Four Corners Boarding School (Nells - lunasong)

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  1. Annika was finally returning to Four Corners Boarding School. She was in her 3rd year at the school and summer had just ended. She always went home during Holidays but was always more excited to come back. Annika was an Elemental, and particularly devout to Earth. She loved being outside and Four Corners was an open school. Annika went to the office first, to grab her schedule and dorm key. She dragged her suitcase behind her, and slung her dufflebag over her shoulder.

    She made her way across campus, looking around at all the other people, mostly talking with friends, but doing the same thing she was, which was moving in. She sighed, hoping Terra, her best friend, was already in their dorm.
  2. Ethan had been dreading his own return to Four Corners. He was not looking forward to being pushed around by the bigger, stronger male students, which were pretty much anyone. He sighed as he entered the school gates, walking casually, slowly as to not attract unnecessary attention. He shifted the weight of his enormous backpack; it could never just be comfortably set on his back, now could it? As he entered the main building, he followed the trickle of students headed for the office.

    He let go of his handheld duffel bags for a few seconds to retrieve his schedule and dorm key. With a mild excitement building up, he checked the schedule briefly to see if there were any classes for free practice, or at least for elemental magic. Ethan had always loved elemental magic, namely water magic. But he was a healer by birth, that wasn't going to change anytime soon.
  3. Annika walked slowly up the stairs to the 3rd floor girls dormitories. She opened the door to be greeted by her best friend Terra already setting up her side of the room. Annika yelled a hello, running and hugging her friend tightly. 12 weeks is a long time away from your friends. Annika was glad that Terra was there, but felt the need to explore the campus more.
    "Wanna go for a walk?" Annika asked Terra with her usual light voice.
    "Nah, I'm gonna finish unpacking."
    "Kay bye!" Annika called as she left the room. It felt better to walk around without her bags in her hands.

    Annika was great at getting lost in her own mind as she walked around the open nature campus. Her favorite spot was by the huge weeping willow, whose vines touched the ground. She made a note to head that way later, but for now she headed towards the main square.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.