Fox trap

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  1. He went out early that morning. To check his cages. He was hoping he would have caught something pretty. And he did. He arrived and he saw a little fox kit trapped and crying, the pelt.... the pelt would make him thousands of dollars. He grabs the little kit by the scruff and shoves him in a bag, he throws him in the back of the truck, in a few hours time he pulls him out and inserts a needle into the squirming body, " well kit, you are worth a hell of a lot more to me dead" he pulls his knives out and as he does this a wealthy man enters his shop. He had seen the kit from the window. " Wait. I will buy him as is"
  2. The kit just stood there shakeing, afraid. " P-please help... " The kit said as his ears pinned back down against his head.
  3. The trapped hits the little kit, " hush the adults are talking" he says sternly, " the boys price is 7000$" he knows this is a ridiculous price and the man will probably just walk away but the wealthy man shrugs, " fine. Put him in a nice box, alive. Who does the check go out to?" He arches a brow and throws the kit in a cage and then goes to sort out the money. He returns in five minutes and puts the kit in a card board box and hands it to the wealthy man who walks out with him
  4. The small kit looks out of the hole in the side of the box, wathcing to where he was going. " ........ " He kept quiet as he sat down and scratched his leg. " U-u-umm where are you takeing me. " The small kit said studdering lightly.
  5. " First we are going to a vet, you are getting shots and a check up... and then a groomer, you need a bath. Must've just got out of the woods" his nose wrinkles, " then you get a collar and a nicer box and you, you are my daughters present"
  6. He tilted his head to the word "Present". " Whats that. " He said as he stuck his maw out of the box.
  7. " It means I am giving you to her, you belong to her." He takes the boy out and hands him to a man in a lab coat and he takes the kit into the back and pulls out three long needles, he is given three shots, his blood is taken, teeth and eyes checked. " He just needs a flea bath and he is good to go" he hands him off to a nurse who then drops the boy into a bath full of flea medicine
  8. The young kit just sits there not moveing from the spot he was put in.
  9. After thirty minutes he is removed and dried and then taken into a collar shop, he is given a black one with a blank name tag and then put in a much nicer gift box with a big bow on it, " now you will be nice to my daughter, charm her... I hear one bad thing and you get to go straight back to the trapper."
  10. " O-ok. " He said afraid of going back to the mean trapper.
  11. " Now be quiet until she opens the box" he sets the box in his daughters bedroom, on her bed. " I mean it, not one bit" he then turns and leaves
  12. The kit just lays down and curls his tail around his body and soon falls asleep. " ........ "
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    His young daughter comes in giggling and she has had a good birthday and she lights up when she sees the box and gets on the bed, she opens the box and her eyes light up. " A fox?"
  14. The kit slowly opens it's eyes yawning softly. He looked up and stood quickly. "........"
  15. She smiles looking at him, you are just so tiny. Come here little guy" he reaches in the box and pulls him out, " how old are you? What's your name? I am Star" she smiles and pets him, " I just turned 12 today"
  16. " Ummm i don't really have a name im just called fox. I am 12 as well. " he said as he hestantly looked to the girl.
  17. She smiles and pets him "I am gonna call you Tad, because it is cute just like you!" She smiles and pets him, she looks in the doorway and her father smiles, " a handsome pet for daddys princess" She runs up and hugs him, " daddy I love him! He is perfect"
  18. The small fox kit tilted his head to the side. " Tad? Ilike it! " He exclaimed as his tail swayed from side to side.
  19. She smiles and goes back over to him, she sits by him and wraps her arms around him, " where did my Daddy get you from?"
  20. Tad just smiled. " I was trpped by a local trapper. " He said as he looked down slightly.