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  1. So she isn't finished yet, but I am hoping to attract some interest for my girl, Raquel here. I've spent a lot of time creating her and I am hoping to really enjoy her. She has a lot of room for growth and I see some very fun times ahead of me with Raquel.

    So if anyone has some interest in doing an RP with her, let me know!

    Oh. Just a heads up, I do prefer 3 paragraphs or more. My average is around 3 paragraphs at about 5 lines per paragraphs. I am more than happy with more as I do love more and if you give me something really good to go off I can write more! If there is heavy dialogue with no action going on I can understand shorter posts. But I hate one liners!
    I will probably reply every couple days - once a week. Only because I have just recently become somewhat social(major introvert here!) so i'm going out a lot more. And after so many years of being anti social and being really nervous around other human beings, it takes a lot of energy out of me. So I get home and just want to sleep. That being said, I don't mind being hounded to reply as long as it's not every 5 minutes. And please be polite

    I think that's everything.

    Raquel (open)



    Character Name: Raquel Hazel Cinder
    Name Meaning: Innocent Commander
    Alias: Rocky or Kell by close friends
    Gender: Female
    Species/Race: Werewolf
    Age: 19
    B-Day: October 18
    Zodiac Sign: Libra
    Bloodtype: B
    Place of Birth: Britain, England
    Current Residence: Park County, Wyoming, America
    Occupation: Guide at Yellowstone National Park
    School/Grade: Doesn't go to school
    Bentley Hank Cinder - father - 48
    Tayla Jewel Cinder - mother - 48
    Jackson Lucas Cinder - brother - 29
    Lark Rose Cinder - sister - 29

    Gemstone: Tourmaline & Opal


    Height: 5 ft 6 inches
    Hair: Ebony Black
    Eyes: Chocolate Brown
    Distinguishing Marks: Has a small birthmark the shape of an upside down heart on her right shoulder blade
    General Appearance: Raquel has fair skin, a slender body that's obvious she runs a lot and ebony black hair that falls in waves to her waist. But she has the left side shaved like so. She often wears black tights and denim shorts, and a wide range of different shirts and tank tops. Though she prefers to go barefoot, if she's out in public, she will wear a pair of black and white converse. She wears a bracelet on her left wrist that looks like this and wears an ear cuff chain earring on her left ear with a simple matching cross earring on her right ear.

    Endurance running
    Self Defence/Fighting


    More: Her Wolf form


    Her family
    Her best friend Ollie(Oliver)

    Rival packs
    Stephanie Lee Paris - 19 - pack mate
    Justin Grant Andrews - 22 - alpha's son

    Current Goal/Purpose: Leave the pack
    Aspirations: Become an Alpha Female!
    Hobbies: Running, photography
    Strawberry flavoured things

    People who don't shut up
    Clothes shopping

    Running long distance
    Understanding canines - especially wolves

    Understanding felines

    Deep water

    General Personality: Raquel is wild and ambitious. She aims to leave the pack on day and become an alpha female herself. She may be the Beta's daughter, but being the youngest of 3 guarantees her nothing. She tries her hardest with everything she does and she doesn't give up without a fight. She stubborn and quite short tempered. Just try and go against her and she'll more than likely give you an ear full. Despite this, Raquel cares greatly for her pack, especially her family. She especially loves her brother and if she's not off doing something by herself, she can either be seen by Jackson's side or clinging to her best friend Ollie. The upbeat fashionista guy friend has a way of bringing the slightly girly side out of her. She's honest, almost to a fault and she won't hesitate to tell you the truth, which has earned her quite a few enemies of the female gender for telling them they do indeed look fat or their butts look big in certain clothing. Raquel is quite pathetic at things such as shopping. It bores her almost to tears and if someone is trying on clothes, don't be surprised if she falls asleep waiting for them. She doesn't handle boring situations too well. She will get quite frustrated and restless. She loves fun and is always up for something exciting.
    Inner Personality: Deep down, Raquel can actually be quite shy. Despite the confident demeanour she may give off, she can be shy and self conscious and second guesses herself all the time. If you really get her to open up to you, she gets flustered quite quickly and will stutter when she's nervous or embarrassed around that person. She will try to play things off though. And before things get to that stage, she generally tries to leave the vicinity. She hates to embarrass herself.
    Fondest Memory: She was 7 and she sat on Jackson's shoulders and Lark held her hand as they walked through some forest. When they stepped through the tree line, there was a magnificent blue lake and her parents standing there on the grass, a blanket to the side and a woven basket sitting on it full of different foods.
    Biggest Regret: None as of yet.
    Secret: She's terrified of water that goes past her hips. She can't swim and the thought of drowning terrifies her to tears. She plans to take that secret to her grave though.


