Fractured Fairytales Interest Check

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Lunatic AI

Original poster
Snow White was a man!? Cinderella was a political assassin!? Rose Red was the Tentical Monster!? (<-DIBBS!) Rapunzel ran away with the dragon!?

Ok, so I cannot count the number of rp forums I have seen this sort of idea on, but I thught it might appeal to some of the more perverse (perverse, not necessarily perverted... but then again...) senses of humor here. If it hasn't been done here already...

I'm still toying with some plot ideas, anyone interested feel free to toss some ideas out. its still in the brainstorming phase. I'm considering a mashup, with some big underlying conspiracy (you know me and my conspiracy lust...) it will be a parody fantasy, but with a serious plot.

Who feels like porkin' some bedtime stories?
I'm a retail zombie at the moment, so all I can say is, interested.
definatley interested and i can rope in a least one more person

*disappears carrying rope and duck tape.*
....Colie and King Weveal would fit in well here.
I will get right on hammering up a plot skeleton...