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  1. Why, hello there! I am Small Foxx (obviously) and I've been writing since I was eight (though those stories weren't exactly worthy of a Newberry Medal or anything of the sort) and I've been roleplaying since I was about thirteen. So, I've got some years under my belt and a vast imagination to share. I really hate doing these introductory things, so I'll go ahead and just make one of those list things.

    Posts with detail – I'm positive that this is already quite explanatory on its own, but I will tell you that I don't like it when people nod their heads and say "Oh! I got it!" and end up filling their posts with meaningless bullshit that is redundant and dull simply to meet any word/paragraph count that I may have provided. I also prefer writers who are able to read my post and pay attention to each detail and respond accordingly. This means that if I throw down three paragraphs, don't give me a one liner. Still, quality over quantity. I'm not asking for a novel or demanding that you throw 4–7 paragrphs out for each of your posts. I'm asking that you take time to put thought into your post and actually read everything that is given to you instead of skimming. I will do the same for you and match your post quality and quantity to the best of my abilities.

    Literacy – I understand that everyone has a few typos every now and again. I know that I certainly do. But please try your best to spellcheck everything and make sure that your grammar is at least decent. I do not want to spend twenty minutes trying to decipher your post because I can't understand what is says because of terrible grammar and spelling. Sometimes I feel like I'm trying to read Metatron's tablets. I do, however make exceptions to grammar when it's how a character talks whether it's slang or simply an uneducated character. That is my only exception. I also do not tolerate "txt tlk" nor do I put up with "L337 5P33K". Please, for the love of all that is holy (or unholy, whatever you're into), write as though you actually paid attention and did well in your high school English and Literature classes. (I am understanding if English isn't your first language)

    Smut – I am 21 years old. I do not mind heated situations, provided that my partner is 18+. All of my [main] characters will be 17+ and I do expect at least a few of them to get involved in adult situations and I do not mind that. I do have some exceptions to this. It should be noted that while writing out heated scenes can be fun, the entire story will rarely revolve entirely around sex. If I begin to feel like every other choice made in the story leads to sex and the plot and character development begin to fade for the sake of cybering fucking, I'm going to quit right there. I'm not advertising for an awful erotic novel that could later be turned into a porn so we can reap the royalties. So if you're browsing 1x1s and looking for someone that can help you take the kids to the pool, skedaddle.

    Romance – Huge fan of romance! Whether it is the driving force of the story or just something that's just there, I fully expect some sort of romance to be there. Romance is part of life. Anyways, the romance between characters could exist starting off with the story. But if a relationship/romance is not specified in the plot, there will be no “BAM! Instant love” unless there's a good reason behind it. Your character feeling loved and needed is not my priority when writing.

    Character Development – Who doesn't love developing their character? I know I do. One of my favorite parts of writing is when events of the story force a character to become someone entirely different than what is written on the character sheet. I think that having a character remain exactly the same in every way throughout a story is just plain dull.

    Canons and OCs – Quite normally, I'm as against Canons as can be due to experience with writers who know little to nothing about the canon they are playing and do terrible, awful jobs of impersonating them through their writing. I'm usually more of an OC girl myself with Canons tossed in as NPCs for Fandoms. If there is a Canon that you would love to write for and you think you have what it takes, let me know and we'll work it out. BUT. I'm not going to do an OC x Canon pairing where I end up with the Canon so you can model your OC after yourself and write out your romantic fantasy with whatever Canon you're drooling over. If there's a Canon x OC pairing in question, we're going to double and there's going to be a plot.

    Cursing – I'm not against it and I really can't say "Don't go overboard" because if your character is the type to say "Fuck" after every other word, then who am I to say "Change that!"? But, if your character is going to swear, I really hate reading "bull$@*&". Don't use symbols to cover up what they're saying. Just. Don't. It makes me feel as though I'm writing with a child who's scared their parents are going to read what they're writing. If you request that I don't use curse words in my posts or that I ease up on them, I'm going to tell you to go fuck yourself.

    Taboo Smut/Erotica – Sometimes I feel like I'm digging through craigslist or “basementcreeperfantasies.org” They creep me out, personally. I do not and will not ever partake. I don't do many taboos... Point blank. Bestiality, Furries, Anthros, Tentacles, Incest, and Rape are all no-gos for me. Rape may happen in story or have happened to a character, but it is a trigger for me. So your character won't be raping mine.

