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  1. Greetings, folks, below you'll find all the information you need to become fully informed about the world of Vatialyn, where this roleplay takes place, in addition to being able to make your own character for it. Make sure to read it carefully!

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      The gods of Glacium, Hearth, Blossom and Cascadia.

      Glacium, Hearth, Blossom and Cascadia. The seasons of Vatialyn. Each seasonn grants power to an Ancient, one of Vatialyn's newer gods.

      In Glacium, Rembrandt, the God of Peace and Honour rules supreme. Fair and brutally honest, Rembrandt is not afraid to speak his mind, although others who disagree often feel like they do not want to vocally clash with him.

      In Hearth, Varael, Goddess of Victory, Conquerors and Fire takes the reins. A fiery, feisty woman, she has no time for weakness and will crush those she deems weak under her boots.

      In Blossom, Alyssia, Goddess of Nature, Growth and Prosperity spreads life across the land, as animals are born, and plants grown anew.

      In Cascadia, Orion, God of Dust, Sand and Transformation helps the land recover from it's sins, as the dust and sand hides it's dark histories.

      However, none of the Ancients have seen or heard of Orion in a long time. Some say he disappeared into a sandstorm, never to be seen again.


      The other gods of Vatialyn.

      Although the seasons take a special mention in the minds of Vatialyn's citizens, that does not mean the other Ancients within Vatialyn's pantheon are any less important.

      Marina: Goddess of the Oceans, Rivers and Thunder. A flirtatious being, she often appears to sailors who have wronged the oceans, by committing crimes like overfishing, or polluting the waters, and dragging them into the depths, never to be seen again. She is a proud woman, capable of defending herself.

      Cipher: God of Mysteries, Codes and Riddles. A being that is almost completely incomprehensible by nature, he speaks only in the godly language, known as Æthrïtańä, the Exalted Tongue.

      Shadri and Lumia: Goddesses of Duality, Truth, Lies, Debauchery, Chastity, Light and Shadows. Twin sisters who are forever bickering, Shadri and Lumia represent the two sides of the metaphorical coin. Light, Darkness. Chastity, Debauchery, Truth and Lies. If one wins an argument, it can often end badly for those nearby.

      Nesmerene: Goddess of Deceit, Treasure, Bartering and Memories. A secretive deity by nature, Nesmerene has an oddly alluring presence, often seen in markets, paying almost nothing to the traders she deals with. With golden eyes, she is a dangerous presence.

      Lupa: Godess of Wolves, Bravery, Teamwork and The Pack. Often assuming the form of a wolf, she travels with a pack of spectral wolf spirits at night, and can often be heard for miles around, howling at the moon. She cares for others, and tries to instill bravery and teamwork into kind, lone mortals that she meets.


      Dangerous anomalies.

      They appeared after the first Cataclysm. Warping, shifting, humming masses of matter that mortals could pass right through, but often never enter. Glassy and green to the eye, they were strange, anomalous to Vatialyn's environment. Those who passed by them often heard a thrum in their ears, deep, repetitive and gnawing. Those who passed by them often ended up temporarily deaf, having gazed directly at the rift's glowing mass and it's deep thrum.

      But these anomalies were not just that, anomalous. They occurred because of the realms. Due to the First Cataclysm, even the realms themselves were unstable, according to the highest appointed mages and clergymen. The Precursors had left a dying realm in their wake. But the fractures themselves were not silent for long. What was once a glassy oddity arced bolts of green lightning across their surroundings, and They came. Horrifying creatures, wanting nothing more than to feed on flesh and bone.

      With curses, come blessings, however. With one realm disrupted, so to was a multiverse of others, and many strangers have stepped into Vatialyn in recent years, many more combatting the threat of the Räshákh, the beings also known as They.

      But there is something in these Fractures. Something that could be described as...pulling the strings of the realm. Something...dangerous. Soon, it may fracture Vatialyn itself.


      For those with higher purpose.

      When the Fractures first appeared, the air was filled with crackling energy that ignited the souls of those who were fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to be beside them when they erupted from nothingness. Their souls were invigorated, given abilities beyond mortal understanding. Over time, groups known as Schola have been formed with different creeds, to ensure the wellbeing of Vatialyn, as well as allowing the pursuit of greater knowledge for it's students.

