Four Sword's Frontier (Lucifers Sairen x Lithël Aelfwine)

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  1. Swords clash all over the land. The woods begin to turn into splinters from where arrows and bows will be crafted. Siege weapons are made in imponent workshops.
    The world is at war.
    546 years ago, the elven king Findan hosted a great meal at his Fortified Mallog, Fayrkui (a tree so colossal it was fortified in the inside and outside turning it into a castle not even killing it) to meet with the sovereign of the werefolk, Grundan SharpTongue.
    Together they shall fight as their kins were instructed in times foregone by Gaia herself, the spirit godess of Earth, against the reckless avance of the orcs and demons, whose false gods guided to wage war upon the earth itself.

    Findan and Grundan fought valiantly by their brothers and wipped out the scourge of their enemies, but when the last assault was to be made to end the war and erradicate the evil, Grundan dissapeared. Without a clear and rightful lead, werefolk splited out returning to their ancient regions and accused elves of trying to ally with demons, as the elves recibed a letter of the Demon Lord asking to end the war. This letter made the elves think the demons weren't behind Grundan's dissapearence, but else that he was hiding to make them fight his war and then take them in a quick assault.

    As paranoia took over the Elven Realm of Irollan and the Fera Federation that shared the great forest of Naüsser, little groups of barbarian humans and monsters, allies of the Orcs, started to prey on the weakened nations of Naüsser. With magic and gold stolen from WereFolk and Elves, Orcs and Humans started to create their empires, and left them to their fate.

    Now, Naüsser's forest was bereft of all that made it once proud and advanced, and moreover, both nations of Elves and WereFolk where still at war with the Orc Khanate, that had a new ally, the Human Empire, but didn't wanted to cooperate in the war effort due to not having any more frictions that may lead to a war. But, as time passed, the Human Empire saw the value of using it's position of newly founded nation to use diplomacy to get the bet of all factions. As that was, Humans declared themselves neutral in the conflict and invited all directors of the nations at stake to a diplomatic view in neutral zone.

    When the WereFolk attended the meeting, the Elves though that they where trying to ally themselves with humans and orcs, an declared war. WereFolk did the same and, in addition, declared that they where heretics so the "True Church" would stand in the Fera Federation, and casted out all elves that didn't repent from the grace of Gaia. Elves created then the New Church of Gaia, and reforme their religion.

    When they got to the meeting, every changing breed, every elf tribe and orc clan had a saying, and the Were-Spiders splited up from the Federation to stay in human land, claiming that both groups misunderstood the words of Gaia and that they shall clense their offenses to IT, as their war was just good for the enemies of Gaia. Seeing this, many lesser Breeds and Tribes followed, strengthening the Human Empire and weakening the other two factions. It's been 200 years of this.
    With time, also Orcs declared peace to both countries, letting them kill each other.
  2. Places to go and places to be, but what was getting harder was finding places to hide. With nations torn and some drenched in blood people haven't been the same. It was hard to find a good soul but it was lovely to have a few around. Zaleria had only met a few and have greatly appreciated their company. The rest however, well not at all that great of people. Then again her line of work required those run ins.

    With countries still at war many require her services to rid of people that were standing in their way. She never questioned the reason for the hit. She only required to be paid half in advance before leaving. As of now Zaleria was in need of work and hated the idea of running low on funds. Though what mattered was where. With the Elven realm and what was left of the Fera Federation war was filled with work. Though she had to tread carefully and not help with large scale situation. Things that could ultimately decide the fate of a battle.

    For now she could only look at the bounty boards in Aleria, one of the largest town in the human empire. She just needed a small job for now, hopefully a quick one. Staying in cities for too long felt more dangerous than walking the paths in the wilderness.
  3. The human empire was noissy, full of life and people from all around the world. Bounty hunters were required all across the empire and far off it's marks.
    Over the board, there as nothing interesting for Zaleria, but there were many in a whirlwind of people aroud her gettting jobs: it was the golden age for the bounty hunters. As nothing called your attention in the board, something did in the surroundings. A little boy you knew from being a messenger of the guild of assasins was looking at you, waving from a corner of an alley and it seemed that nobody else has saw him.
  4. The boards were full but it felt empty. Everything on there felt too easy or something that a new bounty hunter would be starting on. Nothing on there needed her skill set which was a bit odd in her mind. Everyone needed her skill set yet there was nothing. With a sigh Zaleria was left with only one thing to do and that was to find shelter and travel in the morning. Though what caught her eye was a small boy in the alley way. He was quite familiar and was trying to get her attention. No one else noticed him but then again a messenger from the assassin's guild was rarely noticed by anyone.

