Found in the Wild Blue

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  1. Dark brown wisps of hair emerged from the mass of white clouds only to further produce a man's head. Gold rimmed goggles strapped against his eyes and a surly smile spread across his lips. As more and more of the man was exposed so was the large steel ship he stood a top. The roar of the turbines as well as the short loud hissing bursts of steam as the ship climbed higher and higher breaking free of the cloud cover was only muffled by the larger ships engines directly above him.

    "You know you should say something."

    "Like what? You know he doesn't listen once he gets going."

    "I don't know. Something. It's just not a good idea for him to be charging in ahead like this."
    Bright blonde hair clashed against the women's tan and brown outfit while she looked up out the top hatch where her captain stood, free walking the top of their air ship, six thousand feet in the air.

    "The only way your stopping him is if you drag him in by force, and then he'll only throw a fit." A dark haired man sat at the control deck which seemed to be the main control system for the entire ship. His eye's emerald and focused as if locked in a state of concentration while he kept the ship as steady as possible as to not lose their captain.

    Clothing whipping about the captains stout form as he stares up at the luxury liner that was coming into range. Looking down at the crew members below that smile of his got even more devious as he raised his eyebrows twice and pulled what looked like a gun from his waist belt.

    "He wouldn't would he?!" The blond had moved over to the dark haired man and was smacking him on the back of the shoulders as she pointed up at the captain trying to get him to look at what was happening.

    "Do you even need to ask something like that?" Only taking a glance at what was going on he pulled back on the controls sending the ship up higher so there was less chance for a missed shot.

    Leveling off the shot as the incline rate increased a puff of smoke and a loud burst rang out followed closely by a high pitch squealing as the cable unraveled from the weapon. As the hook like harpoon punctured the aft side of the luxury liner the captain shot another look down at his crew to only see screaming face of his third in command. Blonde hair a flurry as she ran off most likely to get the rest of the crew to follow. And that when it happen.

    With a sudden jerk the Captains feet left his own ship and was now suspended in mid air, dangling thousands of feet in the air by a small tether which he held onto via a hand held gun. Swinging his other hand around toward the handle and smacking a side leaver, a humming screech poured out of the weapon blowing steam out of both sides. He was being reeled in and quickly closing the few hundred feet in a manner of seconds.

    Once against the ship he had to free climb along the side for awhile until he could find a hatch leading to the maintenance ducts. Taking a few minutes to navigate his way through until finally he spilled out from behind another hatch and quickly greeted with a circle of rifle barrels pointed down at him.

    "Whoops, this isn't the way to the dinning hall is it?" He was smiling all the while raising his hands in surrender. His right hand no longer held the gun but instead was strapped to his belt again, on the other hand his left had a rather strange gold gauntlet encasing it which drew a few looks from his captors. They were all to late as a blinding light and a bolt of electricity arced forth from his finger tips bouncing from barrel to barrel sending each of the men who were holding on to them reeling backwards knocking them out. They weren't dead mind you but they wouldn't be getting up any time soon and the rifles would all be but useless at this point.

    Getting to his feet finally and striking a rather dashing pose as he pointed down at the men with his left hand. "The name's Captain Zek Usra, and I'm here to liberate a few choice goods from your captivity!" A glass fuse from the top fore arm section of his gauntlet popped out and shattered on the floor. Crossing his right hand over to a vertical belt on his left leg a row of replacement fuses could be seen. Snapping it into place a faint spark could be seen between his finger tips as he grinned down at the men who were barely conscious at this point.

    "Most know me as Pirate Captain "Zeus" but I don't like being thought of as a god let alone the father of them. So if you all could do me the favor of just sitting this out I'd much appreciate it." Zek flipped his goggles up onto his forehead and pulled out his pistol before bolting down the corridor.
  2. AgentBanford.jpg A book was held captive by lithe hands, placed on leather clad knees as brilliant golden-hued eyes trailed over the words, following the latest adventure of a fictional alchemist. Stubborn strands of curly brown hair has escaped from the confines of the bun that usually held them, framing a face of a young woman sitting by the window, thousands of feet up in the air. Suddenly, a sound of commotion from the outside caught her attention. She stood from the ledge where she sat, placed a page-marker on her book and left it there. She had hope to come back to it later until she saw the ship over the other window. She cursed under her breath. "Pirates," she quickly grabbed her weapon from the drawer and places another on her holster.