      The various Schola include:

      Ambion: This schola believe the best defense against the wiles of evil magi is to simply carve out their ability to use magic. The Ambion schola believe that magic should be a bound and protected art, and imprint all their students with a subjugation spell in the form of a brand on their chests, that ensures that they may never kill another with magic.

      Dispara: This schola has been shunned and cast away by all other schola in the realm. Dispara is a schola that focuses on the magic contained within the dead. Necromancers are born from this schola, able to ressurect the dead, but also give more life to the living.

      Kashi: The Kashi schola believe that uniting oneself with the elements around them can lead them to a higher existence, to enlightenment. These magi are skilled in the arts of manipulating elements such as fire, water, earth and wind. However, there have been cases where aberrant magi have become skilled in manipulating elements such as lava and lightning.

      Jivana: The Jivana schola believe that life is to be protected, whether it be mortal, plant or animal. To that extent, they are the most peace-loving of all of Vatialyn's schola, and will therefore cast out those who harm others, branding them as "Apa'ra", or "those who sin", so other Jivana magi, and indeed, all magi, know these individuals are dangerous.


      For those with higher purpose.

      All magi use Foci, crystals and pendants that allow them to focus the well of magical energy within them. These Foci are used mainly by novice magi, however as they grow in skill and wisdom, the Foci becomes more a symbol of achievement and a reminder of success, rather than a necessary tool for conjuration. However, in regards to the material realm, different materials are able to attract different wavelengths and elements of magical energy.

      Using Foci

      When magi use foci, their whole inner being awakens, as too does their true potential. Foci enable magi to create arcs of dancing flame, to bring men back from near death, and even throw lightning itself. However, using Foci comes with a price. With focus comes consequence, and injury can often occur to those overusing their magic. Jivana mages often return from medical tents with gashes and bruises like their patients, and Kashi Fire Mages often fall unconscious from oxygen deprivation. Mages know their limits because of this, and are careful not to overuse their magic.

      Foci Materials:
      Foci are conduits for the magic power of a standard schola magi, and are most usually some form of gemstone. For example, the gemstone known as Baronite, found most often in the caves of Erimere, is a key Foci in the conjuration and manipulation of fire. However, that of the gem known as Whinspar is most often used as a Foci for Jivana mages, whilst the Gantrichite gemstone is a common Foci for those of the Dispara schola. Finally, the Keinelian gemstone is most often used by that of the Ambion schola magi, as well as architects in building anti-magic defenses in fortresses and castles.


      Coming in all shapes and sizes.

      Vatialyn's denizens are varied, in shape, size and breed. Spread across the shattered realm, they have developed many cultural practices, unique to their individual races, that have shaped how mortals see their realm in this present age. Humans are the most dominant species in Vatialyn, in regards to geographical spread. Born pioneers, inventors and leaders, humans are naturally gifted in speechcraft.

      However, in the depths of the ocean lay another of Vatialyn's species, the Achroma. Beings that resemble fish and amphibians, the Achroma are protective of their homeland, often seen walking on land to maim and kill sailors who over-fish in their territories.

      There are others that are shunned with Vatialyn, that of the Iren. Beastfolk who are varied in species, from foxes, to bears and wolves, the Iren are shunned by humans because of their inherent lesser intelligence, compared to their more evolved human relatives. To this extent, the Iren believe in clan unity, and will often only trust humans and other races who have proved themselves to the individual clans of the Iren subraces.

      In addition, there is a race that are more exclusive than that of the Iren, known as the Äraka. Tatooed women of various skin colours (such as primary colours), the Äraka believe in trial by combat as a method of proving your worth. Men are seen as objects to be used in Ärakan culture, but can be trusted eventually if they show they are worthy.

      Finally, there is an ancient race within Vatialyn, said to be the essence of the precursor known as Set. That is, the race known as the Set'ra, a race of plant beings who wish for nature to flourish in such a divided world as Vatialyn. They believe industry is destroying the natural world, so culturally do not use or like metals or machinery.

