getting back into the car. Molrim has certainly taken a different approach to driving.

    "Is it really alright for me to miss the first day of school? I thought we didn't have enough time for this. We needed to find him and this was supposed to be a part of our investigation. It won't take long for me to get those information about him from the institution." She noticed no one was looking at her. "Fenris?"

    "Your Majesty," Edrea looked at him and saw the seriousness in his eyes. "We've found him."
  13. "No, she's welcome to come as well," Miria told Fenris and risked a sidelong glance at her son. "Yes, bring her as well. Just follow us," she said and ushered her son into the car.

    "Mom, are you sure I shouldn't drive," he asked. "You're shaken up."

    "You might have a concussion - I'm not risking you driving," she told him sternly. He shrugged and got in the car, buckling his seat belt again and glancing down at the handkerchief. He reached up to feel his cut. It stung, but it had stopped bleeding. He looked at his non-bloody hand curiously. Head wounds bled much more than that, normally. He shrugged it off and looked over at his mom as the car was put into drive and she started towards the house. "How do you get blood out of fabric," he asked her.

    "Hm? Oh, cold water or ice usually works," she said. "You could use watered-down bleach, but that could ruin it. Why, sweetheart?"

    "That girl gave me her handkerchief. A white one. I didn't wanna stain it," he said.

    "I'm sure it'll be fine," she assured him. After about twenty minutes, they pulled into the driveway; she had kept looking back to make sure Fenris was still following her. She got out of the car and unlocked the door. "Go straighten up real fast," she murmured to her son, who did as he was asked. He folded the blankets and fluffed the pillows real fast before going into the kitchen to get glasses out for refreshments.

    "Please, come on in," Miria smiled at them. "Have a seat over there on the couch. Would you like something to drink?"
  14. After Fenris' revelation Edrea simply sunk back in her seat and bowed her head, praying to her father, the Great Sun and her mother, the Silver Moon to give her guidance and strength. She looked out, watching the human world pass before her. How wonderful would it be to live your life ignorant of the real ways of the worlds. It was a pity they had to drag an innocent child into a battle that's not only detrimental to the Seele Realm but also to their world, the Mortal Plane. If the Orian loses the stronghold on the Mortality Gates, they can simply storm in and do as they desire to the powerless humans. No prayers nor arms, not even their metals and destructive weapons will be able to protect them from the horrors that the Dawn-Treaders can unleash.

    When they arrived at the location Molrim separated from them to check the area for any signs of danger. Surely, Miria would be able to put up very powerful wards around their house which was the reason why they couldn't find their exact location. She's put a ward on her son and along with the stench of Mortality, it was always impossible to track them. It took them many days and nights before they were able to pinpoint a perimeter where they could start searching. Thankfully, the most fortunate accident fell upon them.

    Once Fenris and Edrea was inside the living room, Edrea looked at the photographs plastered all over the house. When she first saw them, it reminded her of the images she saw in her mind when she dreams. She thought of how wonderful it was to be able to steal moments and keep them forever.

    "Thank you, Miria. Tea would be sufficient. Is that the same for you, Jane?" Edrea looked up from her hunched over position and answered a quick yes before going back to staring at his images. There were some when he was very young and Edrea thought that he must've been the most beautiful baby boy to have ever been born in the Mortal Plane. The son of the Shadow King, the Lost Prince of the Shadowlands and the Fire-wielders; born to a world where he had no access, no knowledge of the power he possessed.

    Just then Molrim came in through the door, having been satisfied at adding just a bit more protective and concealment wards. "Would that be tea for you, too, Molrim?" He looked at Fenris and shook his head.

    "No, only coffee, please. I find that it is a rather outstanding beverage."
  15. Those are weird names, Zach thought to himself, but didn't voice his thought. "What kind of tea do you like," he asked the student-aged girl and her uncle, though they didn't look related at all. "We've got black tea, green tea, Earl Grey," he listed, looking through the cabinet.

    Miria mouthed "Green," to Fenris, to help him decide which tea he would like best. It was most like the tea back in the Plane. She got up to ready the coffee pot to help her son out. "Do we have enough food to go around," she asked him.