    Zaleria left the bounty boards and let the hunters continued their feast while she checked with the messenger. With light steps she glided through the crowd without bothering them and met the messenger in the alley. "A new message? Been awhile since the last one."
  5. It's been awhile since you heard one, but many have been whispered answered the boy you're a skilled hunter and you don't work for the Elven Kingdom. If so, there's ajob for you that could end the war
  6. The war had been going on for centuries. It wasn't helping anyone just hurting them so with the idea of ending the war secretly was quite appealing. "End it you say?" Zaleria said with great interest. "I don't work for much of any kingdom but the Elven Kingdom is something I stay far away from." It was true about that but it was only because they asked for so much for very little. "So what is it that I may have to do?" She asked.
  7. Your mission will be delivered to you by a tall, black-skined man. He'd be in the Rampaging Stallion Inn at midnight. He'll have a crook with an owl on it. Said the boy, and extended a hand so he could get his tip.
    So, the mission was her's, it seemed
  8. To have a mission delivered by someone else meant this was very secretive. Or at least this person wanted to keep things between him and the assassin of choice. "I'll make sure to be there." She said and paid a good tip for the boy. The fact he may have been looking for her for awhile, it was definitely needed. Zaleria made her way to the Rampaging Stallion Inn to check in a room. Thankfully they had a few available and it was best to wait it out. There was nothing she needed in the town so for now things were quiet.

    By 11:45 she made her way back downstairs and hoped that this man would arrive on time. Zaleria took a seat at the inn's eating hall and sat away from the crowd. It was the only place that felt quiet enough for her.
  9. The night was cold and it was windy, as if a giant smith was trying to make the coils of war get heat.
    The inn was empty for the time of the year it was, and that unsettled you a little.

    After awhile, the doors opened and a tall black man entered. The man had a cloak a crook with an owl on it. The man went directly towards her, looking her directly in the eyes
  10. Zaleria sat for a little while and was glad it was a quiet night. Thought this was the inn's eating hall and it had a few just sitting at the bar. Come to think of it the inn itself was quite empty. With so many bounty hunters coming in and out of this city there would have been plenty of people within the inn. Yet it felt empty which didn't sit right with her.