    • General Character Information
      Name: What is your character called?
      Age: What age (actual or apparent) are they?
      Gender: What is their gender? Male? Female? Androgynous?
      Race: What race do they belong to?
      Personality: What is your character like? What are they afraid of? What do they enjoy? How do they act around others?
      Short Backstory: What is their backstory? (Don't give everything away, as surprises are the best plot points)
      Homeland: Where do they live? Did they live in a realm outside of Vatialyn, but traveled through a Fracture into Vatialyn?

      Character Class
      Class Archetypes: Can your character be classed as a Warrior, Magi or Thief? Is it a mixture of two?
      Class Name: What is your character's class? Is it a hybrid of class archetypes?
      Possible Examples; Spellblade, Barbarian, Bandit.
      Class Skills: What is your class good at, specifically? Can they wield two heavy weapons at once? Wield magic and
      weaponry at the same time?

      Class Magic


      Magic: Does your class have access to magic in and out of combat?
      Schola: What schola of magic does your character have access to?
      Foci Appearance: If your class has access to magic, what is the appearance of their foci? Is it a necklace? A gauntlet?

    • 1] No person lived or stepped into a Fracture in living memory of the First Cataclysm. If you wish for your character to be born during this time, you will need to PM me a thorough explanation as to why this might be, otherwise you will be asked to fix your character until it can be accepted.

      2] If you wish to play a demigod child of any of the canonical deities, you will have to submit me a character application in a PM, but be prepared that it will be less likely to be accepted unless it is done exceptionally.

      3] Multiverse characters with abilities that could destroy a small town will need to be powered down, as magic is a rare commodity, and requires years of training and immense willpower in order to use it, even at an intermediate level.

      4] No one is allowed to play the child of a Precursor. According to the timeline, all Precursors were annihilated during the First Cataclysm, all parts of them that survived were reborn as the Ancients that are alive in Vatialyn today.

      5] Any weapon that can be classed as godly in its level of magical power is forbidden, so that everyone starts off on a level playing field.

      6]Overusing magic comes with consequences which will be determined in-game by myself, the GM.

      Now that all the mean lore-retaining rules are out of the way, here's some typical Iwaku T&C rules to digest.

      -Don't be a dick. Anyone caught treating other players badly, whether it be ridiculing them or making them feel unwanted, will be removed from the RP and reported to staff.

      -No godmodding or power gaming. Characters should be played to their skill level. Anyone caught godmodding will receive a warning. Three warnings and you will be removed from this roleplay.

      -Make sure to follow all the other Iwaku site rules, such as no NSFW images and no sex scenes between age groups.

      If you have read these rules, please insert "Vatialyn will fracture no more." into the bottom of your application.

    • Multiverse Characters:
      [0/2 ACCEPTED]
      - Tae Xi
      Vatialyn-Native Characters:
      [0/3 ACCEPTED]
      - Shialaevar Stormwarrior
      - Cosimo Zangiber

    In addition, if you need to chat with me, hit me up on my skype (arcadia_lumina), in PMs, or else, make sure to follow this link to my Discord server if you haven't already, where we have a Fracture-specific text chat room for all your questions and other roleplay related banter!

    I look forward to seeing your applications by the 21st of August. Good luck!

    @kimsim12 @Rainjay @Eon @Daices @catalyst @Aerylei @Rook @Steel Hyaena
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  2. General Character Information

    Name: Shialaevar Stormwarrior
    Age: 34
    Gender: Female
    Race: Äraka
    Personality: Based solely on appearances, Shialaevar is a quiet person, if not classifiable as a mute, and is bitter and cynical to the point that some call her presence intolerable. She listens to orders and is rather efficient, though this sometimes only contributes to her outwardly cold demeanor. And like her mother, she is bold and particularly fearless in the face of danger. But her tendency to isolate herself and appear stoic is the result of the emotional wall she's built around herself, and to those who know her, she's a duty and honor driven person that only wishes to do good and to live up to the bar her mother set for her. She has a strong moral compass though it is hard for her to defect from her extreme loyalty, and is incredibly defensive. And somewhere deep down, she really does care.

