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  1. So back two years ago I was apart of this really amazing rp that a friend of mine had created that unfortunately met its timely death due to inactivity from some key players. So I have decide to try all these years later to see whether or not it could due better here. Hopefully a lot of you will find interest in this to the point where I can successfully bring it back to life x3.​
    The Story

    You are just a typical teenager, that is, until you wake up in a large urban city. Almost immediately you notice something odd. Your memory is either mixed up or gone entirely. Nothing is for certain but your name and the fact that your memories are all gone which is made known to you as soon as you awake. On top of that you cannot leave this city, (nor would you even know how) and your memory is the only way to help you leave. On top of that there are these weird creatures called Static that interfere with the memory process. You now must race across the city, purify each of the large districts from Static in an attempt to get your memory back and beat the Collectors.

    The Other Story

    They have finally arrived here. As a Collector, your job is to take all memory from the teenagers and deliver it to your master, who remains a mystery to even you, resulting in the Fragmented becoming mindless slaves to your master, eventually resulting in them becoming Static. Your path is mysterious, your reasons are unknown to them, but you have some control over the memories, being able to return them or take them at will, but it is not as easy as it sounds, especially when you’re being attacked by a bunch of angsty teens and there are (as always) rules to how and when you can take and return memories. However, you guys also have a purpose. Each Collector is a Fragmented as well.And at the end of every session, you are given an offer: Leave with all your memories intact, or become a Collector with the promise of Eternal Life, unless of course you are wiped out by The Fragmented.

    Try to Remember This

    The District System

    In this RP, everyone is basically in a large Urban Town. This town is composed of 11 Districts, each with small streets and mini-districts located within them. Each Fragmented begins in the 1st District and as they purify each section of the District of the Static by racing to get your memory before The Collectors stop you. Only the First District is available and the others will be revealed as each District is purified. Each district has an attraction that serves at the capital of that district which, more than likely, is where the object that holds the memory lies.

    The Negative District:
    Serving almost like a pocket dimension to Square City, the entrance to The Negative District is hidden to all those except the Collectors. It's appearance is actually quite small, which questions it's title of "district". However this dimension is unknown and may have limitless possibilities. It's current appearance takes the size and shape of what looks to be a run down basement lounge. There is hardly any light save for a large flickering dark purple neon sign, plastered on the farthest right wall, reading "{H0^^3 5W33+ h0m3}". Below this is a red leather couch, that takes up the exact amount of space that the sign occupies. On the wall adjacent to that, the rear wall, lies an identical couch and two leather chairs that look like they've been practically ripped from an expensive car and placed there for leisure time. Next to the chair to the far right, in the very corner is a mini fridge that might be empty, or might have food inside of it. The plug isn't plugged into an outlet, however food that is inside the fridge remains cold. Directly across from that wall are 3 columns of wooden boxes, stacked on top of each other in various heights. On top of these columns are various televisions that seem to come from different periods of time. These televisions rarely play anything other than static, however. Directly next to them are possibly the only things in this lounge that works, which are various vintage and recent arcade games which seem to exist for the sole purpose of entertaining the Collectors. All the materials that make up the walls, floor and ceiling of this lounge is a smooth, white, marble like substance, that easily reflects the light from the neon sign to give the room a dark purple feel. The room seems to have been crafted as if a father who wasn't ready to provide for his children bought a lot of things to entertain a group of teenagers.

    District Zero:
    This will serve as the area where every Fragmented begins. It is seemingly almost another plane of existence at the edge of Enix City, much like The Negative District. It takes the appearance of an empty, abandoned, parking lot with inverted colors. Each "parking space" is reserved for a respective Fragmented, adorned with the name of the Fragmented at the bottom of the space, much like a normal reserved parking space would serve. The parking lot, in typical parking lot fashion, is emblazoned with arrows on the floor that point to the exit of the area, thus leading the group of teens directly to the first district and into the game.

    District 1:
    The first revealed District to the Fragmented, at a birds eye view of the entire city, this would be the lower left corner. Directly following the exit of the parking lot, this district begins to show signs of being a city, the buildings begin to become taller, and streets more narrow. However, every building is not important and there are buildings everywhere. Notable areas in this district include The Enix Hotel, located at the direct center of the city and Arcade Arcane, located directly to the right side of the city and Enix Museum of Space and Technology to the far left.

