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  1. I am looking for someone who will at least post three sentences, will play the guy part, and won't just sign up and leave. I hope you like my ideas. (:

    1.) Charity case

    Where do troubled teens who have no real parents go? Jail, foster homes, left on their own? Maybe, some do but there are people out there who help with this. Troubled Teens Counseling Care, or also known as the T.T.C.C. They are most always wealthy adults who have their PHD in counseling, and psychological work. That is the case with this teen, he has always been quite the troubled kid who breaks the law on multiple occasions. Finally after being shoved into foster home after foster home, and even being jailed the state decided on a different approach. A family has volunteered to take him in, so they can help him and counsel him. The family is of course rich and has a daughter his age of their own, she however is the exact opposite of him. She follows the rules, obeys what she is told, and makes the grades her parents expect her to have. Her parents are pretty strict when it comes to her education, and have always said that if she didn't make her grades they would pull her out of ballet and photography. Altogether she is a pretty good girl who follows their orders, but has also thrown herself into an abusive relationship. The boy thinks it would be fun to mess with the girl and just flat out annoy her, he thinks it would be a fun way to get into trouble plus it helps that she is at least attractive. The boy finds out about the abusive relationship though, but doesn't say anything at first though he can't help but to be bugged by it.

    2.) Can opposites really attract?
    You're pretty much the right hand man around town, everyone comes to you with any problem such as relationship advice to my fridge isn't working. You live in a fairly small peaceful town and you like it that way until it's disturbed by her. There's this girl in town who just moved here from the city and she's rumored to be nothing but trouble since she is. She was sent here in hopes of changing her behavior. You usually get along with everyone in town great and are friends with practically everyone until she comes in to town. This girl is trouble from head to toe as she has stolen cars from hot wiring them, raced them, and got into a lot of trouble with the police. She may look sweet but she's still nothing but opposite of you, and just to your luck the sheriff puts you in charge of the girl to watch and show her around since you're the only one he trusts. Will this girl bother you to the point of no return or will you suck it up and deal with her only to see that maybe, just maybe, opposite can really attract?

    3.) Hostage
    A gang; The Shadows intend to rob a store in which the owner is the only one there since he runs and operates it himself. They hold him at gun point wanting him to give them all of the money, but he refuses to cooperate which they didn't expect. They try to make him tell them where he lives, but he refuses so they take his wallet and phone and being the technological generation they come from find out the location and go to the nice house to old the family hostage. Once they hear the police the four boys start to panic, so they decide to take their daughter so they can exchange her later for the money and they get away. The boys hold her hostage in their "gang house" until they get the money they need. The gang is made up of four typical guys, they aren't really that dangerous and are pretty much just misfits on society who are struggling to get by so they need the money. One of the guys in the group see the girl as a toy to be played with, but the leader refuses anything bad to happen to her since he didn't want to actually hurt anyone. One of the other guys ends up becoming close to her in a brotherly way, and the last one is just silent and never really says anything. After a while the leader starts taking a liking to her, but tries to hide that from the gang and her. The gang ends up seeing her as part of their dysfunctional family and don't want to give her back for the money now. The one guy who considers her nothing more than an object tries to make passes at her, and the leader gets oddly protective over her and even jealous when she's hanging around the one guy that she considers a brother. The leader ends up eventually giving into his feeling though, he admits them and has a hard time wondering if it would be best to just let her go back to her family.

    4.) Don't know what happened.
    Always popular. Perfect friends, perfect life, and soon enough had the perfect boyfriend. However about a month of being together he completely ruined her, and it was his intentions. He turned her friends and the school against her, got her in trouble with her parents, and made her the 'loser' everyone thinks of her now. Because of the trouble with her parents they pulled her out of school, and sent her to Logan River a school for troubled teens thinking she did something terribly awful. She never did anything wrong though, but nobody believes her and now she is in some school with people who scare her half to death.
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