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    Humanity's birthright from the beginning. The only planet capable of supporting life in the known universe, a planet that had served the needs and wants of billions of lifeforms. By the end of 2050, this birthright was dying. Resources became too scarce. Populations skyrocketed. From the collapsing ark rose a new hope, brought by a blissful moment of unity unseen by humankind. In a last-ditch effort to save themselves, humanity launched a terraforming program on both Venus and Mars. Of the nine billion on Earth, only a handful remained.

    These new colonies were no place for the timid or the weak. Of the three billion that made their way to the two new salvations, only a third remained between them. Crime festered. Law slowly faded. Humanity had lost not only its home, but any resemblance it had to the once proud, dominant species of Earth. There were the lone few who believed they could save their burning ship, and perhaps they are still alive, though none are willing - or able - to return. Be it the second or the fourth rock out, a new home has been made among the cold stars.


    This RP will be on Mars only.

    Expectations and Rules:

    1. All Iwaku rules apply.

    2. A limit of two characters per player - subject to change on a case by case basis. Characters who do not help propel or add to the story will run the risk of removal.

    3. No godmoding. Pretty simple here: your characters aren't invincible in any terms, including those out of combat! Just because you aren't being shot at doesn't mean there won't be consequences for character's actions.

    4. Please be able to post 2-3 times a week, three paragraph minimum. If this becomes an issue for character interactions, feel free to bring it up (have forward notice for inactivity).

    5. All character sheets are subject to my discretion. I will always address any potential issues with you before simply denying a character.

    6. I am of the belief that the plot lies in the hands of the characters as much as the GM, so feel free to add suggestions and ideas to talk over about the plot. With this freedom does come the expectation that you make an effort to add and propel the plot forward yourself if need be.

    7. I will accept a total of five additional players; this will be updated as the characters are added in. If you do not post three days after showing initial interest or reserving a spot, I will assume you have lost interest and your spot will be handed off.

    Social Classes:

    An unfortunate side effect of starting over was the reestablishment of a heavily divided society, at least in terms of wealth and influence.

    Mudboys/Mudgirls: Derogatory term for working class. If you aren't one of wealth, influence, and power in any regards you'll fall into this category of citizen. Manual laborers, nobodies, and beggars all fall into this category.

    Grifter: Grifters are conmen and thieves, hopping from job to job for the right price, or their own accord depending on the individual. Often times grifters are misplaced, for the most skilled and proper grifters are never caught. However, the term, in addition to conman, typically can be used to refer to loan sharks, those who cheat at cards, and the like. Unsavory types, all of them.

    Orderlies (Venus, Aphrodite, and Hekate): Orderlies of the Three Houses are, in the basest term, prostitutes. However, their work goes far beyond what would be seen as such a simple calling. If a brothel is owned by one of the households - which are fiercely competitive - it is often the highest symbol of class, and it is not uncommon that these institutions also serve as social grounds for the high and mighty. They are also the greatest cesspools for organized and professional crime, and each have their own special rituals and customs.

    The Orderly Houses (open)


    House Venus has come to represent the values of what was once the Roman empire on Earth: excess and debauchery. But beyond simple moral standings and values, the house of Venus is certainly the most 'devout' of the trio; they view their line of work as a sacred calling and use their own rituals, deities, and ceremonies devoid of outside interference. In this regard they are no better than the Faithfuls, as often whenever a bath house - 'Temple' - is constructed, often times a town will sprout around it, following the way of house Venus.

    These communities are almost entirely self-sustaining. They pay taxes, have regular law enforcement, and abide by a set of rules far more strict than any other town out in the Wastes. Often times the temple itself is improved while the town around it is left to its own devices, but once a temple of Venus is constructed, it is terribly difficult to remove. After all, they are the order and ruling caste of wherever they settle down. This was mitigated in the earlier part of the century when membership dues were extracted from those in frequent attendance before it became a practice for all their customers, making it an easy front to gain revenue and keep their lands content to live under them.


    Aphrodite and Venus are complete rivals and have been ever since their founding. Not much light if shed on this bitter hatred, but the two have gone as far as to isolate themselves on either side of the planet in the Cities. It's been speculated that, since the two stand for different purposes, that the rivalry would be unavoidable. Certainly this is true, for while Venus sees its work as a sacred calling or art, Aphrodite is the knife in the dark. Most of the decision makers of the Aphrodite house also hold the growing MagLev transportation, terradomes, and astral drill platforms. To them, the house is just another supplement to their already substantial income.