    District 2
    The second revealed District to the Fragments would be directly adjacent to District 1, taking place next just beyond the Enix Hotel.This part of Enix City is at an extreme of technological advancement and acute experimentation using static. Like D1 there are buildings everywhere only this time they are futuristic and often there are odd apparatuses such as monorail like transport devices in between them, mainly because large distances often are in between this district. A form of liquid naught unlike cold water bubbles below and in between both buildings, the streets and even from the sky itself. Then there are the rampaging static that are twice as deadly than in district one.

    Icee Top Transit
    The monorail station that is the fastest method of travel to and from many areas in district two, various hover trains that zip off at extreme speeds to various areas of the second district. The frosty blue color of the monorails often change colors mid ride and at times, static also attack the monorails because they are attracted to the energy such transportation apparatuses give off.

    Kenbrodo Sticker Factory
    An alarming place if there was one, the sticker factory is a place that houses enslaved fragments that have been turned into static. Normally static are unaware and non sentient but these static are plagued with the memories of their failure, forever forced to work in the factory to work the machines that produce the stickers to be used by future fragments. The inside of the factory is a complex one, apparatuses and the like are everywhere, some of the machines even amplify or inversely cause reductions in sticker abilities. It should be noted that static guard the factory.

    Zelkonis Laboratory

    A secret lab that is run by unknown means, apparently this contains a massive testing facility that involves the fusion and processing of one type of static into another and also other questionable activities. The lab is even more foreboding due to the force field that surrounds it so that nobody can gain entry to this floating fortress of enigma. Turrets line the outside of the lab and in past games, it is rumored that even powerful fragments were killed by a single blast from the turrets.

    Guruge Graveyard

    An area of the second district where data runs rampant, swells of black static rampage through this area. There are mass graves of broken down fragments and other randomized data thatcxcdefdcvd010101011111111000001111100001110011101
    Do not access this zone.

    District 3
    To be revealed.​

    The Fragmented

    You have been stripped of your right to remember anything straight. However, you guys are the Yang to the Collector’s Ying, get it? The Collectors collectively grow stronger as they aquire more memories from you guys, but once one of you Collects a memory ALL of you gain a memory as well. There are different types of you guys, just to mess around with your heads.

    Blanks- You are the people who have awoken and just remembered nothing but your name and age. Basic stuff right?

    Jiggsaws - You have all your memories...well most of them anyway. But they are all out of order. You remember things before and after another and it's all out of whack. Can you piece it together?

    Headphones - So if you can't see things...hearing them is just as good right? I mean you can't tell which is which, or whose voice is who, or see the exit or the way to least you can hear things? Right?

    LQ's or Pixels- Well you have think. You really can't make out the pictures. You can see them, but everything is so fuzzy, and maybe even pixelated, you can barely make out what it is. Like someone tried to censor out your memories...not cool.

    Fingerprints- You know how when you have a fingerprint on a CD and it makes the disk skip, or replay, or even repeat? Now imagine that, but way more frustrating and intense, on your memories. Yea, you can remember some things, but when you do, they'll freeze at the best part, or even skip the best parts to other more boring parts or even skip backwards! It can also replay something you've already seen.

    Jack in the Boxes- Well it's like an actually Jack in the box, you’re going and going and going and BAM! It hits you! Same thing here. They come at the worst moments, at the worst times. You could be fighting off some Static, then memories hit you. In front of a car, same thing.


    These are little annoying things arent they? Ranging from small fries to humongous creatures, the Static are a force to be reckoned with. Well some at least, others are nuisances.In a nutshell: they interfere with memories. And as all Static do when you are trying to get a clear picture, it interferes, making things unhearable, unclear and un-everything. The biggest mystery is what exactry these creatures are, some say they are experiments from the Collectors, whilst others say they are Fragmented who never got their memories back. While some are small usually in the Districts there is one VERY LARGE one that has something special about it. These usually contain a memory, signaled by something glowing on it. It would be best to take out these things. You can always tell they're near. Just listen for the Static.

