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    Kasama never dreamed this day would finally come as he laid the sleeping girl in a bed of Lilly's. He didn't even bother to check to see if she was breathing as he patted himself down making sure his armor was remotely presentable.

    It's finally time, he thought as a smile formed on his smooth lush lips. The Kingdom will return once again.

    Running a hand trough his wild mane of hair he let out a breath, his focus now on the clear lake before him. A light breeze tickled his face as he ran a gloved hand over his scar. Memories began to flood all at once, pride swelled with in him as a toothy grin replied the faint smile he had moments ago.

    That creature will bring you back, he mumbled under his breath as he pulled out a faint glowing stone. You're Ten-thousand year slumber has finally come to an end.

    Kasama dark gloved hands tightened around the familiar stone as a few tears escaped his eyes and a mixture of emotions began to flood within him. Emotion's that were dangerous, an yet he couldn't stop the overflowing happiness it brought him at this very moment that he didn't notice the stranger girl starting to stir awake.
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    Skye stirred as a pleasant smell filled her nose.

    "What happened? Why am I in a forest?" Skye asked as she looked around, placing a hand on her head as she did so.

    Skye tried to remember how she got here, but she couldn't. Her head would pound every time she would try and recall the last thing she remembered.

    Who the hell is that? Skye thought as she finally noticed the man that wasn't far from her.

    "Hey! You! Where in the hell am I? And why can't I remember anything?" Skye had finally gotten tired of trying to figure everything out on her own, so she decided to call out to the only person that was with her.

    He has to know something about what happened to me, right? she thought placing a strand of black hair behind her hair as a was blowing it in her face.
  3. "You're finally awake and it seems their glamour hasn't faded yet. "

    Kasama stood slowly, blinking away what was left of the tears. He pilled a sakura petal from his hair and studied it for a moment before adding.

    "Human poor soul. As for you're rude bark of questions," he paused placing the stone neatly in his pocket before stretching his arms slightly. "I brought you here from the mortal realm. You have a job to do."

    Without another word Kasama turned his back toward her, ignoring the dirty faces she was clearly giving him before folding her skinny arms over her chest. Her dark gaze focused instead of her surrounding fro a moment as she marveled at it's beauty before Kasama was rewarded with another demanded question.

    "What job? What's with those-"

    Kasama glanced over his shoulder, his slender fingers gripping his long silky hair carefully forming it into a pony-tail; already the wind was picking up as the sun began to fade between the tree's signaling night was fast approaching. He watched the girl pink lips part slightly as her eyes focused on his face in more detail, it made him feel uncomfortable as he tore his gaze away from the strange girl.

    "You don't exist," she breathed.

    Kasama raised a single eyebrow, his attention completely on the girl before him until a memory flashed before him as a young boy. His mentor stood over him with a book he had never seen before titled : Fairy Tales and suddenly everything seemed to be placed together as if putting together a puzzle.

    "Faeries, don't exists."


    A smirk formed on Kasama lips as he tossed his deer-hide pack over his shoulder and he began headed up a familiar path and motioned for her to follow.

    "I don't have all the answer's dear girl but I know someone who does. It's a good hour's walk from here, I suggest you follow me and hold your questions until after we reach our destination. "
  4. Skye was about to protest but he had already started to walk. She quickly scrambled to catch up and walk beside the man.

    "Fine. If I don't get any of my questions answered right now, then at LEAST give me your name." Skye huffed as she stretched slightly, looking towards the setting sun.

    "To answer you're rudely asked question, it's Kasama." Skye looked back at him, studying his facial features once he answered.

    "Skye." she nodded slightly at his answer, turning towards the setting sun before she was caught staring at him.

    As Skye walked along the path, she took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, looking towards the darkening sky.

    "This place is beautiful." Skye whispered softly to herself.
  5. "This place is beautiful." he heard Skye whisper to herself as Kasama couldn't help rolling his eyes. Of course it's beautiful, he thought to himself as his gaze drifted at her face. Kasama wasn't sure why she looked so familiar, the slightest change of expression reminded him of his mentor. It was almost as if looking in on the past yet this girl had other features he couldn't place. For one her eyes were a lighter shade that mimicked his own, her skin was as white as cotton but her hair.....

    Her hair was identical


    Kasama blinked and suddenly felt a pang of embarrassment as they locked eyes with one another. He quickly tossed the away the emotion as she repeated the name slowly, it rolled off her tongue softly as if she were recalling an old memory.

    "Yes, he is the one that will give you the answer's you seek. The King of Summer," he paused slightly as a band of fireflies made there presence know before them.

    "King of Summer,"

    By her tone Kasama could hear the confusion without looking at her as he came to an abrupt stop, he placed his bag on the ground as she spoke up.

    "I thought faeries only had two courts, "

    Kasama could feel her icy gaze on his back as he began to unpack the supplies they would need for the night. They couldn't journey much further regardless if the castle was just a few yards away from them, at night anything could be waiting for them. I can't take the risk, Kasama thought as he pulled out two warm blanket's, a wand, a small pack of dried meat, a canteen of goat milk, and a pure white stone.

    "No, we have four that go along with the season's. There is no such thing as a Seelie and Unseelie court, it's amazing how human's have lived so long in the first place to begin with. "

    Skye picked up the white stone, her expression focused on the warm faded glow. Without so much as a second thought Kasama snatched it out of her hand and ignored the death glare burning the side of his face.

    "That does not belong to you, but the kings beloved sister." Kasama said flatly shoving the stone back into the bag where it belonged.

    "Niro's sister?" Skye questioned as a irritated sigh left Kasama lips.

    "Yes, Niro's sister," he then stood up for a and pulled out a dagger. "Take that wand and try to find some sticks laying around. Once you have plenty come back and make a fire," he paused pointing at the wand with a slim finger.

    "Just point the wand and imagine fire. Grab a blanket and wait here, I'll be back with some food."

    Without another word Kasama left her, grateful for the change to be alone with his thoughts once more.
  6. Skye huffed and stuck her tongue out at him as he left. With a sigh she picked up the blue wand and started on her search for some sticks for fire.

    Skye sighed as she once again got scraped by a thorn from a bush where she picked up yet another stick. As she checked to see how bad the scrap was, she suddenly felt a pang of pain go through her temple as she noticed a small bead of blood form from the wound.

    Skye winced as she placed a hand on her head. It's...It's almost as if I'm trying to remember some long forgotten memory...But how can that be? Skye thought to herself as the pain diminished. Once she was able to move without her head hurting she grabbed the collected sticks and started on her way back to the campsite.

    I don't understand anything that's happening...Every time I look at him, it's almost as if I know him...He's familiar to me, but I don't know him...I can't know him...Right? Skye let out a sigh as her thoughts kept drifting to Kasama, no matter how much she tried to keep them on other things.

    "A fire...Kasama said to start a fire." she murmured softly. She placed the sticks in a pile, and closed her eyes using the wand to imagine a spark lighting the sticks on fire. The next thing Skye heard was the soft crackling of burning wood. She smiled softly and grabbed a blanket, wrapping it around herself and sitting in front of the warm fire.

    As she stared into the flames before her, she once again tried to recall what she was doing before being brought here. Once again, as Skye tried to remember her head began to hurt.

    Every time I try to remember what I was doing before waking up here my head begins to hurt...Like it's stopping me from remembering...I don't understand. Skye thought as she placed a hand on her head, closing her eyes in hopes of that dulling the pain.
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