    Short Backstory: Shialaevar was born to Arand'i'a, who at the time was a high ranking woman in their Äraka clan in Erimere and a member of a vastly connected family throughout the clan itself. A few months after Shialaevar's was born, the current Arai-si'i was killed. Her name was Shiandi, and she died fighting off a foreign monster that emerged through a fracture not too distanced from their home settlement. Arand'i'a succeeded Shiandi in leading their clan, and held the position for several years, through the birth of her second daughter, Ariadne. Her reign was surprisingly conflicted, the clan at war with itself and upset with the direction the Ärakan heirarchy was going.

    Now as an adult, she can only remember her father in fleeting memories--a smiling, but faceless figure bathed in golden light, the familiar warmth in her parents arms, shining iridescent eyes--and only knows that he vanished shortly before the coup that claimed her mother's life, a year and a half after Ariadne came into the world. With their mother gone, the fate of the two girls was up in the air. For reasons unbeknownst to Shialaevar and her infant sister, nobody wanted to take them in, except for a single, older woman of the tribe, a skilled healer who nursed the younger of the siblings back to health and raised the two as her own. Over the years, things in the clan slowly began to settle down, although the two girls still received the odd look wherever they went.

    Shialaevar began training as a huntress, without a doubt in her mind that it was the path she wanted to take. She knew her mother had been a great warrior, and although she didn't know what her mother had done wrong to deserve her death, she acknowledged that she had great shoes to fill, and mistakes to atone for. The girl trained harder than anybody, pushing herself past her limits to unsafe extremes in her desperation to earn the forgiveness of the clan for things she never did wrong. Despite her efforts, she still remained isolated, eventually developing a silent demeanor, as though trying to become invisible even though she couldn't hide. Ariadne saw this as she grew older, and decided to stay at home with their foster mother and trained as an apothecary, primarily so that she could stay away from the public scrutiny.

    Later in her training she began to develop magic, and later became a part of the Kashi schola, joining the group of her own accord. With the magical scholars, she trained her magical skills, growing more confident in her abilities and prouder of her accomplishments. It was with a skilled combination of her magic and physical skills that she slayed her first beast, a small and still young dragon that emerged from the volcano near their home settlement. She had left with a small group of women, a few elder huntresses and a handful of younger girls, to investigate the cause of recent animal deaths and the destruction of the environment outside the bounds of their clan's land. After tracking down the dragon, the women engaged in a lengthy battle against the beast that killed two of their own, before Shialaevar made the killing blow. Back at their settlement, many women in the party fought against her claim to the kill and her Urun-Ai, stating that she had lied about the accomplishment, or that she had beaten down the other girls to stake the kill. But the marks of magic on the body of the beast were her proof, and she finally received the tattoos that she felt stated her worth.

    But even for the years after, she failed to win the respect of many of the other women, and men, in the clan. And so she turned her eyes to pursuing answers, trying to discover what her mother did that was so bad she deserved to get killed.

    Homeland: Erimere, in the plains near Varaem

    Character Class

    Class Archetypes: Fighter, Mage, Thief -- Damage dealer
    Class Name: Spellblade
    Class Skills: Gifted with magic and trained in physical combat, the spellblade is skilled in fighting simultaneously with a variety of weapons as well as magic. With practice with one's magic, one might even be able to enchant their weapons or otherwise apply magic to a blade, resulting in a flaming sword or an exploding arrow tip. There is a focus on finding unity between steel and energy.

    Class Magic

    Magic: Yes
    Schola: Kashi
    Foci Appearance: A series of jingling, thin, silver bangles that line her left forearm. Each bears a collection of gems; four of the bangles hold a larger gem of blue, red, white and brown colors, representing the four primary elements and are detailed with script in the Ärakan language. The rest of the bangles are decorated with gemstones and minerals of various colors, with multiple small gems patterned into each bangle. These gems represent the combinations of elements, and unlike the four primary stones, are cracked and imperfect; they've been collected from discarded foci and unearthed from the ground itself by the bearer.

