Fourth Era Roleplay: A Skyrim Together Roleplaying Community

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Hello! I am here today to introduce a newly launched roleplaying community utilizing the Skyrim: SE modification known as Skyrim Together. This mod allows players to play within the same world and chat with each other. From this, Fourth Era Roleplay was formed with the hope of giving a suitable environment for roleplay within the Elder Scrolls universe.

About Us:

Fourth Era Roleplay is a serious roleplaying community utilizing the Skyrim Together modification for Skyrim Special Edition. Through other modifications and the rich lore that the Elder Scrolls universe provides, we hope to bring a wonderful environment for character development and great writing!

Server Lore:
It is the year 195 of the Fourth Era. Skyrim is plunged into Civil War, the Aldmeri Dominion's golden banner is storming across Tamriel, Vvardenfell concealed in an ashy cataclysm, and the once-mighty Empire has broken up into fragments of what it once was.
Though, not all is lost. While Tamriel's land continues to be ravaged by blunders, catastrophes, and bloodshed--it continues to grow. Each of Tamriel's people has a story to tell. Stories of ambition, life, love, and tribulation.
Tamriel and her people continue to build, succeed, and restore. From the desolate ashy landscape of Solstheim to the sandy beaches of the Gold Coast--her people continue to tell their stories.
Treaties have risen and collapsed. Nations and monarchs who emerged only to capitulate to the next would be sovereign to try his or her hand at the throne.
Tales of the Dragonborn, the prophecy of myth, who is to return soon. That which will defy misrule and that which will restore balance to Skyrim and her people; or so the Nords claim. Talos' holy claim to the Empire has toppled with the endorsement of the White-Gold concordat.
All of Tamriel, a bustling panorama of activity and fostering. A landscape of beauty and divinity. Will you be the next true King of Skyrim? Will you make your fortune in trade? Will you storm forward against an enemy you once called your brothers? In Tamriel, you make your story and you make your worth. Welcome to the Forth Era.

Discord: Join the Fourth Era Roleplay Discord Server!