    Because of this mindset, house Aphrodite also remains the most profitable. Of course, this is at a grand level of 'profitable.' Most households barely generate any revenue, but by position and expenses put forth, they remain highly efficient. House Venus' selective nature comes from their personal views, whereas Aphrodite simply will not put a house where there is no benefit economically. As such, these gentlemen's clubs continue to dot Mars wherever they're needed most, be it in the highest foot-traffic strips of the Cities or at the biggest centers of trade out in the Wastes.


    Hekate is often the one house that goes unnoticed, though it is the most numerous in sheer numbers. Officially, there is no one owner of this branch of Orderlies; it remains a catch-all term for any house not affiliated with the previous two. All of them are independently owned and operated, with several of the more successful ones tending to join Aphrodite for the financial security.

    There are no unifying traits of these independent establishments, and they vary as much as the towns they are built in. Some have even been known to form, much in the likeness of house Venus, their own colonies and secluded corners of society, but most lack the initiative to make it outside of society. Though there are those precious few that still are completely functional, namely Whitefall towards the northern pole of Mars that has managed to remain a getaway for all with the right price. Several attempts by house Venus have been made to shut down this far more elaborate establishment or elsewise convert it, but they have managed to stand their ground.

    Faithfuls: Faithfuls are those holy men and women in an era devoid of faith. Most find them strict and outspoken in their prayers, and several dislike their own, private society. Only the males of the Faithfuls are seen out and about in society, and they have been known to marry off women as young as thirteen, often times to an already married man in order to gain more followers by weight of birth. Whatever their flaws as a religion, however, Faithfuls are capable of sustaining themselves, and often only trade what excess they create. This adds to the air of mystery and distrust, as outsiders have never been allowed inside their self-dubbed monasteries.

    Jackels: Those few who left Earth, escaping from something, often were not well received on their new home, either. These individuals formed a rag-tag society known collectively as "Jackels" to the modern world. The term itself is derogatory in nature, for most are highly isolated and hostile as the years go on. Their tribal societies, originally born out of loyalty to one another, have caused them to become outsiders among their own kind. Most are prosecuted and sent to work in the Terradomes or are simply hunted, with a bounty of 10SC - enough for one meal - per scalp brought into law enforcement. Despite this, they are excellent at breeding the various livestock that manages to grow out in the wastes, whose red waste and sun have caused their skin to become an orange-nut-brown mixture.

    Lawmen: If you're an ordinary man of the law, you're a lawman. Simplicity itself. Not quite grifter, not quite mudder, these individuals are often the most varied. Corrupt sheriffs. Privateers. Bounty hunters. They all uphold some element of the law in their own special way. Officially, some of the more subjective types are not officially sponsored by public authorities, but that doesn't stop them from being a high-up, unspoken king of the streets in their own regards. 'Course, all that don't matter if you're at the wrong end of a mudder's six shooter.

    Whites: White-collar individuals, 'Whites', are the barons of the society. They own the terradomes, the law officers, the trade centers, all of it. They aren't the ones to go around the Wastes of the homesteads; they stay nice and comfortable in the established cities on either end of Mars. Society for them is much more what it was on Earth before the fall, and they prefer to keep it that way at the expense of other's labor. Most notorious are the higher-up lawmen, the House owners, and the dome barons.

    Gentled (open)

    Originally intended as a means of taming animals quickly towards the latter half of the 21st century, the process of 'gentling' became extremely common on the new frontier of Mars as a form of indentured servitude in order to ensure their support in working the new colony. However, this process could not be reverted, and this generation of poor individuals attempting to save themselves ended up permanently transfigured into a servant caste. After the horrifying news of the process had become widespread, it was quickly outlawed on Mars' moon, though through bureaucracy it never made it to the planet itself. Now they are servants to the high and mighty, though often used be criminals as guards, lapdogs, or hands-on dirty job workers.

    They will not raise a hand to defend themselves and are generally unresponsive to their environment except things they perceive as direct commands. Often they must be force-fed, with nutrient compounds administered daily being the best format to keep them running. While machine muscles are quickly becoming common again, Gentled are both a sign of status and far cheaper...Not to mention, they can be used to remove potential enemies, for it can be a punishment worse than death.