    The Collectors

    Well, that wasn't always their name. They were formerly known as Harbringers, but teens started calling them Collectors, just because of what they do. They travel along the city, bringing the Static with them and take back any memories the Fragmented have gained back or prevent the Fragmented from doing the same to them. Or at least they try to. It is very rare that they fail. They then deliver the memories ot their leader who is unknown even to them and who also gives them limited information regarding as to why exactly they are doing this. This might lead to suspicion within this faction, but it is rare when someone actually asks why, especially when you are bestowed with immortality in exchange for ensuring some kids don’t get their memories back. They only know that for some reason, while this is going on, no one else in the city can see them except those involved, and their leader goes by REM. They are the incentive to get Fragmented to participate as opposed to sitting around and allowing everyone else to collect memories for them. By collecting memories, they get stronger. They all usually work as a whole and get more powerful as a whole. Meaning if one person loses thier memory, all of them get stronger. The Collectors can summon Static at will and can turn memories into physical objects, absorbed upon touch. They are responsible for distributing and verifying where each memory is placed before the Fragmented are forced to go find them, like a twisted Easter Egg Hunt. Though taking memories from them is a whole other story. The other person MUST be unconcious, deceased, or VERY relaxed and still, that way the mind is clear for the Collectors to...well collect. Taking memories is a process…with rules. When you see these guys…it’s best you run. Very fast.

    Abilities and Fighting

    You didn't really think you were helpless did you? Somehow in this strangely unfamiliar town, you can do never imagined you could do before. Or after. Or period. Depending on your preference and predetermined memories, you are bestowed with a simple sticker matching your personality type when you enter the town, put the sticker anywhere and it will sink into your skin. Whenever you touch that point and focus and your weapon or ability is summoned to you, in its lowest form of course. (So for example, if your weapon is oh I dunno let’s go ahead and do something crazy like give you a sword, its going to start off as possibly a dagger or small sword and evolve into something greater.) Along with that you are able to collect and utilize other stickers as you collect memories to help you fight and battle. For the Collectors however, they pretty much have everything down, their stickers are permanent tattoos that display their heightened abilities, the more tattoos, the more times The Fragmented know that they have won these little…treasure hunts.

    Stickers are categorized into the following criteria:

    • Weapon Pair - A Single-Weapon with an extraordinary ability.
    • Weapon Solo - Specific kind of weapon with no extraordinary ability in particular.
    • Ability Solo - Sticker that just grants a very generalized ability.
    • Ability Pair - A sticker where the user can generate multiple abilities renditions of a select element or series of weapons possessing maybe one other trait. Rarest of the sticker types which only a few fragmented, and collectors will be given.
    1. As the intention is to take or re-take memories, when the memories are taken from a Fragmented by a Collector, they are sent into a comatose like state, and at the end of the game, they are effectively turned into Static and wander the district they were defeated in. The only way to bring that Fragmented back to conciousness is if they find and retake the memory from the Collector who took it. Once it is back in the possesion of a Fragmented, as per the ability of Fragmented, they are able to absorb the memory, thus resuscitating their fallen comrade.
    2. It is also entirely possible to kill an opponent if one so desires. If an opponent is killed as opposed to being defeated, the slain will BECOME a memory.(Which in a way, is kind of like death) The body will whither away, thus regaining the memory will do nothing for the person who was killed. The memory usually evaporates within seconds of it's appearance, however it can be touched to experience the memories of the fallen before fading away, most likely to REM. Experiencing memories other than your own is a very dangerous, painful, and possibly scarring process, due to it being an unnatural occurrence and the fact that whoever's memories you have experienced will become part of your memories now.
    3. Memories in this world take the shape of a polygonal, crystalline substance about the size of a tennis ball, with the rapid playing of the experiences of a person going on inside the transparent crystal. Collectors have been imbued with the power to take the raw experiences themselves, almost as if they can bend time, and give them form in the shape of the crystal the memories are in. Thus due to their connection with memories, they are able to willingly control and manipulate the Static to their will. Fragmented are essentially the opposite being able to release memories from their crystalline state and experience them.