    Midnight struck and a tall man with owl on his crook came to her. He even stared at her directly in the eye, but she had a bit of suspicion in her eyes. What is it this man could need her to do? "You're the one that is in need of my services?" She asked.
  11. I am. Please, come to my chambers so we can talk alone. Everything has ears here. Asked the man gently, but with rusty manners. It was like if he hasn't seen another person in years. The man noded to the bartender, and the man threw a key to him.
    THe man started walking upstairs, right to the third floor. There, he opened the first door in his right and invited you in.
  12. The strange man had rusty mannerism but at least he knew some of it. Compared to others it was hard not appreciate some form of basic manners. Zaleria was a bit hesitant before she got up from her seat. This was a stranger but he had a job for her so the only thing to do was follow. The man headed upstairs to the third floor where his room was. He allowed her in and she waited for the door to close before speaking. "So who's watching you if everything has ears?"
  13. The man fetched you a chair and sat on the bed before saying in WereTongue If i knew, i'd have killed the spy. That's not the point. I have something for you to perform: the war is getting to the no return point. Many changing breeds have come to an end, or nearly have, and Gaia needs everyone of them, so the war needs to be stopped. IN the elven side it's been the same. When it started and the elven kingdom got founded, it moved to the woods, taking your people as slaves. Although with the centuries they became free people, they got to be in the caste of the Servants and weren't allowed to perform the ancient magic of gaia they had mastered in times foregone. Explained before caughing
    What i offer you is a lot, as much as i ask for you: I offer you Gaia's magic so you can bring it back to your people, i offer you peace... and i offer you the salvation of your soul. Gaia speaks through me sometimes, and she herself asked me to stop the war and, if we do... she promised me that whoever who helps me would have is soul saved. Those are the rewards.
  14. Zaleria sat down and looked around a little before he started talking. She knew the war very well and to her it seemed like it wasn't going to end soon. To have it end now would be the best for the land. Instead of having turmoil and death. When he spoke of her people it sadden her that things did get that low for her kind. It was why she left and made something of herself at the very least. "Gaia sent you to stop the war, but you need help?" She asked in weretongue. "My people aren't the same as they use to be centuries ago. Not after all that happened to them. How am I suppose to convince them to leave the Elven nation when so few already leave now?" Zaleria didn't like the idea of going back to the Elven nation. No, she needed to be sure it was truly Gaia's wish for all of this to happen.
  15. That leads us to what i need to ask you. I come from the frontier, where all 4 nations collide, the bitter zone of the war. I've been raised among werefolk some time, and by elves most of the time. Both are worst than the demons that dwell around. I won't ask you to go there, for i can't go back to any of those nations. Gaia has asked me to free her defenders and stop the war with them.
    There are many that will fight by Gaia's side: the Wood Elves, that will do anything to get their woods back. The WereSpiders and many lesser changing breeds that follow them are here, in the Human Empire and were meant to stop their other brothers. And lastly, the Orcs, not long ago enslaved by the humans. They are the true defenders of Gaia and, if they're freed, they can stand against all other armies to stop the war.
    It is a dangerous task i have ahead, and i need one of every one of those people by my side and my leutenants before i can start to stop the fighting.
    I was told you were the better wood elf in the city when it comes to spying and tracking, so i need you. Will you join me to bring balance to the world?
  16. Hearing that the elven Kingdom isn't somewhere she was going was a bit easier to swallow this pill. It was the smaller breeds that were the defenders and were the ones Gaia was after. All of them had reasons to fight and battle the two armies. Many still believed that Gaia would come and help somehow just for balance to be restored. Thinking it over it was a lot to ask, but to have balance again... that was something that was desperately needed. "The war has raged on for too long, and to have balance again is priceless. For that I will you help you to the best of my abilities."
  17. I'm happy to hear that. Said the man with a tired face. now that you looked at him, he was tall, maybe over the 5' 8''. His eyes were black, as much as his skin and hair, that was sparkled with white.
    He had been handsome, but he was starting to go from a grown up to an elder, and he looked tired. He looked tired as if he carried a really heavy burden. We haven't met yet. My name is Garth, but call me Garo. i'm a werecat, panther. Somebody told me you were a fine elf rogue that wasn't in allegiance with the elven kingdom. More i don't know... what a wood elf was doing in the city and not in the woods wa a good and normal question, but he seemed to refuse to ask.
  18. Garo was definitely older and tired looking. As if his life was filled with a burden. Just by looking at him it seemed as though he went through many trials and had many burdens weighed on him. With Zaleria's help it seemed as though some of the burden was lifted. "I'm Zaleria, it is nice to meet you Garo." She said kindly. "I could be in allegiance with them. Not after all they did and how much more the war was blinding them. I guess it still surprises people I'm here in the city. I stay for a few reasons, but mostly so I won't be in a place that reminds me of home. It helps keep my mind off it." She explained.
  19. I... Understand. We were panthers are few, not more than a dozen i think. Since we are to few we don't have a place to call home, but i think i can imagine how hard it is. Said Garo not so happy with the reasons.
    Well, we have much to do. I hope you aren't too tired, because tomorrow we'll get going to start our quest. Where should we go first?
    Our Options are the WereSpiders, the Orcs, the wood elves... i don't know if we have any other option...
  20. For moment she thought about who to appear before first. They could easily all take a long time to convince. The Orcs left the war for peace and didn't want to be apart of the bloodshed any longer. Though she was sure they would join once they had others with them. The wood elves had to be tired of the way things are but she was too sure about it. Were-Spiders might be aggressive but they want their home back badly and would probably be the easiest to ask. "I say the were-spiders. They don't want to turn into a extinct breed and would join easier. The orcs and wood elves might take longer if we approached them first. Not having anyone yet to show we're serious may backfire on us."
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