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  1. In the kingdom of Arcindawn there is a little village where nothing happens called Foxtale. Now the kingdom has declared war for the king wishs to marry the queen of a neighboring queendom called Dueceale. However the queen won't marry any king who isn't willing to wage war for her. In a outrage the king decided to take her queendom and her by force. Now every man who is 14 years old or more must join the army for the king's cause even in the little village of Foxtale...

    There were stories told in the little village of Foxtale of lands were magic and witchcraft was practiced, places where creatures who roamed the country that would have to be seen to believed and of other races of people even! Yet, no one in Foxtale had seen any of these things but they had heard and told those stories over the years. One of the stories said if you had magical talent you could even claim sanctuary from your country inside the land of witches.

    Now, in order to escape being recruited for this senseless war Grim needs to find a place where the army cannot reach him because of course they pass a law to recruit 14 and above when he just turned 14, that was just his luck. Many were thinking the of escaping but couldn't leave their families and homes behind for the soldiers to take advantage of.
    Whether Grim had talent or skill to find his way in the rest of the world he didn't know but he was going there or anywhere he could to get as far away from this senseless war as possible.

    It didn't matter what was out there so long as it wasn't the little village of Foxtale, his home.
  2. So, I wasn't quite sure if I should put my little character in with the setting or not but that's just kind of how I wanted the story to start. An adventure of mysterious lands where many things happen but no idea what yet, just kinda rolling with it.
  3. That's perfectly acceptable. Did you read through your first post again yet? I haven't checked but I will do so now.
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