    Booming Industries (open)


    Terradomes are, essentially, tight clusters of terraformed land that are specialized to farming. This procedure was too expensive to apply to the entire planet and required too much attention to tend to afterwards. The original domes were just a matter of necessity, so in the early days of Mars they were simply the manner of producing food no different then they were on Earth. That was before the LPA (limited population act) came into play and the growing population threatened to make Mars only a way to forestall the inevitable. Once resources began to dwindle under increasing demand, the first 'kibble' was introduced to the public as a means to take pressure off of dome owners. This only had the real effect of making 'real' food a luxury.

    When the mindset of 'necessity' to 'luxury' came into play, the terradome industry changed for what most consider the worse. Profits were up more then they ever had been, but instances of company store began to become more and more frequent and soon the symbols of technological prowess and hope turned into monsters. Debtors, criminals, and all sorts of folk are tossed into working the domes for a meager living that only suffices to worsen their problems. Of course, at least there's food and shelter to be had in a domicile.

    Magnetic Levitation Platforms

    The first magnetic levitation platforms (MagLevs) were used as a means of transportation on Earth. Most modern cities used them as general means of public transportation and a few used them for cross-continental trade, as they were efficient and could reach incredible speeds under the weight of goods. In Earth's final days they were becoming the surefire way to save the planet, but of course it was too late.

    Fast forward to the mid 2100's and the MagLev is still in heavy use, though little has changed in its design. In a sense, the lower populations gave the original workers a high place as they toiled to connect the widespread population centers together. Labor was scarce, and the trade tycoons couldn't afford to let go of their workers. As such, MagLev routes were built with little to no trouble and, while it is still hard labor and bound to the dangers of the Wastes, remains a solid occupation to this day.

    Martian Society:

    SLANG (open)

    Ace - n.
    1) An expert in the field.
    2) Friend, buddy, pal.

    Ace of Spades - ph. Solo term for death in combat. To "draw the ace" is to die in battle. "Drawing the ace" is a short-hand expression with the same meaning.

    Aesthetics - n. Simple cosmetic surgery.

    Alien - n. Derogatory grounder term for someone who lives in space (a highrider).

    AniMan, AniMen - n. Derogatory term for a body sculpted individual who resembles an animal form.

    Apter - n. Pronunciation of the acronym APTR (Augmented Program Trained Reflex). (Syn. skillsoft or reflex chip.) This type of chip provides new reflex-based skills for the user.

    Bakebrain - n. General purpose derogatory term indicating someone with limited or damage mental faculties (frequently due to excessive use of neural cyberware.) (Syn. asshole, idiot, jerk, moron.)

    Bit Jockey - ph. Programmer.

    Black, Big Black - ph. Space. The final frontier. Where no man... well, you get the idea.

    Black Clinic - n. A medical facility which specializes in the implant of illegal or unregistered cyberware.

    Blade - n.
    1) A professional soldier or fighter, specializing in edged weapons.
    2) A surgeon or doctor.

    Blood Money - ph. Income from the illegal sale of organs to a body bank.

    Breetva - n. (Rus.) Razor literally, mechanic.

    Buck Rogers - ph. Derogatory phrase for an individual obsessed with high-tech weaponry.

    Cement poisoning - ph. What a person dies of after being pushed off of a multi-story building and hitting the sidewalk. Also known as deceleration trauma.

    Chinese Take-out - ph. Anything extremely jumbled or messy. (e.g."That riotgun made his chest look like Chinese take-out.").

    Chop - n. A credcard or credchip.

    Chrome - n.
    1) Flash, glitter, bells and whistles, tinsel. Material used to spice up the appearance of something.
    2) Sexy features on a program, not needed for functionality but radiating style (e.g. a guillotine instead of a Chrome (cont)-trash can icon).

    Chunking - v. Eating on the run, eating as a secondary activity.

    Crease - v. To kill. - Creased: Killed.

    C-YA - ph. Pronounced as "see ya", acronym for "Cover Your Ass".

    Dead Presidents - n. Old (pre-collapse) United States paper currency.

    DeeVee - v. Devalue. To make something worthless.

    Derm - n. An adhesive skin patch used to apply medication.

