Four Kingdoms Two Hearts (Mae & Lyra)

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  3. I only added the eyes because they are unnatural but I like yours.
  4. Alright! Sorry for the wait, I'll go ahead and post.

    "Come one, come all, come every citizens of the four countries of Elementia, to the most grand gathering of the year. Yes, it is that ever so wonderful time again where our crowned leaders and their families all gather and throw the most grand of parties. A party in which all of the loyal people to each of the four may attend. Even the lowest of slaves is permitted to dine with the highest elite on this day. Water benders of Salacia, earth benders of Eade, fire benders of Plamen, and air benders of Haizia; it is time to leave your home countries and come gather for today is the last day of the year."

    Roxal was not very happy. Today was the last day of the calender, which meant he as a prince had to go to the yearly social function where around every corner people were eying him to behave. Roxal was treated like a dog. He was the prince who tended to go a little crazy once in a while, everyone knew so. Roxal was used to being treated this way in fact, it was just extreme on days like this. The last day of the year was meant to be a day to celebrate a year of peace between the four nations. Each year, the four countries would rotate on whom would host it. This year, Roxal's own country of Plamen was hosting. This meant that everyone was frantic and wanting Roxal to especially behave. It made Roxal want to misbehave, but he would not embarrass his father like that. He had already embarrassed his father enough in the past.

    Banners were hanging everywhere, the entire castle smelled like food, and things were already getting stuffy from an overload of people. The castle of Plamen tended to be quite quiet. The king and queen enjoyed listening to the lava below them. Yes, the fire nations castle was built on top of a volcano. Most of the terrain of Plamen was volcanic. As fire benders, they could control the lava if things every went crazy. Of course, when they could not things would get burnt but normally the citizens could handle things of the sort. Most things in the country were fire proof, obviously.

    Just moments ago, the single prince of the fire nation was being stuffed into a tight suit that he hated. The maids had to scold him, saying that he only had to wear it a few times a year. This was true. Roxal didn't care much of his public image. He was locked away in the castle most of the time anyways. Now, he was sitting on the throne in the middle of the room where the party was to be held. Things were just about ready. Soon, the gates would open and a flood of people would rush in. That would actually be just about now. He could not help but let out a sigh, this night was surely to be anything but fun.

    One of those people to enter the room was a pretty little air bender named Eira. She was nothing of status, her mother was a teacher and her father a merchant. They had a humble living and were able to buy fancy things here and there. Eira's father actually had sticky fingers, so sometimes fancy things would just show up in their house. Normally, they would show up on days after this. Security tended to be very lose on days like this. When every citizen in the four countries came into one castle, guards could only watch so many people at once. Eira's mother always scolded her husband for doing this, but it was no use sending anything back. She would not admit that she actually liked having items from the castles in her home.

    Eira didn't care much about her parents. She would not help her father, but she would not scold him either. She believed in balance in the world. She thought that castle dwellers had too many things and needed to share more with their citizens. However, Eira also did not believe in stealing. She worked as an attendant to the wind princess, so she would feel bad if she stole from another princess. She also did not want to have something so petty start a war between the countries. Today they were celebrating ninety nine years of peace. So she resided in a sort of grey area.

    Today, she was dressed modestly. While most people in the fire country wore fancy suits, the people of the air country liked loose robes more. Eira's robe was pretty and pink with flower prints on it. It was a breathable material so Eira would be able to feel every breath mingle with the wind and air. Other than this, her hair was up in a typical Haizia fashion, with a lovely pin holding it up.

    Eira especially loved this day. She loved being able to see all of the royalty, however vain she thought they were. All of them were in fact quite beautiful; each prince, princess, king, and queen. Only the fire prince, king, and queen were sitting at the royal thrones so far. Soon, the rest of the royals would join them. It would be quite a beautiful display.
  5. Chance walked in, with the rest of the royals, pushing his pale blonde hair out of his face. The earthy colors of his eyes looking at the castle. He on the one hand very much enjoyed the festivities, he loved the games that was played during the festival. He looked to Roxal, a Prince his age, and nodded. He never looked like he enjoyed the people so much.
    Much like the rest of the royals he wore a suit, the Earthly outfits usually are shirtless for men. He hated shirts, so the suit annoyed the hell out of him.
    He nodded to Roxal before taking his place at the throws, kicking his shoes off. He hated shoes more than he hated shirts.
    He glanced around, he was a bit of a jokester but one look from his mother told him no. He sighed, putting his head in his hand.

    Braya walked in, her blue silk dress a little loose around her like water. It was her deceased mother's dress. She was a daughter of an inventor. They rarely made money, worth anything, so everything nice she owned was her mother's.
    Her father walked over to speak to one of the inventors from the Air Country, she just walked around the room. So many gorgeous royals from all over, it was enjoyable to watch. This was the first time she been to one of these that was outside her own country. She pushed her hair back with a pin, the water symbol. Another thing of her mother's.