    { ~~~x~~~

    I suppose that's all that I look for when it comes to writing. TL;DR? I just ask that you are literate, attentive to detail, and have the cajones to tell me whenever you're getting bored or would like the change things up a little bit instead of just tucking tail and vanishing. I do not mind creative criticism and I do appreciate it. I don't mind my partner contributing ideas about the direction of the story. I actually love not having to carry all of the weight myself. What I do not like is when people simply vanish without warning because they got bored or had a writer's block. Not cool.

    Now. What do I like? (The number of stars shows how much I'm craving said roleplay)

    ✯✯✯✯Marvel – The entire universe. I do mostly mutant and Vanir characters, though. I have several, and I do mean several, plot ideas for this one. Do not ask to participate in a Marvel Universe plot if you've never read a single one of the comics or have little to no information regarding the Marvel Universe at all. Here's four of my favorite plots.

    Next In Line (open)
    This could actually go with OCs or be an OC x Canon situation. Basically, our characters could be any age under twenty–five and training to join the Avengers. As of now, they're sort of their own little team within S.H.I.E.L.D. and aren't really seen as part of the Avengers team yet even though they do have their own missions. There's a lot of possibilities with this and a lot of places to go. It would be placed in the Marvel Cinema Universe, as that gives our characters more Canon villains to run into without it being old news. There'd be about four minor characters on the side.

    Survival (open)
    I love, love, love the Civil War arc. Any Canons in this story would have to be members of the X–Men. If you're unfamiliar with this arc, please don't ask to do it. If you are, then the story would be about our characters not just on the run, but trying to gather an army to fight back.

    There's Nothing To Cure (open)
    Pretty much, the story would be about a character (or two) adjusting to either just finding out that they are a mutant or being around people of their own kind. It would take place at Xavier's Institute for Gifted Youngsters and for the first part, it'd be a slice–of–life. But of course, there's always action in the Marvel Universe.

    True Justice (open)
    This is a more modern, realistic take on combining the real world with the Marvel Universe. It would revolve a lot around the mutant vs human stigma, but altogether encompass the entirety of crime. The characters would be people that nobody would ever suspect to be heroes. Or villains, as many will see them. They have connections and powers that people can't even imagine and they've made it their goal to go all Batman on this shit.

    ✯✯✯Vampire Academy – Surprise! Another Fandom. Love the books. Hate the movie. Anyways. This roleplay would take place in an alternate universe and anyone asking for this setting must have read up to at least Blood Promise. Plot? To be discussed.

    ✯✯✯Medieval Fantasy – Who wants to go on an epic quest? I know I do! Looking for lost treasures, hunting for dragons, or tracking down wanted criminals. Stuff that just gets your adrenaline pumping at every turn of the story!
    For Glory and the Queen! (open)
    The Queen of the Kingdom of Artrusia has been kidnapped by the evil dragon Yrisa. Nobody knows why. The King has offered a great reward for anyone who will travel and hunt down the dragon and bring back his queen. Many guilds of mercenaries, heroes, and assassins have decided to undertake this task, while many lone wolves have as well. Some are going for the treasure, seeing the rescue of the queen as more of a sidequest. The royal guard cannot go because the kingdom is weakened and they are needed there. Among all these others are two [our characters] who will end up an unlikely but formidable pair. Can they rescue the queen? (This could work with a Skyrim setting)

    ✯✯✯Supernatural – The genre. Vampires, Werewolves, and Faeries! Oh, my! Who doesn't just love a supernatural story? Its all the rave now! Or so I hear. Modern, Medieval, or somewhere in between. I'm also a fan of the TV show, so I just might be talked into it. I have plot or two in mind.
    The Enemy of My Enemy Is A Dick (open)
    This can work with either a vampire or a werewolf. A young female (or male) [creature] finds herself in terrible danger and lacking any allies capable of actually helping. So s/he turns to someone s/he doesn't know after being advised by a gypsy. The man helping her/him says s/he'll keep her/him safe but apparently that contract didn't say that s/he had to be nice about it. S/he is to protect the young one from enemies who've discovered that s/he is the heir to the {creature} throne. Obviously, someone doesn't want someone wearing a crown, doing all that is in their power to prevent the in-the-dark teen from reaching her/his twenty-first birthday.

    ✯✯✯✯✯Sons of Anarchy - Plot to be discussed

    ✯✯✯✯True Blood - Plot to be discussed

    ✯✯✯✯Pokemon - A few plots in mind

    Eh, that's all I've got for now. But I'm open to any suggestions; You can also check my roleplay resume for an idea of what I like. If you like anything you see, you can comment here, PM me. Send a smoke signal... O.O
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