Fracking North-Midwest...

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  1. So, I'm sure all of you who live in the WI-MN-IA area know about this crazy snowstorm that we had last night. In any case, here are some pics of the devastation around my house.

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    Here's one of the tree branches that fell down due to the snow.
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    Another one that fell down.
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    My truck...completely buried.
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    Anyone else get hit like this?
  2. Me kind of, but it looks more like snow dunes. I'll get pics eventually.
  3. Man, that's so cool.
  4. Yeah, totally awesome.

    Wait, so in America; lots of snow = snow storm?
  5. Yes Torsty, that's exactly right. Nothing too interesting around the Lake besides for some high banks. :P
  6. Maine
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    Now separated, Maine wiped the blood from his face and quickly strategized while panting heavily. The wounds would heal in the next few seconds; however until then his mobility was slightly hampered. It was obvious that his teacher's skill level was nowhere near his so direct attacks would end with more pain. What can I do....? He though to himself while continuing to pace around his opponent.

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  7. Mew?.... I.... don't know what I'd do if that happened to me...
  8. lol We already have 2, no.2 coal scoops for shoveling.

    I think we're good. ^_^
  9. Mur?

  10. We don't get snow like that here! Thankfully.

    I hate snow. ~grumbles~

  12. I like the snow, but sadly it never snows here.