    Die of the measles - ph. In military parlance, an assassination which makes the death appear to be of natural causes.

    Dirtside - n. (HR) A reference to a planetary surface (as opposed to space).

    Dirtsider - n. (HR) Derogatory term for someone who rarely or never is in space.

    Dock - v. (HR) To have sex.

    Double Tap - v. To kill cleanly with a single gunshot (ref. entry and exit wounds). (E.g."Someone double tapped him right between the eyes.")

    Doughboy/girl - n. Derogatory term for someone wearing too much body armor.

    Exotic - n. An obviously biosculpted individual, usually with non-human features (fangs, fur, tail, etc.).

    Flash -
    1) v. Anything spectacular (e.g. "That deck has a lot of flash!"
    2) n. Hard currency (e.g. "Loan me some flash.")

    Fold -
    1) n. A slang term for flexible (paper or plastic) currency.
    2) v. To shut down something or someone (e.g. "This operation is about to fold.")

    Footprint - n. A characteristic `hacking' style; consisting of such elements as speed, number and length of pauses, commonly-appearing commands, words, phrases, and mistakes.

    Frag - v.
    1) Common curse word. adj: Fragging.
    2) To kill someone with a fragmentation grenade.

    Fred - n.
    1) Any straight, unimaginative citizen, usually a shirt (q.v.).
    2) An elder person or someone who clings to outmoded ideas or practices (from Fred Flintstone).

    Gaijin - n. (Jap.) A derogatory term for a foreigner or outsider.

    Gewalt - n. (Ger.) Violence.

    Giri - n. (Jap.) A debt of honor; duty or obligation.

    Gomi - n. (Jap.) Junk, garbage.

    Gou'pi -n. Substitute for bovine fecal matter.

    Gumby - n. From Monty Python, an act of minor but conspicuous stupidity (e.g. "Pulling a gumby.")

    Heater -n. "So I pulled out my gat and I was like 'pow-pow ratta-tat-tat' and it was super tight."

    Hose - v.
    1) Make a mistake; screw up.
    2) adj. To spray someone with automatic weapons fire.

    Input - n. Girlfriend, female companion.

    Jam -
    1) v. To fight or run away.
    2) To have sex.

    Jock, Jockey - n. A person with technical skills of a high order (e.g. deckjockey, deltajock, panzerjock).

    JoyBoy/JoyGirl - n. Prostitute.

    Keiretsu - n. (Jap.) A corporate, cartel, or conglomerate.

    Khorosho - adj. (Rus.) Good. OK. Fine.

    Klepto, Kleptoid - n. Thief, prowler.

    Krovvy - adj. (Rus.) Bloody.

    Leech - n. Street-doc or med-tech.

    Like kicking dead whales down the beach - ph. Any slow and disgusting job or process

    Maglev - n. Shorthand term for a magnetic levitation train.

    Make a deposit in the body bank - ph. to die.

    Meat Puppet - ph. A prostitute whose memory and/or senses are disabled temporarily.

    Mentat - n. Brainy individual, specifically one who will stare at a problem without moving for a while and come up with an answer without doing any apparent intermediate steps (like writing things down).

    Mileetsya - n. (Rus.) Corruption of the Russian pronunciation of `Militia', typically used in reference to corporate security or the military.

    Monkey - n. The business term for an expendable person.

    Mushi - n. (Jap.) Computer glitch.

    Neh - exp. (Jap.) Interrogative; "Right?"

    Oo’zhas - v. (Rus.) Awful. Terrible.

    Output - n. Boyfriend, male companion.

    Panzer - n. Any ground-effect combat vehicle.

    Panzerjock - n. An expert panzer operator.

    Paranoid - adj. Someone who has all the facts.

    Polymer One-shot - n. A cheap line of polymer plastic, non-reloadable handguns. Very inexpensive, and very unreliable, they come in a variety of colors.

    Recycling - v. Environmentally friendly act of killing someone and taking the corpse to a body bank.

    Ripperdoc - n. A surgeon who specializes in implanting illegal or unregistered cyberware.

    Sardine - n. A soldier wearing Powered Armor.

    Screamer - n.
    1) Slang for mouth (e.g. "Hey asshole, shut down (q.v.) your screamer!"
    2) Something fast, sleek, and sexy, used as an expression of admiration (e.g. "She/He/It's a real screamer!)
    3)Somebody who screams a lot while being reduced (q.v.)
    4) Somebody who screams a lot while being tightly interfaced (q.v.).
    5) Credstick (orcard) or other ID that triggers computer alarms if used.

