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  1. The star light up the inside of the hangar of the base-station, hiding the thickness of the windows of the bay where Johann's ship was moored for loading. Kelly was completely absorbed by the task of overseeing and coordinating the dock workers as they started moving the cargo on-board.

  2. "Yeah - Each box needs to be scanned." Johann scrolled through the hologram as the ship was filled with earth supplies before their next journey. "Woah, woah - careful with those." Johann walked quickly over to a man, who was fumbling about with a delicate box. Hopefully this journey wouldn't be a long one, Johann was beginning to find his crew irritating. At least, some of them. The captain was not too bad, at least. He adjusted his glasses before pushing his hair back, swiping away the hologram as he went to check the science deck before clearing them for leave.​
  3. The science deck took two floors of the ship - which was oddly constructed, having decks perpendicular to the engines instead of what would be considered the 'bottom' and a gravity to match which made the ship feel more like a tower than a building, with the exception of the Bridge at the top of the craft - and, as expected, was filled with various research equipment - spectroscopes, electron microscopes, and the fair share of computers. There was also, oddly enough, quite a few pieces of equipment Johann didn't even recognize. Kelly soon joined him up there.

    "Nice place hm? I keep telling ya that the Board of Sciences give good packages, especially when you know how to pull strings. It's going to be AWESOME."
  4. "Thanks fellas', easy goin' now." Johann waved off the men as he got all his crew on board before shutting the hatch. He flicked the hologram up once more to add more figures and stats to his collection of information, making sure each box was noted. "Yeah, we're lucky. She's a real beauty." Johann smiled at Kelly as he patted the side of the ship before walking in among the boxes, "Now, I say most of this stuff can be unpacked on route... the captain is gonna get us going soon so I've got to be on main deck.." He began talking to himself a little as he looked around each box.​
  5. Kelly nodded. "Actually most of this stuff is probably going to be unpacked on a need-to basis... But don't let me hold you back, I'll keep checking on the guys and meet you aboard."
  6. "No problem." Johann nodded before walking up the stairs into the ship, finding his way into the deck. The captain was already mapping out routes and directions for the crew. Johann listened carefully and made sure he knew what his expectations were. The captain - Captain Warner - was a good friend, and they got along. Which was also useful for when Johann needed an extra scope or chemicals here and there.
  7. The ship could be felt rumbling as the cargo door closed. Some technician or another announced T-120 to departure. Captain Warner smiled warmly at Johann. "Hah, wondered when you'd show up. Though there's something you should know..." He looked both ways and waved him over.
  8. Johann smiled and nodded at his friend before frowning a little. That was never good, Warner always had a way of acting like he was some sort of Italian Mafia boss with a million secrets. His hands stayed neatly tucked behind his back as he walked over to Warner, "What is it Captain?" He asked with a raised eyebrow, intrigued yet slightly nervous.
  9. The captain grinned, patting his back. "It's good to see you again. Though this ship... it's pretty good, but... It came with strings, per se..." He was drawing the conversation out, staring at the ceiling. "Well, to be blunt. While you're technically the research lead, Kelly's with the Board of Science - and so is this ship, so she technically will be able to pull more authority than you if she wants. I tried fighting against it when I was brought on board and learnt it, but you know how bureaucratics is... Hope that won't be too grating."
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