    Just her luck taking a week's vacation and being ambushed by sky pirates on her way home. She knew she shouldn't have taken up the offer of Esmond to sail with her in a luxury ship they owned.

    She checked outside the window; the city is barely recognizable because of all the fog but it's there just up ahead. No one would be able to see any form of signal she sends out. She figured none of the crew of this luxury liner really had the guts to hold a fight against pirates. She wasn't even sure if they knew how to fire a simple gun. A groan was released from her throat. Her eyes trailed down to her ammo. A regular pirate ship would require 12-15 crew members, if she could take on 2 at a time it shouldn't be a problem. She had a reputation to uphold after all. What would people say if they knew that Commodore Aline "Devil's Grace" Banford's ship had been taken over by pirates? She snorted. Not in this lifetime.

    She moved out of the cabin silently, quickly hearing footsteps coming her way. She vanished in the shadows soundlessly, waiting for him to pass by. The footsteps neared and before he could even react she had her gone cocked and pressed against his head. "Are you lost, mister?"
  3. "What the Hell!?"

    Almost toppling over the women as she stepped out of the shadows pointing a gun level with Zek's head. The narrow hallway gave no place to dive away from sight so instead stood straight his gun still in hand yet not aimed at any direction in-particular.

    "What kinda people bring weapons on a luxury cruise ship?!" Zek's voice still sounded fairly enthusiastic while he waved his hands around minding not to point the weapon in the lady's direction. "I mean seriously isn't this supposed to be for relaxation and peace of mind? And who let you even bring that thing on board?"

    Pacing side to side in the small hallway only made Zek seem more agitated until he stopped and crossed his arms in front of his chest and stared right into the women's eyes. A click rang out, the cocking of a firing hammer, right next to her ear. A cold metal barrel touched the the side of her left ear and a women's voice closely followed.

    "This one's cute, why do you always get caught by the cute ones?" The blonde hair came into sight from behind the women that was still pointing her own gun at Zek. "Why can't I find an assertive girl like her for myself?"

    Finally raising his own gun at the women in a nonchalant kind of way, making sure to wave it around, Zek spoke. "Can we first get her to stop pointing that thing at me before you flirt with her Lynn? It's makin me nervous." Offering a weak smile the captain looked past the lady to his own officer rolling his eyes a bit as he did so.

    Lynn tapped the side of the gun against the women cheek twice before she sighed.
    "You heard him can you please lower that thing for us? I'd hate to mess up such a pretty face." Lynn let her free hand slide along the women's hips as she added. "Specially one with such an intoxicating body."


    "Tch, fine" The click of her tongue was evidence enough of her annoyance as she eased her hand around the woman to try and force her arm down in a means to take the weapon away.

    Removing a pocket watch from one of the many pockets of his vest Zek clicked it open a small photo on the inside casing which seemed to be that of a pair of children but it was to far away to make out.
    "I'd like to wrap this all up in the next twenty two minutes, just bring her with us she might be important." Closing the watch as he walked closer that boyish smile plastered on his face as he slipped the watch back into his pocket.

    "No worries miss. I don't plan on lettin any harm come to ya while I'm here."
    Zek offered a wink to his already smiling face.
  4. A nerve in Aline's forehead pulsed in annoyance as the man nonchalantly talked around with his comrade. What has become to the gruff, tough pirates that she used to loved to battle with? Her eyes caught the tiny picture from the man's pocket watch and for half a moment she thought she recognized it but then the moment was gone. She felt the bosoms of the woman who held the gun on her cheek pressing against her back. The blond was clearly feeling her up as her hands roamed Aline's hand that held her weapon. Any other time she would've enjoyed the ministrations but she really doesn't have time to play a pirate's hostage. She tsk'd before elbowing the woman behind her and grabbing quickly for the weapon on the blond's hand.