    SIN - n. Single (or System) Identification Number. An ID number unique to each citizen. Many streetpeople (nomads, derelicts) are said to be "SINless", i.e. without a SIN. This makes them unknown (non-existent) to the system. It allows them to move about in society more freely than a `recorded' citizen, but also allows the enforcers of society (police and corp. security) to punish/abuse them without due process since, technically, they `do not exist'.

    Slot - v.
    1) Mild curse word (i.e. "Slot THIS, chummer!").
    2) To have sex.

    Slot and run - ph. Hurry up, get to the point, move it.

    So ka - ph. (Jap.) I understand, I get it.

    Soykaf - n. Coffee substitute made from soybeans.

    Sphincter Factor - ph. A level of disgust, nervousness, or fear (usually on a scale of 1 to 10.)

    Svoluch - n. (Rus.)
    1) Derogatory term for someone with honor.
    2) A bastard.

    Twinkie - n. A naive, defenseless, vulnerable, or otherwise useless person.

    Tyur'ma -n. Jail

    Valuta - n. (Rus.) Literally "foreign currency". Refers to any hard currency, either electronic (cards, sticks) or scrip.

    Yono - n. (Kor.) A person who is scum or a low life. (From the Korean"Yonomoseki").

    The surface of Mars is ill-fitted to growing any sort of livestock or food. Most livestock can function without too much interference in the Wastes, but these are mostly stockier horses and other animals used to harsh conditions. The two commodities of Mars are water and food, both of which are in high regulation. Water is recycled as much as possible, with the majority of its fresh supply coming from the ice found in the void. Food, on the other hand, is grown in massive constructs known as terradomes, or simply 'the greens.' They are owned by the most ruthless of business types who are not afraid of putting debtors, jackels, and any other sort of low life into an existence of misery to continue their production. Those who can't afford true food are forced to eat the bland, nondescript 'Kibble' that is best to be unquestioned.

    Two cities sit on either end of Mars, which officially have no name. Each city contains roughly an eighth of the population and serves as a major center of trade between the Cities and the Wastes. These two cities do not usually interact, and often only own their side of the planet. They have been likened to motherlands and colonies, but that does not exactly translate well, for out in the Wastes, law serves little meaning. The Cities could care less what they do out there so long as taxes are paid and labor is done.

    The Standard Credit (SC):

    Officially, the SC is a digital-only currency, bound to each citizen's ID card. This term is used to describe both the official, to-regulation digital credit and the illegal 'hard' money used outside of the Cities in an attempt to keep black markets, tax evasion, and other underground activities afloat. Generally, if an employer of one of the Cities works out in the Wastes, that employer will generally use the paper money for easy of access alone; while it technically is law to use the digital, no one really cares enough to enforce it for everything. Mints and transfer centers do exist in the Wastes, though these are equivalent to highway robberies due to broker fees and the like. In terms of buying power, 15.00 SC is equal to about 5.00 USD in the modern day.

    Paper SC (open)


    Citizen Identity Cards:

    As required by the LPA (limited population act), all births must be first applied for before being run through City officials. At this point, luck and social standing dictates who is able to have a child legally. Notice is sent back to the family and, three months after the birth, notice must be sent to the City for an identity card to be shipped regarding the individual's credentials. In the first thirteen years of life, this only states name, date of birth, current age, sex, and depicts a blank slate for the profile picture. At age thirteen, or upon entering the work force, an application must be sent for a new card that allows for occupation and income to be recorded, making the ID card identification and debit card all in one.

    Card One (0-12)
    Labor Force (13+)
    1,000SC; 500SC per 10 yrs/additional change
    Registration of Firearm
    Price on request
    Fines and Tickets
    Charged on case-by-base basis

    From this point onward, the card must be updated every ten years to account for changes in appearance, with a change required for every criminal offense and registered firearm added there on; the former added to keep a general tab on the population, the latter to avoid mass uprisings. Of course, this only marginally helps the threat of overpopulation and underground activity, for the Cities do not have the reach to monitor every single birth, crime, and firearm purchased. Still, for every individual who abuses the card system, ten will usually follow it to a limited degree.

