Fractured Chain

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  1. The town was quite busy tonight. Lights dawned ever street and welcomed any visitors who laid their eyes upon it. The colors that flashed along the marvelous town were something to dwell over and cherish. Most of the inhabitants were happy citizens, looking to purchase sustenance and various treats for their everyday life. Despite the onslaught of rain which had been falling upon them, they went about life as usual, minus the dodging of heavy pellets of water and hanging umbrellas over their heads.
    In the outskirts of town, life wasn't so pleasant-looking with the added component of rain. Overpasses were littered in graffiti, wire fences guarded every dirt-patched lawn,either to keep away stray dogs or stop some rugged invader from raiding their valuables while they were away. Streets were cracked and littered with trash that uncaring visitors had tossed onto the ground. Any upper class citizen would have sneered at the sight of such a place. The world had to drive through this slum in order to get to the larger parts of the city, however, so even though it looked so abhorrent, meeting with the area was inevitable.
    In such a dark place, there was but one black and white speck in the visage. A rather small, fail looking and pale shape, wrapped in a white sheet as if it was all she could have grabbed to wear upon departure from wherever she came from. She had long, rain-soaked and slate black hair, which draped about the whiteness of her form like a weed. Her eyes looked so empty; they were a blue that neared so closely to white that the iris almost didn't exist at all, focused solely upon the sidewalk in front of her, as though she hadn't a clue where she was. Truth is, she really didn't have the slightest idea. She hardly remembered who she was,let alone where she was going, and the only thing she could think of at the moment was how cold she was. She did wonder a few things, however, like the source of the multiple, runny red stains she had found along the sheet, along with on her own pale skin. Her wrists also bore odd red marking, as she noticed, which resembled that of one a chain would make when wrapped too tightly around something.
    As odd as these things seemed, she didn't think a lot of them. For some reason she felt them to be something normal, as if in whatever past she had, it was a common occurrence. All she could focus on in her hazy state of mind was an intense chill, and the pain of an exhaustion resulting from constant travels on bare feet in freezing temperatures. Even her gait had become somewhat crooked with the effort it took to take each step,yet she refused to stop. Something in her said she had to keep going. She had to get away from whatever it was she was running from, even though she wasn't sure of what it was.

    -Art done by me.-
  2. -He ran through the streets a lowly thief .hot on his heels the police dogs got closer. gasping for breath as he rounded the corner. he had been hired to get somethin after all he was the best known cutpurse in the city."Son of a.." he kept running he had been set up by his"friends". he replayed the whole scenario in his mind. everything went smoothly till he opened the window and jumped out on the fire escape. he had the jewels ,the goldcoins and some strange lookin medallion. he never asked was known through the underworld he could steal anything.him Ghost thats what they called him with just cause and now he was being pursued. the price on his head from the authorities as well as the local mobsters. he managed to laugh seeing an alleyway wherein he could escape. once in the dark of the towering buildings he leapt from one wall to the next then proceeded through a now open window. he tumbled on the floor and climbed down on the other side.the hounds had lost him .in his moment of triumph he stopped seeing the person in the sheet.his head dashed back and forth he had thought her a cop at first but the more he observed he could tell she was scared.he remained hidden in the shadows. feeling his heartbeat slow and letting the adrenaline run its course.he reached into his pocket feeling the jewelery and the coins. He was all of 6 ft tall his clothing was all black his hair tucked into the back of his shirt except a white strand. crouching he reached into the mocassins and felt his stiletto ready to fight if he needed to.
  3. She hadn't been able to hear anyone nearby in this state of exhaustion, and found that the world had become quiet. Her body was finally shutting itself down in protest of the continuous travel. She felt herself stumble more frequently, and seemed to forget how to walk properly. Her vision had become blurry also, and she could no longer make out the details of the world around her, yet she continued to push herself. The rain battered her cruelly in her effort, soaking her as if to relinquish all hope of being saved. It's so cold here. W​hy is it so cold? Her feet, blistered from the cement, suddenly decided enough was enough, and with the consent of the exhausted legs and the rest of her body, they would no longer move. She appeared to try and take one more step, but failed completely. She fell to the sidewalk, draped helplessly by that white sheet, and could move no more. She wasn't dead, but soon found herself deeply unconcious.