    She finally saw the blond's face. Hmmm. Pretty. What the hell is wrong with pirates nowadays?

    As she quickly separated herself from the well-endowed woman, she pointed her gun at the pirate and the other on the blond. "I really hate to break this to you, but I'd rather you wrap this up now. Not that I don't enjoy your company but I have other pressing matters to do when I get back to the city. So if you don't mind," she smiled, shrugging a casually. But before either parties could formulate a witty response, there was a clumsy shuffling of feet coming from the halls and a really loud panting.

    "A-Aline!" A bewildered red-face showed up with a small pistol held haphazardly in clumsy, sweaty hands directed at them. "Get away from her, y-you brutes!" Aline groaned inwardly. Really, did he really need to show up now?

    "Esmond, can't you see we're in the middle of something here?" She pointed with her guns at the two pirates she had. His face fell in disappointment as he realized that she was the one holding the guns.

    "I--you... you didn't need me to rescue you?" She shook her head to answer his question.

    "But... but I invited you to my ship! It's my job to deliver you safely!" She blew at the few strands of her that fell on her face during the commotion, preventing herself from outright growling at him.

    "Can we please discuss this later? Now's really not a good time. Kinda trying to stop pirates from looting from your ship." The boy's shoulders sunk, defeated. For the nth time he wished that he had learned how to shoot a gun instead of how to hold a paint brush. His sad blue eyes cast down, his dirty-blonde hair now in a disarray in his panic to rush to her.

    "I just wanted to rescue you..." his voice trailed, his gun pointed down when Aline noticed that the safety pin was unlocked. Her eyes grew as well as her panic.

    "Esmond! Your gun!" Confusion swarmed his face as he looked up.

    "Wha--?" His gun dangerously pointed up as he rose from his stupor. "Sir! Lady Banford was no--" Before the voice coming from the hallway could finish, Esmond's gun fired towards the feet of the pirate. Esmond's face froze in panic. Aline didn't know if the said man got hit.

    "Oh, shit."
  5. After the short scuffle and the roll of the eyes he gave Lynn Zek had taken on a rather miffed look now. Before he could express his sarcastic remake at Lynn having to go back to hand combat training and not massaging a women 101 the other man came hollering down the hall.

    "Ya got a fan club Miss?" Zek smiled but it was cut off as the gun shot rang out and the bullet hole nearly clipped his foot.

    The next few acts came in almost rapid succession with no real thought being given, just blind instinct. With one large step Zek closed the gap between Aline and himself as his left hand reached up and gripped the side of the barrel of the gun pushing it away from actually pointing at him. The right hand moved from pointed at Aline to Esmond and without hesitation the loud puff of displaced air echoed down the hall and steam shot out the side of the weapon in his hand. Some form of blackish gray projectile flew out and smashed into Esmond's forehead, yet instead of traveling through his head it seemed to flatten on impact and widen to encompass the top part of his head sending his top first backwards to the ground, easily knocking him unconscious.

    At that same moment a sharp jolt ran up the barrel of the gun Aline was holding as a few watts of electricity were sent leaping forward from Zek's gauntlet. A low hum could be heard while this process ensued and he stood their in silence watching Aline's expression until a clear sign of her nervous system shutting down was detected.

    "Damnit Lynn you know how I hate shooting people. You and I are going to have to have a few more sparing matches since you can't keep your guard up when it needs to be!" The agitation in his voice was clearly evident while he stepped forward in preparations to catch Aline when her body gave out.
  6. Her eyes froze in shock, unable to close or open them. Aline began to lose the feeling on her fingertips and then suddenly in the rest of her anatomy. She felt the world give out beneath her as she fell, fully expecting the impact of the hard wooden floors which never came. Some of her hair poked her eyes, unable to move her hand to remove it or shake it off. She could not move a single piece of muscle. She watched the world move around her in glassy eyes: she recognized the form of Esmond, unmoving on the floor although in her mind she knew he didn't really shoot him shoot him but still, the worry was there. If she had the ability to talk she would probably scream at Esmond for being stupid and putting them in danger. Now here she was, lying helpless and un-moving.