    Memories take three forms:

    • Game Memories: These are the memories that are essentially the ones that the Fragmented are after. These memories are blank in appearance, but one gained, it regains a memory for all the Fragmented.
    • Genuine Memories: These memories are the singular memories of a person. These are the memories crafted when a Collector takes memories.
    • Life Memories: These are the memories that are crafted when someone dies and are the most powerful memories. These are memories in their purest state, consisting of the entire life force of someone's existence and all of their experiences. The most powerful form of memories.

    Got it Memorized?

    This is Enix City. The Fragmented live in Enix City, they have lived here their entire lives. They just don’t remember that they used to. The Collectors live here as well as their leader. Everything takes place here. However, here memories are power. Memories are everything. Because who are you without your memories? You must craft a whole new personality without anything to base it off of. Will you like what you find you used to be as you gather pieces of your memoires? Do you even know why you are doing this? Why can you do physically impossible things and no one can even see you do it? Who exactly is REM?

    In conclusion: Memories are power here. A group of people were specifically chosen to participate in this and their memories are stripped from them. However the longer they are without all their memories, the more they are incomplete, the more incomplete they are the more they start to become Static. The Collectors’ job is to make sure they become Static and their memories are delivered to REM. The only way to prevent this is if The Fragmented go to each districts specific destination, wherein lies a memory, signified by an object of the past, and a Static guarding it.

    So~ anyone out there interested in partaking in this idea?
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  2. I am definitely interested ^^
    *goes back to reading a couple of skipped areas*
  3. YAY x3 there is a person XD. If I can get at least four more interested I'll create a OOC thread x3.
  4. I'll join, probably be a collector.
  5. x3 three more to go. Also I don't know if I stated this yet, but I'll be allowing a three character per rper limit due tot he fact >> this requires a few characters to run properly.
  6. You've made me curious. Not sure which role I will play, but I'm in.
  7. @Lusterless Nova first off I love your sig XD, secondly awesome, thirdly two more needed before I throw a OOC up.
  8. I'm interested, this is a pretty interesting concept.
  9. From your comment on my character, I feel tempted to use her for this. And then, she would definitely be a Fragmented. There's no way she'd agree to stealing people's memories from them. xD It's really interesting.

    //goes back to finish reading
  10. Alright x3 welcome in my fellow rpers... this might be evil of me, but I am going to hold out for one more interest before putting up the OOC thread(more like I am stalling for time to finish it >>).
  11. It's only a matter of time.
  12. Just a question, but this wouldn't happen to take any inspiration from The World Ends With You would it?

    Doesn't have much in common with it, but I couldn't help but get a sort of vibe from reading through.
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  13. I also get a certain vibe from something else with that whole uhm... closed-off space feel to it and stolen memories. But really, that's too difficult to explain. xD
  14. It kinda feels like a manga I read years ago. It wasn't about memories, but the rest is pretty similar. It was called Psyren, and the world was entered by getting a red card, using it in a phone booth, and when your phone is called and you pick up, teleport. Special powers, saving people, solving mysteries.
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  15. Cool. I was thinking of the game series Danganronpa. The main premise is that they have locked themselves up in a school to avoid the apocalypse only to have their memories taken away to be broadcast on live TV when they kill each other in order to get out. Sad part is that the instigator of this thing obviously tells them they're trapped and their families and friends are all dead and that the only way to get out is to get away with murder... when none of that was actually happening in the first place.
    Just... that fucked me up. Not even okay. D:
  16. @Zombehs Actual yes it was. My friend said it was the bases for the idea along with another game ironically related to it a Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories... also don't I know you from another rping site?
    Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories maybe x3?

    Why does that remind me of another anime...

    >> I don't thing that was even around when this idea was actually created.
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  17. Danganronpa wasn't around, you're right xD I believe the first game came out in... 2013? Although I'm more interested in the second game, which doesn't give off the same vibe as this roleplay... the second game fucks you over ten times more basically. D:
  18. Oh wow XD.
  19. It pulls the "Protagonist is actually antagonist" shit on you and a ton of other things. Like, bipolar characters and a character who we suspect has gay feelings for the main character? It's pretty weird xD
  20. Well doesn't that almost remind me of a certain anime >> *looks at a certain someone's Signature*. Alright almost done with the OOC going to put it in the Sci Fi section since that's were I feel it makes the most sense to... can't really call it ModFan, or Fantasy I feel.
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