Found some creepy looking trees..

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  1. That one of the mummy looking face gave me the creeps. x__x
  2. Isabellas like the one flipping everyone off!
  3. I liked those trees and I did not think they were that creepy. They would make for some wonderful tools for a horror themed roleplay, though, so I am nicking the link for myself.
  4. Awesomeness. I wish I had a backyard full of creepy trees and shrubbery.

    ...I wish I had a back yard.
  5. I adore "creepy" trees. The ones with the faces were sorta boring in my opinion, but over all a fun gallery to browse. Now I wanna go on a nature walk!
  6. The tree giving everyone the bird isn't creepy, it's awesome.

    But yeah. You should totally steal that if you need stock images for a horror roleplay. Or to convey, "Soul trapped in a tree."
  7. We need to get pictures of the creepy trees here.. we have a lot of them after the recent icestorms twisted and broke them up..
  8. This reminds me now of a tree we had in our front yard that looked like it had a giant eyeball. The most freakish eyeball I ever done saw. I'd walk by it nervously before and after school, afraid that it was always watching me... Judging me... CURSING ME. >:[
  9. I'm surprised that the crooked forest isn't in there.

    It's in Poland, one of my friends actually got to see it! No one's really sure WHY they're crooked, they're many theories though. A lot of my othr frends think the pictures are creepy, but I just think they're perfect trees to sit on AND get shade, if you're there at the right time of day?
  10. Some of those trees look Lovecraftian. Like in the Lurking Fear.
  11. nice find isabella! I liked the first one best.