    Vatialyn will fracture no more.
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  3. @Rainjay, go ahead! Just let me know when it's finished.
  4. @Arcadia Do you think my Paladin or my were-megalodon would fit in? Both are sort of powerful. I have bios up for both of them in my characters listing.
  5. If they're coming through the Fracture, they'd be much weaker, so all characters start off equal. The megalodon could simply be a megalodon subspecies of the Achroma, if you want him to be a Vatialyn character rather than an out of realm character. You'd just need a good explanation as to why either would be in Vatialyn, or where they were brought up, if you're going the citizen route.
  6. So could the Fracture actually let something like Jalanoth through? And is there any chance of him just being nerfed down but gradually regaining his abilites over time? I love this idea, but I hate playing permanently-nerfed characters.
  7. It'd depend on how powerful he is. If he can destroy a small town with ease, it'd be a perma-nerf simply to stop characters from being overpowered. A Fracture is basically a extremely malleable tear in space. If a large object goes through it, it'll simply expand to accommodate for the object. I hope that answers your question.
  8. I think I'll pass on this one. I can't deal with a low level campaign, and I am not okay with permanerfing. As his 14' Carcharos form, technically, he could destroy a village. However, this is a Knight. He has a code of honor and wouldn't do that. The only way this character would do any form of mass destruction is if he were hemmed in by a large number of attackers, and even then, he'd try to make for water before he'd dish out mass casualties.
  9. Characters will get more powerful as time goes on, they just won't start with the power to destroy villages with ease. I meant nerf rather than permanerf (you'll have to excuse the fact I'm writing this at midnight my time.) Every character will be big and powerful eventually, it's just they'll start somewhat mediocre first so everyone's on equal footing.
  10. Okay, I get that. The only actual advantages I could see him having right off would be sheer size and strength. Even in human form, dude is 6'10" and won't exactly blend in. Would it be possible that he'd remember what he can do and be striving to regain that? I'm fine with having him stuck in human form for a while once he gets there. He actually doesn't have magic of his own save for being able to shapeshift, and his largest form is restricted to very deep water.
  11. Show Spoiler

    General Character Information
    Tai "Tae" Xi
    Age: 27
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Personality: What is your character like? What are they afraid of? What do they enjoy? How do they act around others?
    Tae is a classic case of "actions over words"; terse and often quite sullen(not to mention quite fond of brooding), her oddly sensitive nature makes her prone to long bouts of annoyance and she's just prickly and stern enough to come off as quite unsavoury and a bit self-righteous. Her air of pretentiousness is unfortunately aided by a need to work for "the greater good"; slightly naive, she sees and believes everything as black and white, and has a bit of a narrow mindset and a very rigid moral compass. Her greatest fear makes sense, then; she fears being unable to be a hero in the story, or to have to compromise her values for the people around her. Perhaps because of her naïveté, Tae trusts implicitly unless given a reason otherwise; thus, lying is one of her biggest pet peeves, and also why she very much enjoys going out of her way to help those around her, when she sees that they need aid. Sadly, Tae is oblivious and not at all socially adept, leading to her missing many encounters that she perhaps would have interfered in.

    Short Backstory:
    The Middle Kingdom -a land often called the Jade Kingdom by those less knowledgeable or only seeking the mineral in the name- is a vast, quiet land. Surrounded almost entirely by heavily forested mountains and blanketed with fog more days than not, the Middle Kingdom is smaller than the two other kindoms. It is tranquil. Silent. Hidden.
    Perhaps that is why foreigners are so surprised to hear of the emperor driven insane by paranoia, and of the great beasts that terrorise the land.

    Dragons were less of a pressing problem in the dynasties preceding; emperors were generals of massive battalions, or quick-witted scholars that knew politics like letters on a page. Emperor Zhou was none of the above, although he certainly has -had- the potential. He ignored the improvement of the Gold Army, personnel trained especially for fighting dragons, in favour of strengthening his own personal guard, passing ludicrous laws that censored and hampered the people, while looking for the magic that would grant him eternal life.

    The Dragons got him, in the end; one in particular, really. Stormed the castle, massacred the royal family, and took control, like most dynasties did. Unlike the wyverns of the Southern Kingdom, the Middle Kingdom's dragons were intelligent. Instead of muttering about the emperor's newest decree, the people now deposited gold and farmstock into the insatiable maw of Hou Kuang, dragon of the northeast, master of thunder.