  4. -at a moral crossroads he watched as the form fell down ,what the hell was she doin in this neighborhood he had no friggin idea.he had successfully ditched the cops.he had his treasure.but he couldn help feeling bad for the girl that fell.double checking his surroundings he made his way over to the girl .pressing his boot to her ribcage"hey you ok?" thats when he seen the blood marks."what the fu.." he mouthed .kneeling he then pressed his fingers to the side of her neck feeling a weak pulse."shit"he knew she needed medical attention but he was not about to take her himself half the city was lookin for him. but he could at least get her to safety he swept her up in his arms and carried her off deeper in the the slums where he had his own place of safety.he pressed on a brick wall and the illusion shifted for a moment. to an onlooker it looked like he just walked through a wall he layed her down on the rather lavish couch. he had expensive taste. leaving the room he started a hot bath. after waiting a few minutes he pulled the sheet off her .if she was naked he paid no attention setting her gently in the warm water.this would at least help with the hypothermia that may have already started. after placing her in the water he sat back on the toilet seat and waited. he would have to lay low for a while..
  5. She felt warm suddenly. Maybe she was dying. Although she had figured death would be more cold that this. She still couldn't move, but she felt herself being pulled back into consciousness, nonetheless. Her eyes fluttered open slightly, and she glanced around the room, finding that she had been set into a warm bath. She hadn't the strength to move her head or form actual words, but she was able to mouth the question of, "Where am I?"
  6. Ghost had left the bathroom for a moment,he checked his security systems though he really didn need to no one knew of this place and when he had things delivered they were delivered and left at the door of the empty apartment upstairs. this sanctuary had no windows but the place was decorated like a kings palace.everything was quite expensive,but again he had a flare for the fancy. she sat in a black marble tub sterling silver rails around ,several different shampoos and different oils ,green bath towels hung from different spots. having walked in as she woke up."Your alive?" maybe she wouldn need a hospital after all he sighed with relief.reading her lips"Your safe " he leaned against the back wall of the bathroom. waiting to make sure she could move on her own. -
  7. She weakly turned her head, just enough that she could see the boy out of the corner of her eye. She hadn't had the strength yet, to pay attention to the fact someone was there before, and was for some reason somewhat surprised by this. She didn't recognize him; not even a hint of 'Dejavu' hit her upon seeing him, but she somehow found the strength to at least whisper some words. "..Are you the one I was running from..?" Though she doubted this, she felt it would be as unfortunate a situation as she could possibly have gotten into if he was whoever this person was. She couldn't move well enough to fight off anyone, and if it was someone truly powerful, she'd be dead in an instant.
  8. -seeing she could move and she spoke about someone chasing her "Chasing you?" he shrugged his shoulders."Nah lady am a better runner than chaser". lifting his hand "there's some towels and a robe hangin up there when your done." closing the door quietly "Take your time. hot water on the left and cold on the right."he walked out into the living room.he knew all the hookers and pimps in the area and she did not look like any of them. Just what in the hell was this girl doin down here. he had a few questions but he would wait till the lady had more strength. making his way to the kitchen he turned on the Mr. coffee. as it started perculating he threw some pop tarts in the toaster.he had never learned to cook ,usually he would go down to"the hole",the local home cooked restaurant, maybe some day..though his kitchen was immaculate granite counters and about 30 different utensils a couple of stoves he figured she would be hungry. Poptarts and some random canned stuff and the "getter by" of ramen noodle maybe some milk that would be sour by now was all he had .the dust made more use of the kitchen than he did. he sat at the island in the middle of the kitchen he spun the coffee cup around waiting on both the coffee and the girl..