    "We've got plenty of spaghetti noodles," Zach said and opened the door of the fridge. "And plenty of sauce. How about it, guys? Spaghetti sound good," he asked, looking over at their gusts. Thankfully, it was also quick to make.

    Miria focused on making the coffee, her thoughts wandering to the Shadow King, her precious son's father. She did miss him dearly. She hoped Fenris' news did not include her dear husband's death. She bit her lip to fight the tears that began to prickle at her eyes, and was able to will them away, thankfully.
  16. "Green, please." Fenris mouthed a 'thank you' to Miria.

    Edrea stared at Fenris. Hopefully the boy did not notice that she called Molrim Uncle John awhile ago.

    "Can I be of assistance?" Edrea asked the boy. The adults would need to discuss matters privately. She could keep the boy busy in the kitchen while they convene in the living room.

    "Jane, you don't know how to cook." Fenris was quick to point this out to her. It was true. She didn't even know where the kitchens were at the Orian.

    "Maybe I could start learning now." She smiled at the boy, hoping he'd let her.
  17. Zach figured Molrim could have been a last name, or strange nickname. He didn't really think anything of it, he was more focused on making sure their guests had what they wanted. He looked over at Edrea as she asked if she could help. "If you really want to, sure. Spaghetti is really easy to make." He got out the boxes of noodles and a pot to boil water in. "Since we're feeding five people, I'm gonna make more than I probably should." He set six boxes of noodles down on the counter. "Now we need to fill the pot with water. About halfway should be fine," he said, putting the pot in the sink and turning the water on. "We'll boil the water and then put the noodles in. Once those are cooked, we'll heat up the sauce and serve it. Very easy," he smiled at her.

    Miria smiled in encouragement at her son and turned her gaze back to Fenris, anxious to hear the news from the Plane.
  18. She smiled back at him, strangely fascinated. His eyes were as black as the darkest shadows of midnight and yet they shone in a way that reminded her of the sun's hottest fire. She wondered if he knew of his great father, the Shadow King. She looked out at the adults convening, she could barely see or hear them but by the looks of things, Fenris is going to start dropping the wildfire bombs. She'll have to make sure the boy doesn't hear any of it before he was ready.
    She watched the pot get filled with water. "By the way, I'm Jane. what is your name?"

    Fenris motioned for Miria to sit close next to him. He took a nervous sip of his tea, cleared his throat and held her hands, as if bracing her for an impact.
    "Princess Amber," Fenris addressed her with her real title, her real name. It hasn't been spoken in so long. "The Dawn Treaders has begun their war. The Shadowlands has fallen."
  19. "Oh, sorry. I'm Zach," he offered his hand to shake hers. "Nice to meet you, welcome to the area. And all that," he smiled a genuine friendly smile. "I'm assuming you go to East High," he guessed, that was his school. "Do you know what classes you have?"

    Miria moved so she was sitting close to him, and held onto his hand like a lifeline as he dropped the bomb on her, as it were. She couldn't speak for several moments, and she was thankful that her son was preoccupied so he wouldn't be able to see her like this. She cleared her throat so she could get past the thickness in it. She knew she'd have to tell Zach and go back to the Plane with him. "He doesn't know anything," she murmured. "But he already has his proof. He would play with shadows when he was little. Humans don't see things like that. I had to tell him that they weren't really there, that they were figments of his imagination. He is the Shadow Prince, and part of him knows it. I just hope he won't be angry and run off."

    Zach still saw the shadows he used to play with when he was little. When he was alone in his room, he'd watch them. He didn't dare do this in public; people would think he was crazy for seeing things. He was hesitant to touch them again, as he didn't know what they were, or if his mom would be able to help him if they were harmful, but he would talk to them sometimes when he had the house to himself.
  20. Zach has started on the spaghetti and she has copied him unpacking them from the boxes. She watched from the side what he was doing, she didn't want to give him any more reason to think that she did not know what she was doing. "I was supposed to pick it up today. But seeing as I'm not there..." She chuckled. It felt like the times she would run away from her classes with Fenris.

    "Princess Amber, we have come here to ask for your help. We need you and your son. I'm afraid the Shadow King... could no longer help us." Fenris kept his head bowed. The King has fallen only a few weeks after the Fire-Bringer Princess and their unborn son was taken to the Mortal Plane.