FR Dragon Gene Poll 1

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What should Iwaku's primary gene be?

Poll closed Dec 13, 2014.
  1. Iridescent

    12 vote(s)
  2. Tiger

    5 vote(s)
  3. Clown

    2 vote(s)
  4. Speckle

    5 vote(s)
  5. Ripple

    5 vote(s)
  6. Bar

    4 vote(s)
  7. Crystal

    16 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Hiya all, if you're part of Flight Rising then feel free to vote in this poll. First though, let me introduce you to our mascot


    This is Iwaku! This little fae girl will be part of our group geneing project! We're also asking the next person that hatches a male Gen1 donate it for this group project to be her future mate. Don't worry about clashing colors, later down the line we might just scatter one or both of them!

    So how do we fund the genes? By donations! If every week people donate a minimum of 1000t we'll slowly get there. If you want to donate more, GREAT! But by having a minimum we can all work together. As time goes on we'll watch Iwaku move from clan to clan, collecting stories and items as well!
  2. I just hatched a Gen 1 male >.> Would this work?

  3. Actually, if you guys don't mind that he's not a fresh hatchling, I've got this guy just laying around.

  4. I'm happy with either. How about everyone else. Who should be Muse, Kylulu's Fluff or Ozzie's Fae?
  5. I'd definitely vote the tundra. It'll get a wider variety of colors when they finally mate. :)

    And, cast my vote for the gene.
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  6. Voted. Also, if it's still open as an option, I have a First Gen male I am currently not doing anything with.


    If not, I'm not all that partial to Tundras (though the babies are cute) but I will vote for Kylulu's tundra for variation in colors.
  7. I vote for the tundra as well, just for a chance at more eggs in the nest.

    I like Hiro's!
  8. Let's not start throwing every male Gen1 we have out there. Cause you don't want to see everything Diana can throw into this.
    *gives @Hirohashi 's dragon a greedy look*
  9. WTF am I looking at?
  10. @Windsong

    It's a game. A few people here play it. You raise dragons.

    Also all of the dragons are openly LGBT. True fax.
  11. Crystal seems to be winning.

  12. Voted as well... Predictably, for Crystal. Oh well, still cheaper than Wildclaw scrolls :D Also, who is the person collecting the treasure? I have no idea where should I send it.
    Oh yeah, and if you want to, I have a male gen one hatchling I'm trying to sell. Maybe he'd fit as a mate for Iwaku?


    Also, for your convenience, I'll post each male's range with Iwaku here since variety is good, but if majority of the colors look bad... Well, in that case I'd rather vote for tighter range.
    Range with Kylulu's male:,53,30,41,59,32,1
    Range with Ozzie's male:,22,30,24,59,11,1
    Range with Hiro's male:,50,30,54,59,48,1
    Range with my male:,14,30,28,59,3,1

    Actually, I'm gonna vote for my male. The range is consistently pretty in my opinion and while wildcard pairings may be fun, they can produce... unsavory results sometimes.
  13. Yeah, and I've just remembered @The Returner is on Iwaku as well. Maybe she'd be interested in this!
  14. If crystal does end up winning and we didn't want to do gems then we could buy one from the AH. Currently they're roughly 650k. If not I have 292 gems available.
  15. Think I've got about 88, which I'm happy to chip in for the cause.
  16. Well, if Crystal really ends up winning, I propose we buy gems with treasure. Prices of gem genes in the AH are really inflated.
  17. Are they? I had no idea. I really ought to look into the conversion rate. Buying gems with treasure would be fine, too.