Four Winds Academy (Experimental Chat RP)

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-Experimental Chat RP-
Waiting for an RP post? In the Cbox anyway? Well... why not spend that time roleplaying as well? What I want to accomplish here... is a jump-in-anytime roleplay done in the cbox... a Chat Rp, only one that continues... so that any time you feel like it, you can jump in and play while you're waiting for that next post. You needn't a character sheet, all I ask is that you stay to theme. Below this text will be a great big wall o' fluff describing the setting of this continuous chat roleplay. You may feel free to post comments, questions, suggestions to add on to the fluff, or even discuss plot you'd like to do. I'd like to introduce

Four Winds Academy
A Starting Point For Every Adventure

Have you grown up, wishing you could go on grand adventures, but you lack the skill, experience, and intelligence to survive even a single moment in a dungeon environment? Do your adventuring companions want you to go first every time marching order is set because of your wild, insane fighting style? Are you an outcast, antisocial lone-wolf with a complicated history meant to make you seem more sympathetic to your attractive adventuring partner in hopes of getting in bed with him or her?

Well, for all but the last one, the Four Winds Academy has opened it's doors for business! Access our sprawling campus floating hundreds of feet above ground! Our friendly faculty are always willing to help with your problems! Psychologists and mind-wizards on hand to help with those pesky social etiquette problems!

Our unique learning environment gives you the ability to learn at your own pace. Classes are a week apart, and one at a time. At the end of every class, an assignment is given and you go out into the campus grounds to complete said assignment, and our given a week to do so! There is no real way to fail!

In case of failure, there is a well-supplied medical wing on campus, complete with staff.

We provide training in combat, exploration, magic, even item creation and wilderness survival! You never know what you might need! Don't let your adventuring companions whisper behind your back! Enroll now, and vengeance will be yours!

Yours Truly,
Flay Gunnar

Campus Information:
...To be announced/revealed in play!
Character Name: Sophia Bradshaw
Age: 16
Race: Half-elf
Weapon of Choice: Magic-staff for close combat.
Abilities: Destructive elemental magic; Crafting magic equipment. While she knows where to look up the other side of enchanting (mind control and such), it's not something she's paid attention to.
Story So far: Sophia's mother was an actress of sorts. Her mother also possessed magical powers, but never trained them beyond basic charms and such. Sophia's father was never known to her or her mother, probably a customer of some side business that her mom did. While her mom did love her, she was always busy and got home really late.

Most of Sophia's time was spent at the local university. She loved the books..they made much more sense then people. One of the wizards noticed her one day and started training her to use her magical potential. He was like the father she didn't have, and offered her a free education.

Her mother was overjoyed to hear that her daughter was getting a proper education, and when her teacher recommended that Sophia go to the Four Wind Academy, her mom was practically shoving her out the door. Sophia, for her part, was more than glad to get the hell away from the sex and poverty of her hometown.
Character Name: Wir'lovel Thurirl Repense

Age: 19

Race: Repense


Weapon of Choice: A simple cane. It is made of steel, and it is tipped with a skull decoration.

Abilities: Necromancy, Sound Magic, Natural Flight, Echolocation.

Story So far: His mother and father had Wir'lovel right before 'retiring' from nobility, becoming eternal in undeath, as is custom for the short-lived Repense race. Enjoying their new-found unlife made raising their child hard, as his still-living needs clashed with their new natures. Vampires are not good at raising children, and thus - Wir was forced to raise himself. As an heir to his family, he was expected to excel in certain types of magic, which he did. However, the false-nobility of his race had no grasp on his heart... deep down, he wanted power. True power, like what the humans had.

Even at a young age, he attempted to go on adventures, bringing along several undead minions as protection. He was often rescued by elder members of the society, and nursed back to health by their slaves. Many thought he was a defective child - intelligent, but mad in his desire to dirty himself rather than send in minions and slaves. Not even liaisons with the other noble's daughters or even the slaves could take his mind from his need for power - for control.

It occurred to him, however, that the easiest way to gain power - was to gain fame... and with fame, respect. Not the sort that game from dark deeds, but from heroic ones. Heroes won - villains did not. If he were to gain power, he had to become a hero... and thus, he used his family's wealth to enroll in the Four Winds Academy.