    Firearms (open)

    Took a while, but here's the official rundown of gun technology to offer in the 2100's.

    Black Powder: Though most question the strict accuracy of naming them 'black powder' weapons, this term refers to anything that still uses gunpowder as its main form of projection. Most are antique designs from Earth's day still in production, namely the AK-74, Mosin-Nagant, and nearly anything offered by Smith and Wesson. These models remain in production in several foundries across the planet. Few new models have been released, with the majority being, of course, far superior when compared to their primitive counterparts. Still, few bonafied gun manufactures waste time on black powders and stubbers.
    • Depending on the seller, these weapons are highly prone to shoddy craftsmanship.
    • Several weapons out there are only refurbished and polished models that haven't seen a decent maintenance check in years.
    • By comparison, they are underpowered and outgunned by other weapons out there.

    Magnetic Projectile Weapons (MPW): Original testing for magnetic weapons began on Earth in the very beginning of the 21st century. In an era where the tank was already on its wane and hyper mobility was king, this weapon to hammer the last nail in the coffin of armored combat was not effectively utilized until around 2050. Since then, its production skyrocketed with the prospect of a third world war before stopping abruptly when humanity attempted to save its dying planet. Few are capable of producing MPWs today, and most are family heirlooms from before the fall.
    • Projectile shapes are clunky and dart-shaped, so they must be loaded in small and intricate magazines or in a shogun-style breach.
    • Power. Ammunition is useless if the weapon burns itself out.
    • Deadly misfires.

    Particle Weapons (Las): Lasers-based weapons have always been a techno-wonder of science fiction. By the earlier portion of the 22nd century, the fiction of lasers became a reality to the common foot soldier. Once armor developed once more to counter MPWs, a new weapon was needed should war break out over the scraps. In the infamous Three Days' War, the same outcome of the earlier Six Days' War ensued. A small armed contingent armed with las weapons halted an armored formation entering Europe. Essentially a miniature round hyper charged and launched with the assistance of a temperamental plasma system, a las weapon on Mars is a showy way of telling who's in charge.
    • Expensive. No one out in the dirt will ever hold one of these weapons, no questions asked.
    • Kept in strict regulation; these weapons are for entertainment purposes only, but that doesn't stop their illegal use.
    • Slow rate of fire: shots must be manually loaded and given time to charge, making them impractical in long-term engagements.

    This RP is, for the most part, going to be filled out as we go. No plot discussions will take place until after characters are laid out; better to have the characters influence the plot then the other way around. However, no characters are permitted to have living space in the Cities. If you have any questions regarding anything or need something explained I'll be glad to help out!

    Certification of Citizenship





    SEX: M/F

    PROFILE: This must be written; visuals are optional, link/offer credit to the original if it is not your own work or under your possession. Please try to keep it to a profile picture only. Keep images aligned to the right.


    Unregistered firearms, while harder to trace, will cause issues if they are discovered. Just remember this when considering your character.

    These character sheets are kept purposefully devoid of any insightful detail: your characters should be told out across the story, not from the get-go.

    Approved Characters:

    Vladimir Hayette - REASSIGNED
    Killian Geth - @WitchChild
    Lyra R. Bates - @T'Shara
    Daken Narmer - @Atlas Child
    Nils Blackheart - @J_"Kraken"
    Synthia Liri - @T'Shara
    Nidalee Forthtail - @J_"Kraken"
    Zona Harris - @J_"Kraken"
    Sabrine Yceum - @Tonedeaf

    For those not in the original cast:

    Feel free to take over a previous character for ease of introduction for the first section to get a feel for the world and decide whether or not this is right for you: there will always be an option to add your own character in later chapters. If you want to add in your own character, be sure to find a good way to introduce them into the main plot or otherwise have a side plot ready (I'll be glad to help you with either of these).

    For those who missed a date and want to reapply:

    You'll need to really prove you're willing to post on time*. One post minimum a week isn't too much to ask, so I'd appreciate some commitment on your front. Second offenders will not be allowed back in.

    *Every Monday unless forward notice is given.