    //I apologize if it's too short, my phones buttons hate me.​
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  6. ((It's okay haha, there was just some confusion with names. Sorry for the late response, I've been a bit busy but I will reply faster from now on.))
    Roxal looked over at Chance once he sat down and rolled his eyes as the earthen prince kicked off his shoes. That was something the royals had looked at with their noses pointed up. This was a royal event, but was to be expected of people from the earthen kingdom, so Roxal did not think much of it. He would leave the making fun of and scolding to the kings and queens. It was not Roxal's place to say anything. In fact, he felt a little bad because Roxal was someone who got mad fun off all the time. So perhaps, he should try and cover up the silly act of the prince. However, it also made Roxal mad. Roxal was ridiculed because of his very nature. Roxal did not really have much of a choice whether he got made fun of or not. Chance did. Chance could have merely kept his shoes on. So Roxal simply decided to look away and ignore the world around him. Zoning out seemed like the best choice of action.

    Eira could not help but gasp as all of the beautiful princes started to come up to the no longer empty thrones! The prince of the water nation, the prince of the air, the prince of the earth, and the prince of the fire. They were all so beautiful, she could almost swoon! Each prince had a feature that she loved about them. The water prince's hair was so beautiful and silky. The fire prince's bending powers were amazing! The air prince's body was stellar. Finally, she was in love with the earth prince's eyes. If they all had a child together, she would love it forever and ever. Of course that was not possible, but it was such a nice dream. However, it was simply a dream so all she could do now was gawk at all of the princes from a distance.
  7. (Sorry I am out of net so I will be slow.)

    Chance looks about the room, women (and some men) gawking at him. He was use to it but always found it slightly irritating. His mother looked down at him, before grabbing his father's attention. "Just take the souls off." His father whispered, showing what he did to his.
    Chance laughed as his mother scolded his father as he did what was suggested. His mother was a nobel, his father fell in love with the Nobel and married her. Yet, she acted far more proper than him.
    Once the royal children where called to the floor his mother pulled his ear, "Behave." She growled before he got up, looking for anyone of interest to dance with.

    Braya watched as the royal children came to the floor, she blushed deeply watching the men ask random women to the floor. She really didn't think she would be asked.
    She was okay with that.
    She looked around, holding onto her dress for dear life, they where all so good at dancing.​
  8. Roxal could not help but let out a long sigh that was a bit to loud, so loud that his mother looked over at him with scolding eyes and his father simply shook his head at him. Roxal didn't want to dance. Roxal hated to dance, but in this case there was not much of a choice. To show the harmony between royalty and peasant, there was an annual dance where each of the princes and princesses would pick a commoner and dance. Roxal tended to avoid anyone from the water or air countries, they put his flame at risk of going out. That was an uncomfortable feeling.

    So, he saw a simple earth woman who was staring at him, seemingly wanting to dance. Roxal decided he would make her dream come true and started apathetically walking towards her. However, he was mistakenly pushed by some other commoner and pushed into the side of Braya. This caused her to nearly fall, but Roxal was able to catch her before that could happen, in a position that seemed like they were in the middle of a dancing dip. His eyes were a bit wide and surprised, frozen in his stance.

    Eira would do anything to dance with a prince! She had always dreamed of it since she was a little girl. Eira loved staying up to read and hear different tales of princesses and their princes. Up until she was about ten, she really thought it could be possible to marry one! This was until her parents finally crushed her dreams. However, that was okay, Eira could always fantasize of touching one. Oh, she would do anything to dance.

    So, when the princes started coming to the dance floor, Eira frantically started looking for each one, seeing if any were coming her way! She needed one too, she really wanted one too! Oh, if one of them asked her to dance she would faint!
  9. Braya let out a soft squeak, she knew the stone floor would hurt. She was already warned that she must be careful to use water, any Flamer, what the Aquatics called the Fire Benders, too close could get hurt. So, she squeezed her eyes shut, waiting for the fall. She opened her eyes, she wasn't falling. Her blue eyes looked up at a pair of red.
    With a gasp she stood, relatively quickly, and bowed. "Pardon me Prince Roxal," she had to show respect. Even if it wasn't her fault she had to act as if it was. She looked up at him, she waited for him to dismiss her or something.

    Chance looked around the room before looking to Roxal, he gave a chuckle as he saw the Fire Bender holding the Aquatic. "Lovely choice, Mate." He teased as he passed and walked to an anxious little Birdie, Birdies are what the Earth Benders called Air Benders. "Hello, Miss." He gave a smirk, his eyes seeming to switch sides with the colors. "May I have this dance?" He bowed.
    He heard a few girls that weren't asked to dance give a disgusted look. He ignored them, he was going to dance with the little anxious Birdie and it would make his mother proud, dancing with the opposite element. It shown Harmony.​
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