    She had been with the Gold Army since she was eighteen, having fought and won in a provincial tourney that allowed any one person from the specific province, no matter age, gender, disability, or sexual preference, into the ranks of the dragon hunters. She witnessed the ebb and fall under Zhou, and the dispersal under the might of Hou Kuang.

    There had been a classic hero's journey of sorts; She, and a few other soldiers of Gold, hadn't been quelled. They gathered anyone they could find; mages, mercenaries, foreigners trapped in the kingdom after the beasts took control.
    They didn't have a name, this ragtag group of former soldiers and miscellaneous civilians. They did, however, wear the emblem of the idea central to their culture. A moon and sun, in one. Hot and cold. Light and dark. Good and evil. In harmony.

    There had been a... mage. One that had given Tae a carved amulet, a rendition of the group's emblem and enfused with a protection spell that saved her life, in the end.

    In the end, the dragon was slayed, and the rest were curbed, at least for the century, wary of those who had managed to take down the Lord of Thunder. There had been talk of appointing someone emperor again, someone who had previous experience in the court, who had been monumental in the dragon's defeat. However, rewards could not dispel the phantoms that arose after the battle, and instead serve as a reminder of pain suffered, battlefields seen, lives lost. She ran, the dead crowding her heart, the war haunting her mind and her body in the form of a stiff right knee, and found herself here.

    Character Class
    Class Archetypes:
    Class Name: Mitigation Tank, with hints of Berserker.
    Class Skills: Mitigation tanks could rely on heavy armour to absorb the blunt of enemy blows, but most rely on the accuracy and skill of their swordhand, to parry and deflect attacks. Most often aided by magical enchantments instead of active magic to absorb even the mightiest of blows, people who practice within the class act as a sentient and fluid shield, only attacking when the enemy is exhausted or the weapon has been knocked out of their hands.

    Class Magic
    Schola: Ambion
    Foci Appearance: A pendant near identical to her previous enchanted necklace(before it was shattered after "use"), the chain is of Keinelian, while the ornament is half comprised of a smooth, silver chrome-esque type of metal, and half comprised of a faceted orange gem.

    (I was... So lazy... Please forgive me cx)

    Vatialyn will fracture no more.

    I wanted her backstory to be a narrative as told by Tae, so it might seem a bit disjointed and distant. c:
    The art is mine, and will be updated to be a bit more detailed asap(and also updated when the roleplay progresses). ^^
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  12. @Arcadia No, I'm sorry! I hope this RP gets the attention it deserves though!
  13. Show Spoiler

    General Character Information

    Art done by Daices
    Name: Faendol "AZ" Calanon
    Age: 30 years
    Gender: Androgynous, but uses 'he' pronouns
    Race: Human, with a dash of uncertainty for flavor.
    Personality: He is a quiet, reserved man, under most circumstances. Most of what he has to say about something simply stays in his head, for the two residing within to bicker to their hearts' content.
    Every once and a while he ends up blurting something out that seems out-of-character, but it's rare. He likes to think he has some version of a grip on his own sanity.

    Of all the things to fear, he is terrified of the notion that someone will find out about the two dominant voices in his head, and of being ridiculed and isolated for being 'crazy'.

    Short Backstory: Fae traveled to Vatialyn through a fracture approximately one year ago. He had entered through as not one being, but two, a brother and sister by the names of Aziel and Marian, respectively. But something happened upon entry that merged their beings into one form, leaving their consciousness separate within Fae's head. The brother-sister pair had quickly resigned to their fate, and picked a name to give their new body.

    Still Fae holds out hope that he can be 'fixed', and made back into the two that once were.

    Homeland: Faendol originates from the planet Aserya, a lush, lively planet filled with fantastic flora and some unique fauna.

    Character Class
    Class Archetypes: He can be mostly classified as a mage, with a side of warrior. His focus will be upon magic, but he can handle himself well enough with a sword to potentially use that as well, just not as often as his magic.
    Class Name: Aseryan Vanquisher
    Class Skills: His specific class having been named for his place of origin, the class of Vanquisher is a secret order among the Jivana established for times of war, so that the mages of the schola who wish to be peaceful can remain so. His main focus will always be healing, but in times of conflict he takes up the sword to defend his schola.