    Certification of Citizenship

    Garrett Warrens

    DATE OF BIRTH (AGE): 22/06/2113 (53)

    ANNUAL INCOME: 20,000 SC/yr.
    -OCCUPATION: Mechanic

    SEX: M

    PROFILE: Garrett Warrens is a rugged, down-trodden man. Plain brown eyes peer out beneath a harsh black brow and salt-and-pepper hair that falls in tattered clumps around his harsh and lined visage. Laugh lines crease the corners of his mouth and a rugged beard, more grey than anything else, sprawls over his cheeks and chin.


    REGISTERED FIREARMS: A .44 cal. S&W self-propelled revolver.

    Certification of Citizenship

    Zona Harris

    DATE OF BIRTH (AGE): 01/12/2152 (14)

    ANNUAL INCOME: 5,000 SC/yr.
    -OCCUPATION: Servant

    SEX: F

    PROFILE: Zona is a narrow, dark-skinned girl with pale white paint beneath her eyes and across her neck, marking her as a jackel belonging to some tribe or another. Pitch black hair lies in two braids down either side of her face with a third, longer braid crossing down her back in an intricate weave. Her features are slight; narrow eyes, elevated cheekbones, and a sharp chin.

    CRIMINAL OFFENSES: Assault, grave robbing, petty thievery, grand theft, and public disturbance


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  2. Guide to Surviving the Wastes

    Excerpt from Issue No. 2

    Navigating the Daily Wasteland, Water:

    Out in the Wastes between the cities is a dangerous place, none will deny it. But what exactly is necessary when prepping a trip out into the miles of red dust and clay? Odds are by now you've heard it said that water is a commodity worth more per ounce than human blood, and that's certainly true. Without the natural supply and inability to fabricate it, water has become the most sacred of resources out on Mars and there is no option to simply 'run to the store' and purchase one like there is in the cities.

    But then how do I survive?

    It's an uncomfortable fact that recycling must be the highest priority when determining water stocks. Odds are any water you'll find out there has been recycled hundreds of times, and this certainly is a shock compared to the space-bound and high filtered water available elsewhere. If you find the prospect discomforting, bring your own H2O from your departure-point and recycle is sparingly to avoid the health concerns of 'sludge' water common in waste-bound bars and inns.

    Of course if the expense cannot be spared for such a voyage, then recycle you must unless you wish to die a shriveled husk in your time out in the red sands. Often recycling plants are in every townstead, but most often the home or individual will carry a water recycling unit that is later pumped back into the central refinery and redistributed to the populace. Simply ask for directions or look for public water pumps to access the required amount.

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  3. Certification of Citizenship

    NAME: Vladimir Hayette

    DATE OF BIRTH (AGE): 01-09-2140 (26)

    ANNUAL INCOME: Between 90,000 SC/yr to 180,000 SC/yr
    -OCCUPATION: Bartender, Poet, Patron to House Venus, Contract Terrorist, Huntsman
    SEX: M

    PROFILE: Dyed red hair, Vladimir stands at 5'10 with a thin frame. He wears a tattoo marking him as a patron for life to House Venus, yet this allegiance is loose in nature. His shoulders are stocky, yet overall he seems like a street rat. Wearing glasses due to impaired vision, Vladimir's blue eyes are seen as sapphires by many of his admirers. His hair, as it stands, is styled and combed neatly, reaching in length just below his neck.

    CRIMINAL OFFENSES: 14 counts of mass arson, 20 counts of murder, 5 counts of bank robbery, 6 counts of Mass Slaughter with Explosive Weaponry.

    REGISTERED FIREARMS: Timarov Incendiary Rifle, worth 30,000 SC. Registered under an alias

    Personal Firearm: "Halo" Pistol, explosive rounds

    "3 Stage Charges"

    Designed to "break" MagLev trains, the 3 Stage Charges are rare in that they have to be ordered through House Venus, and that they can be programmed in three "sets".

    Set One- Gas, Shutdown, Unlock
    1. A smokeless gas is released into the air, effectively knocking everyone out.
    2. Provided they're in a position to do so the charges hack into the electric system, cutting the main lights and engine power.
    3. All doors- excluding those leading to the outside, are unlocked.

    Set Two- Flame, Execute, Erase
    1. The charges release flames around 2000F in selected directions. Designed to decimate a cabin, the flames cease after only 60 seconds but in that time can pack a punch.
    2. For those not dead by flame, a lethal acidic gas is released into the cabin. If any security robots or drones are on board, it'd fry their circuits in theory.
    3. Once all cargo has been disconnected or unloaded from the MagLev, the charges explode, hopefully erasing without a trace the MagLev in question

    Set Three- Control, Lock, Open
    The least harmful of all charges. Requires access to a power supply on the MagLev.

