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    Our creators turned their backs on us. Though the ancient legends claim that They have created our realm, They have become nothing but heralds of destruction. Wherever Their children show up, They are said to bring with them countless calamities that tear continents asunder before unleashing countless blights upon our lands. They have destroyed the world that They supposedly created. We have built Vatialyn from the ashes of our creators' war.

    But unrest is stirring across our realm. And soon, it may engulf us.

    Fracture is a high fantasy, multiverse-welcoming roleplay that is set in the post-apocalyptic realm of Vatialyn, where the effects of the First Cataclysm, a disaster that wreaked destruction and chaos across the realm, shaped how it's citizens see it today. If you are interested in extensive lore, interesting locations, interesting characters and an exciting storyline, then make sure to join us.

    I'm looking for up to four players who can be fairly active during the roleplay, as time limits on posting will be relaxed, in order to allow people to write to their full potential.

    [OBLIGATORY FRIEND TAG: @Dawn @Rook @Aerylei @Tribs]

    Let me know your interest down below!​
  2. Moooore. Tell me moooore, Precious.
  3. Welcome to the fold!
  4. Is this more of an angel/demon fantasy, or Dark Souls type, or Dragon Age deal, or LOTR elves and orcs?
  5. I'm so in on this! xD
  6. Mayyy be interested. [:
  7. Teasingly interesting.
  8. @Teamug It's more like LOTR. But you'll find out more when the OOC goes up. ;)
    @kimsim12 OOC will be up soon. PREPARE YOURSELF.
    @catalyst Are you willing to check out the OOC? Since I've got more interest in a night than I thought I would, OOC will go up today.
    @Lysander OOC is gonna go up today. JOIN US.
    @Aerylei You joining us, duder? ^^ OOC is going up today.
  9. Okay, thanks for answering. Good luck and have fun!
  10. I'll have to wait and see. There's a lot already on my plate, as you know, and a lot I need to catch up on before I venture into new things. I'll still take a look at it, though, and give it some thought.
  11. @Teamug @kimsim12 @catalyst @Lysander Sorry for not getting things up sooner, I'm just wondering if you guys are still interested! I'll be trying super hard to get the OOC out as soon as possible.
  12. No, thanks. Lotr fantasy isn't my thing. :)
  13. I'm still interested. :)
  14. Interested!
  15. Oooooh.

    Count me in.

    I'm going to be a bit busy for the next week though, so my character might appear once the RP's already in progress. Depending on the plot of the RP, maybe my character could be someone the rest of the cast is chasing after, seeing naught of him but what he leaves in his wake?

    I'm pretty cool with this, especially if it means I can play an antagonist.
  16. Hey, hope it isn't too late to state my interest. c:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.