Fracking North-Midwest...

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  1. So, I'm sure all of you who live in the WI-MN-IA area know about this crazy snowstorm that we had last night. In any case, here are some pics of the devastation around my house.

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    Here's one of the tree branches that fell down due to the snow.
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    Another one that fell down.
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    My truck...completely buried.
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    Anyone else get hit like this?
  2. Me kind of, but it looks more like snow dunes. I'll get pics eventually.
  3. Man, that's so cool.
  4. Yeah, totally awesome.

    Wait, so in America; lots of snow = snow storm?
  5. Yes Torsty, that's exactly right. Nothing too interesting around the Lake besides for some high banks. :P
  6. Maine
    Maine was initially caught off balance by the first feint, leaving his legs completely open to the stab. He winced in pain as he attempted to slash Anderson but was once again thrown off by slash to his face followed by the punch to his gut. Luckily Maine was used to getting punched and was able to take the hit and stand straight. With the man so close, Maine used the opportunity to shove Anderson following it with a push-kick to chest, creating some space between the two.

    Now separated, Maine wiped the blood from his face and quickly strategized while panting heavily. The wounds would heal in the next few seconds; however until then his mobility was slightly hampered. It was obvious that his teacher's skill level was nowhere near his so direct attacks would end with more pain. What can I do....? He though to himself while continuing to pace around his opponent.

    "You know I'm still here right?" The familiar voice cut through his thoughts making him stop in his tracks. Maine still wasn't used to the fact that he had Nyx by his side. Um.... Ok then. Why don't you sneak behind him and attack him while I distract him from the front. "Sounds good." she said with no hesitation before she travelled behind Anderson as a shadow. Just as she passed the man, Maine rushed forward sword in front. He didn't really plan to hit, his only goal was to distract. If he had the chance, he would try to slash Anderson across the chest. Meanwhile Nyx would sharpen her form and attempt to stab Anderson.​
  7. Mew?.... I.... don't know what I'd do if that happened to me...
  8. lol We already have 2, no.2 coal scoops for shoveling.

    I think we're good. ^_^
  9. Mur?

  10. I generally like this idea. Same universe but different region and characters makes it more flexible and interesting. If Nero is going to be the figurehead and Emperor he will definitely need some assistance in the shape of advisers/assistants. I had in mind Napoleon, but Krum could also work. I had in mind perhaps a Chinese general/leader in charge of empire/country logistics.
  11. ----------------[ Basic Info ]----------------
    Name: Shigehide Suzuki (Magoichi Saika)
    Age: Believed 42
    Time Period of Origin: Sengoku Jidai
    National Origin: Japan
    Top Skill: Swordsmanship/Melee Combat
    Worst Skill: Subtlety/Covert Actions
    Power: N/A
    Weapons/Equipment: x1 Bladed Arquebus Rifle, x30 Powder and Ball loads, x1 Small Gourd with Sake, x1 Metal Emblem of the Saika, x4 Coins

    ----------------[ Backstory ]----------------
    Suzuki Shigehide is perhaps the better known of the three given the epitaph of Magoichi Saika, the name given to the leader of the Saika Ikki, an Ikko group focusing on gun warfare and acting as mercenaries in feudal Japan. During his time, Shigehide is mainly known for supporting the Ikkō resistance against Oda Nobunaga during the Ishiyama Hongan-ji War. Shigehide was possibly one of the first Magoichi’s sons. Shigehide is said to be his second eldest son, but the truth behind the matter remains unknown. This is mainly because his name isn't listed in historical records available to the public, making the authenticity of the "Shigehide" name even more dubious. Though said to be a warrior of distinguished prowess, details regarding his services remain scant. Aside from his distinct hatred for Nobunaga, the rest of his history is filled with half-truths, rumors, or theories.

    It is said that he participated during the Hongan-ji riots as well and led 3,000 gunmen into battle. He is accredited for taking the life of Harada Naomasa, a retainer of the Oda, on the field of battle. Despite being allied with the Miyoshi clan, legends state that Shigehide empathized with the Honganji rebels and was only loyal to them. When the Saika group surrendered to Hideyoshi years later, Shigehide was said to have tried to save his family from destruction. However, he couldn't convince Hideyoshi to spare them and his family's property fell into ruin.

    From here, the tales surrounding his fate differ from one another. One story says that he served Hideyoshi briefly before he also decided to commit suicide. Another states that he faithfully continued to serve Hideyoshi until Sekigahara and joined the Eastern army. There, he was employed by Date Masamune to be his secondary rifle troop. A few tales said that he became a wanderer and died as a hermit late in his life. After Torii Mototada's downfall during the battle of Sekigahara, he is said to have lived the rest of his days as a rōnin in Mito Domain.
  12. You may be able to do something with his 72 fake tombs. That or use something from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. If neither work you can resort to explaining his exploits via altered history. Sima Yi has a Legend about how he could turn his head 180 degrees. That would be an interesting gag if you decide to include him.