    Special Items: A portrait she has of her family.
    Weapons: None
    Magics: None


    General History: WIP
    Present Life: Raquel hasn't been doing much other than spending time with Ollie, Jackson and Lark lately. She avoids Justin like the plague and will often seek out Stephanie just to tell her she's a pig nosed gold digging tramp. She's trying to find a way to leave the pack so she can go start her own, or possibly join another and become an Alpha Female.
    Special Historic Notes:
    x Lived in Britain, England with her mother and Lark without meeting her father or Jackson until she was 6, when they moved to America to be with their family and pack.
    x Met Ollie a few weeks after moving to America where they got into fight before becoming best friends
    x When she was 10 an incident happened that traumatized her and has left her with a crippling fear of water and drowning
    x She told Jackson she liked him when she was 17 - he turned her down because she wasn't girly enough. She's hated him since

    Other: She hates Stephanie Lee Paris. The daughter of an omega who pines over Justin because of his status. They had never gotten along. And Stephanie has hated Raquel since she told her that she looked fat in a certain dress. Whenever Raquel and Stephanie see each other, they usually swap insults at one another.

    Pairings & Extra (open)

    I had originally planned to make Raquel Bi as I was going to try and get some experience with FxF roleplays, but after creating her, getting into her head in such(I so hope that don't make me sound crazy), she's just not like that. Raquel can't really stand other girls. They're all fake and annoying to her and most of them hate her anyway because she's so blunt.
    Possible pairings:
    x Werewolf Alpha From A Different Pack(without a lead female. So, say parents have passed on or retired)
    x Werewolf Rogue
    x Werewolf Omega(This one's a bit on the far fetched side as Raquel is ambitious and does want to become an alpha female. But maybe we could think of a plot?)
    x Justin Grant Andrews(oohh a possible romance brewing between Raquel and Justin? Even though she hates him - cause he's the alpha's son xD )
    x Vampire Noble(Ahh, like a forbidden love story! Haha it could be pretty fun)
    x Shifter(any other predator species is cool with me)
    x Umm.. I'm at a loss now! If you think of anything, feel free to shout it out! I don't bite and love new ideas!
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  2. This... This is the one i have been searching for!!! :D Holy crap I wanna do this sooo badly! So far her x an alpha from another pack sounds cool, and I like the idea of the x omega, I had another idea, what about her x a lone wolf? Someone without a pack? Like they end up finding one another, and somehow convinces the alpha that he can stay with them for a short time because perhaps he is sick or something, then we can work something from there :) if not I would love to do another alpha because I can think of a character for that easily! What sounds good to you?
  3. @ProfessorNv I don't think that x loner wolf would work unfortunately. Only because Justin is her enemy and he's the Alpha's son - and close to taking over the pack. And there wouldn't be many things Raquel would suck up her pride and ask him for. And Justin would more than likely say no just to annoy her. So i'd say the x alpha from another pack would probably be best :)
    Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you, I went to bed haha.
  4. @Tayssi thats fine! I can get a character up by tomorrow if you'd like to do the x alpha
  5. @ProfessorNv Yep! Sounds good to me :) I look forward to seeing him ^^
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  6. Name: Darren Joseph Grenick
    Gender: Male
    Race: Werewolf
    Age: 20
    B-day: September 15
    Sign: Libra
    Blood type: 0+
    Place of Birth: Missoula, Montana
    Current residence: Park County, Wyoming (areas surrounding the county)
    Occupation: Mechanic
    School/grade: does not attend school