    Class Magic
    Magic: Yes
    Schola: Jivana
    Foci Appearance: He wears his foci in the collar of his coat, but if he must go without his often-worn garment, he wears it in a satin choker against his neck.
    Art by Daices

    Vatialyn will fracture no more.

    He is complete 8D
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  14. Alright folks, I'm extending the deadline to the 28th since we have two new potential players, @Royal Pain and @HaloEliteLegend. You two should get working on your apps soon, and make sure you ask any questions of me that you need answered!
  15. Character (open)
    General Character Information
    Name: Cosimo Zingiber
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human

    Personality: Seemingly naive (perhaps he is :3), seemingly worldly, with an eye for diplomacy. Knows how to speak effectively to all kinds of sentient creatures, changing his speaking style to compensate for man or mer, friend or best friend. Enjoys exploration, chronicling his tales. Occasionally likes to act uber-haughty, amorous, or indifferent as a tease. There is little to phase him if he can write a spectacular story about it later, and he finds trouble often enough. When pressed between a wall, his sly wit saves his arse aplenty. Although, he would admittedly rather make friends than adversaries. He knows there's more to gain through diplomacy than skull-bashing. He has a natural affinity for mystery.

    Backstory: Born to a former squire and grand chronicler, Cosimo spent his childhood sweeping the stars with a rusty old telescope. If he couldn't go to the stars, he at least wanted to know all that was below them. He would spend his days sleeping in the library of their Polaris estate, poring over old maps and trinkets passing adventurers had exchanged for lodging. He would consistently refuse to eat, so drawn in to a noir mystery novel under the hearth. After a minor brush with a fracture in his youth, he became skilled at slight manipulation to influence those around him. And so at the age of 15, he set out for adventure. Faking an adult passport, he set out as his father had before him for a life under the stars. Ten years netted him encounters with all races, and allies the world over. His experiences are practical, as opposed to the theoretical drivel taught at the universities he would've went to had he not staked out by his lonesome. Unlike his father, however, his focus was not on the writing of others' experiences -- something that fundamentally came after-- but in the experience itself and the telling of his own fables. By refining his ability to influence others with magic, he aimed to do much more than just chronicle. In doing so, he would reach anecdotal heights no chronicler had ever attained. He was out there for the love of the living. To earn his crust, he'd accept requests for the employment of his speechcraft skills from anyone who happened to ask (and rewarded handsomely). However, he felt he had to do something more. He wanted a greater purpose, something others could look at him in awe for. He has spent the last many years searching.

    Homeland: Polaris. Native to the realm.

    Character Class
    Class Archetypes: Magi and Bard(?)
    Class Name: Realm Chronicler
    Class Skills: Term came about by wandering monks from schools of Cipher, monkhoods dedicated to following and practicing the aspects of Cipher. Heavy emphasis on speechcraft. Wields daggers as a last line of defense. Adept at the magic of illusion, mainly employing lesser skills of the Kashi Schola to manipulate and deceive. Not restricted to any weapon type or magic school, so long as they are capable of using them and it keeps them alive.

    Class Magic
    Magic: Yes
    Schola: Kashi
    Foci Appearance: Chimaera Wing w/ a Moonstone at its nadir. (note: Worn as a head adornment over the ears)
    Reference: [​IMG]

    Vatialyn will fracture no more.

    Finally completeee~
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  16. @Rainjay Consider yourself accepted. However, I will ask one question; since it's not implicitly stated, how did Shialaevar earn her Stormwarrior given name? What circumstances around the killing of the dragon earned the "Storm" part of her title?

    @Aerylei You're accepted! (You can calm down now :grumpy:) I love the idea of the whole two-become-one dynamic. Welcome aboard.

    @Daices Very interesting character and backstory, I look forward to seeing what she can do. Accepted.

    @HaloEliteLegend Very interesting character, although I would advise you read the rules again, and then I will accept your character once the changes have been made.
  17. Yaaaaas. :bananaman:
  18. @Arcadia I thought it was the mother's accomplishment that became the child's second name. Correct me if I'm wrong
  19. You're right! Sorry, had to re-read lore notes. Welcome to the cast. ^^
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