Foxtails in June

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  1. School's out, and the next year's seniors relax and hang out. Some of the stupider ones get drunk, the slightly smarter ones start smoking, and the smart ones find good company, or stay in solitude.

    The world is inhabited by regular humans, and a not-so-common sub-species of hybrids. The human-hybrid ratio is about 7:1, and the hybrids are of all sorts. Foxes, cats, dogs, wolves, horses, cows. The most common hybrid is the cat, followed by the dog, and the cow comes after.

    The town where we set our scene is Kearney, Nebraska.

    A Silver Fox hybrid lives on the outskirts of town. Her family is on vacation, and as she had recently turned 18, she had elected to stay behind. During the school year, she is rather social, but chooses her friends wisely, though she never turns down the friendship of a fellow hybrid, especially a fox.

    Foxes are not common, but they are existent. Whichever ones went to school, she befriended.

    She was friendly, but isolated. And on the weekends, and during the Summer, she stayed indoors, paling her skin, darkening the edge of her palm with graphite. On the first day of school, the school district showcased her works in recognition. It got her a great deal of popularity, especially in the artist circles. This year, she had been given permission to paint a wall of the school as a mural over the Summer, to commemorate her graduation next year. She would've rather done it over the school year so she could skip classes, but they wouldn't give her credits for it.

    So she'd finally get to be outside during the Summer, or she would have to forsake the mural.

    And that's when a human boy enters.

    The preferred Character Skeleton
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    Full Name:
    Birthday: (Character is likely 18, specify if otherwise)
    Appearance: (preferably pictorial)
    Short Biography:

    The Silver Fox
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    Full Name: Vik van Gelder
    Nicknames: Vikky, Vixen
    Birthday: February 2nd
    Appearence: [​IMG]
    Personality: Friendly, but prefers isolation. She is kind to other hybrids, and a skilled artist. She is known, but not necessarily liked, by all in the town. She has no aspiration, besides leaving her mark, a quite literal future. Because of her lazy nature, she often wears her clothes loose, and she likes to run to burn off energy. During Summer, when she's not drawing, she's either sleeping, eating, or burning unneeded energy. She's only really social during school, but never leaves her home otherwise. Often chews on Alopecurus myosuroides‚Äč grass during the growing seasons.

    Short Biography: Born outside Buffalo, New York, she had only lived in that state until she was 2, when she moved to Arkansas. She lived outside Texarkana, and enjoyed the seclusion when she was out of school. She never wore makeup, and rarely slept, causing her to get dark under the eyes. She moved to Kearney when she was in sixth grade, and was a graffiti artist for a short time in the eighth grade, until she had to spend a bit of time in the Juvenile Detention Center for vandalism. Those days are behind her, and she spends most her money on graphite and paints. Her works are appreciated throughout the town, and have even been showcased on the University of Nebraska Campus. She never confessed to having any aspirations, other than, most recently, wanting to leave her mark on the world.

    Forewarning, There will be sexual themes, but they will not be extremely prevalent, nor will they be central.
  2. Full Name: Rogan Reis
    Nicknames:Roe-Roe by his sister
    Birthday:march 18 (is 18)
    Appearance: Cebreus.jpg
    Personality:he is always tired and would rather be sleeping he is a sleepy genius his goal in life is to sleep 24 hours in a row,
    Bio: He lived in a sleepy little town before moving to nebraska, and is still sleepy nothing has ever really happend to him,ever, his hair is dyed by a prank pulled on him while sleeping, as mentioned his goal is to sleep a full 24 hours, but he never can get in more than 10 because of his younger sister wakes him for school and chores he enjoys fish he has strait D-s for late work but on tests he always gets 100%
  3. Nothing of a bio, not to mention, I'd prefer the other to be human. I didn't specify it explicitly, but if you read thoroughly, you might've gathered that.
  4. Fixed it. sorry i'm kind of slow...
  5. Your writing style is a bit short, not to mention, it would be hard for two antisocial people to meet, especially if they don't even use social networks. It would be hard to get an RP between us off the ground, sadly.
  6. Ah makes sense Sorry!
  7. It's alright. Really, the only time I can deal with short posts is when it's a back and forth conversation with no critical movement details.