    Harold Thomas Grenick- father- deceased
    Farrah Dawn Grenick- mother- deceased

    Gemstone: Sapphire

    Height: 6 ft 4 inches
    Hair: Dark auburn
    Eyes: Hazel green
    General appearance: Darren is a tan skinned muscular teenager with the physique of a fighter rather than a body builder. It is obvious he trains himself regularly to stay in shape. His hair is short and spike up at the front, his go to style as he hates having long hair. He normally wears white cargo shorts for his casual wear as well as a royal blue t-shirt, though this changes often. He usually wears Vans brand shoes but is also seen in flip flops. He has a necklace with a wolf fang tied to it and a sports watch on his left wrist.

    Strengths: Fighting, swimming
    Weaknesses: pride, anger
    More: [​IMG]

    Allies: his pack

    Enemies: Rival packs

    Current goal: Become a good pack leader

    Aspirations: To be known as one of the strongest fighters among other packs
    Hobbies: Working out, training the young ones, swimming
    Likes: sunshine, his pack, sweet tea, cherry pie, honesty, sunglasses, wolves/dogs
    Dislikes: Cheaters, peas, lazy people, death metal music, religious obsessors
    Talents: Fighting, communicating with dogs/wolves
    Fears: Failure, being abandoned
    Personality: Darren believes in surrounding himself with company that will make him a better person, so if he thinks you aren’t leading a successful life, he wont have much to say to you. Due to the deaths of his parents, he had to assume the role of alpha male, and therefore worries much about how good of a leader he really is. He cares greatly for those in his pack, but so far has not picked any of the females as a potential mate, as he does not see them as such in his eyes. When he is not with the pack, he is either in his auto shop or out swimming at a lake or river. He is self-motivated and takes any opportunity to motivate others. He takes pride in his fighting ability and hopes to be recognized for that as well as being a great leader. He prefers brutal honesty as beating around the bush tends to annoy him. Hed much rather have his feelings hurt then be around fake people. He tends to act rather cocky when it comes to fighting, being as his pride puts him in a high self-standard. He is always on the look for something new and fun to do.

    Inner personality: Darren is stressed about being an alpha leader so early in his life. He always thought he would leave the pack and start his own, but that chance never came around. He hides lack of confidence with pride in his training, and normally wont open to others about how he really feels unless he feels they are truly trustworthy. He wants to be a great leader, but having to learn this on his own makes him question just how fitting he really is. Though he acts cocky, he tends to get nervous a lot. When around a girl he likes, he can get flustered and bumbling if he isn’t careful.

    Secret: Darren loves to sing, but is terrified of singing in front of others.

    Specialty item: A locket with a picture of his parents
  7. hope this is enough!
  8. He's great! Seems like a great fit for Raquel. He seems a lot more mellow and even-tempered than what she is haha. I can see his love of swimming and Raquel fear / phobia of it will makes for an interesting part in the RP xD

    Is there anything you wanted to put out there for ideas - through the RP or how they meet Etc?? If not, I can start it now, I'm not doing anything for the rest of the afternoon/night(5:38pm currently) so I should be able to get it up ^^
  9. i dont have anything specific, feel free to let me know what youd wanna do though! Cant wait to see it, ill be able to reply after work tomorrow!
  10. I'm cool with going with the flow ^^ If I do come up with some ideas though I will be sure to run them by you

    I'll make it and then put the link here!
  11. Im gonna have to pick up the post size for future reference XD its been a while since I had a 1x1 like this, so its nice to have my writing skills pushed again
  12. Haha it's fine. My average post is usually only about 3 paragraphs. So generally not as much as my first post
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