Fourth Wall

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  1. So, I'm sure many of you know what the fourth wall is. Its that imaginary plane that separates the reader/viewer from the show/movie/cartoon/book etc. To break this means that the characters interact, say things or do things that acknowledge that their story is not real, and that they are characters being watched. My question is, have you ever done this or had someone do this in an rp? How do you feel about such being done in one of your rps? Does it annoy you/amuse you?
  2. Guilty, I've done it.

    Personally, I find it pretty fun and it makes the character more exciting to work with.
    Even though the character is fully aware, I try not to make it where he or she is more focused on the events and other characters.

    That's just me though.
  3. -------WARNING: UNDER THE DOME SPOILER ALERT ------------

    I've seen it done before in RPs and personally I find it can cause problems if done in the wrong setting by the wrong character. For rpers who use acting method in order to get into their character's mind set it can be very annoying when their partner's character continually breaks the illusion of their character being a real person. The other fact is that some people get upset because it can really ruin the mood of a good scene.

    Am I saying that there is no place for it? Absolutely not. I have seen it done incredibly well by writers in serious genres with a very cool effect. For instance, Stephen King is great at breaking the fourth wall for the use of theme and to draw characters farther in to his stories. One example which comes to mind is Under The Dome for instance where the characters often mention that mysterouis beings (the author) have placed the dome over their town, not as an experiment but simply as entertainment (for the audience).
  4. I do not tend to break the Fourth Wall in roleplays, however, I sometimes do point out massive coincidences from time to time. I usually reserve breaking the Fourth Wall for my own stories, but even then, I do it very rarely, however, when I do, I have the most fun possible with it. I almost always use it as a comedic literary device, so I make characters converse with the author, or make them hate their roles etc. I think it is the easiest way to make something funny in literature, and is very fun to write, but as I said, I do not do it very often.
  5. I don't tend to break the fourth wall, as if that is not very well thought out it can cause problems. I prefer to firmly sit upon the fourth wall, being a tad too genre savvy, but not fully realizing i'm in a story.
  6. I find that breaking the fourth wall, if not done correctly, and not well thought out is really distracting and can destroy the continuity of a story. I don't approve of it being used in an RP, especially one with more serious underpinnings.

    I think there's a comedic use for breaking the fourth wall, but I don't see myself using it any time soon.
  7. True. One cannot simply break the fourth wall.
  8. All of you should go and watch Funny Games if you haven't already.

    THAT is how you break down barriers between character and audience.
  9. I've seen the forth wall broken in MANY role plays over the years, sometimes it makes it better, sometimes it makes me just leave the role play all together.