    1. Gives Vladimir access to that single MagLev's cargo register- what it's carrying, where to, etc.
    2. Locks all doors except those remotely opened by an "authorized person". Vladimir would remove all authorization by this point so only he could open the doors.
    3. The doors open and Vlad can walk out with cargo, or information, or both. Maybe a person of importance. Mostly this is used in Huntsman contracts so as to not cause major harm to potential "merchandise".
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  4. The first ever plot and sign up page I read top to bottom in one sitting that didn't have me drooling as I skimmed it.

    Not to mention the banner of a nifty looking gun to match an avatar that may or may not simply scream "Police/Lawman/Detective/Officer" to someone.

    Am I wrong in getting a sort of... Cowboy Bebop meets In the Heat of the Night here?
  5. Not at all.

    @Windsong Shall I take that as a reservation?
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  6. lemme just put this in watch and look over it at a more waking hour
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  7. I'm pretty sure I plan to make a character for this. Seems quite interesting
  8. Oooooooh, reserved so hard. New, so no judging please ;-;
  9. I can take a sixth potential, welcome aboard!
  10. Reserved! I will try making my CS later this week, although it may be hard since school has started.
  11. Hate to say it, but we are at max currently. Tomorrow another will open up, though. Assuming a CS is not given, that is.
  12. Ah, dang it. Well, if someone drops out, just know I'm available.
  13. Certification of Citizenship WIP

    NAME: Killian Geth

    5th of November, 2140

    20,500 SC/yr on average. Depends o the year
    -OCCUPATION: Bounty Hunter

    SEX: M


    Stands at about 6'2" feet tall and most of his right side torso is cybernetic from his shoulder, hand, right chest and halfway down his side. Armored so only bigger caliber armor piercing rounds can get through. No hidden gadgets but does give added arm strength and a steadier aim. The cybernetics are matted light grey.
    Geth tends to wear a rough worn brown leather jacket and kevlar body vest underneath of faded green. He wears dark blue cargo pants and a utility belt where he has a holster for his .50 revolver while his 10mm is in a shoulder rig.

    CRIMINAL OFFENSES: 50 confirmed murders (Forgiven), Destruction of public property (Forgiven), Destruction of private property (No charges), 20 confirmed counts of kidnapping (Forgiven), Possession of illegal firearms (Paid for), Gran Theft Auto, Assault and Battery (Forgiven).


    .50 Revolver (Armor Piercing and Explosive ammo)
    .357 Revolver
    10mm Pistol (Armor Piercing and Hollow point Rounds, Flashlight attachment)
    .45 SMG
    White Wolf Anti-Material SMG
    Military Shotgun (Slug, Taser, Sabot and Buck shots)

    .500 Revolver
    Frag grenades, Demo Charges, Flash Bangs.

    Registered Vehicle
    Modified with a high grade locking system and top notch engine. Windshield is of reinforced ballistic armored glass and a good deal of the car is also reinforced lightweight armor strong enough to prevent small arms fire to penetrate it though specialized armor piercing rounds can get through the armor. The car is fitted with offroad tires which are ideal for the wastes of Mars. The tires themselves are of reinforced ballistic rubber so, again, no small arms fire are gonna blow them out easily.​
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  14. @WitchChild

    Should be good to go, just add in credit to the profile image. I'll work out the weapon tech in a little while; it isn't so important right now, but you're a-okay with what you've got.
  15. Oh, I took the screenshot. The game is Defiance. I actively went to the character creation and adjusted various things before taking it and then edited the pic
  16. Also, your car is probably in the eyes of literally everyone you know. People will try - and have - to steal it. As of the present, it'll run off of [insert sci-fi fuel source here] or be electrically powered if it works at all; it's most likely a family heirloom.
  17. And those who touch his car are deserving of a slug in the head. Or at least the one who is left after the fight for it. I have yet to add a bit of description of it, some high tech locking system or something like that so it's not gonna be stolen by the first cretin.
  18. I know, just warning you, people don't typically have ground cars anymore.
  19. Great. More fun.
  20. Ooh! Reserve a spot for me please
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