    "H-Help!" Cried the boy that came a tad bit too late into the scene. If Aline could snort, she would've. "Lady Banford!" He cried helpless, wide eyes looking at the man pirate who was beside her. He looked from his Lord Esmond to the pirate, wild panic in his eyes. "T-that's Lady--Commodore Aline Banford! Where are you taking her?" Clearly this boy had not been trained on how to act in emergency situations. Then again, there was a reason why he was only an attendant. But that doesn't excuse the fact that you just told pirates that they were, indeed, kidnapping a rather important personnel from the country's military.

    The boy saw the gun that was still held in Esmond's hand. He didn't know what was in his master's face or if he was still breathing, but he could at least do one brave thing. Quickly and clumsily he tried to reach for the gun, only to kick it away from him and towards the pirates. He looked up from his crouched position, repeating Aline's initial thoughts before the whole scene broke lose: Oh shit.
  7. Looking to Lynn as she looked back at him Zek could only grin. "We got ourselves a Commodore, wounder what that'll fetch us from her government? Hope she's well liked, it would suck if she were one of those, "Lost in the line of duty" write offs for them." Zek managed to shoulder Aline's fall perfectly and brought her up over his left shoulder with relative easy.

    As the boy ran forward for the gun Zek was a bit caught off guard not really expecting this kid to be so brash but Lynn was anything but unprepared. Although the boy had fumbled and kicked the gun to Zek Lynn couldn't stop her foot from coming up soon enough and clipped the youngster across the side of his gut sending him to his knees in a curled heap.

    "Great, just great. Now we are gonna be known as the pirate that kick little kids, Lynn."

    "He's not little! He's at least in his teens and thought himself man enough to handle a gun!"
    Her voice was rather heated but she had knelt beside the boy removing a coil of wire from one of her belts to tie the boy up so he wasn't causing any more problems. "But besides that, what kinda damn cruise liner you got us robbing?! Why are all these people totting guns around?"

    Zek waved off Lynn's question with his gun hand and pointed to the collapsed form of Esmound.
    "Just check him for his keys, he said this was his ship so finding the key to the security box on the flight deck should be easy if he's really the captain."

    Lynn finished hog tying the young boy and rooted through the prone man's pockets quickly coming across a key ring. Holding it up for Zek to see she quickly pocket the keys and pointed at Aline.
    "You really gonna carry her around the whole time?"

    "I'd let you but your hands would be to preoccupied doing other things to her then carrying so I think she's safer with me for now."
    The gold coated gauntlet patted Aline on the bottom as he adjusted her a bit on his shoulder before running off down the hall, less another unwanted guest pops out with another gun...
  8. Aline’s body was carried around helplessly by the mentally unstable pirate. Esmond’s errand boy had gone down after the blonde woman effortlessly swung her leg and sent him flying into the floor. However, our little miss was precariously being carried off by the shoulder. She wondered how long the paralysis would last so she could finally give this man a good beating; especially after he patted her bum. The guts on this man were not enough for his puny brain to handle.

    But at least he was right when he wondered aloud how much the government would give for Aline. It would cause quite a bit of a ruckus, considering her father was Lord High Admiral Lewis Banford, a very well trusted man and a good friend of President Ryunhel Bones. Personally, Aline thought the government was rather under good jurisdiction. President Bones is very hands-on when it comes to the matters of discipline and the economy. The military controls most of the movements around the country, taking effect the martial law, but it provided safety and order.

    How they dealt with pirates and kidnapping, however, was a completely different matter. Having kidnapped a Commodore, no less the youngest and the most promising one, would cause quite a stirring in the wild blue. She sure as hell hoped that this pirate was ready for her father’s wrath.
  9. The loud thud of metal on metal rang out as thebronze and iron box was dropped on the steel table on the flight deck. The lock was rather durable but nothing they weren't accustom to when given the time to tinker.

    "Other then the gold plated jewelry and the sapphires this was also inside the captains deck safe." Zek patted the top of the box while eying the others on deck with a huge grin.

    "Any bets on the contents?" As he looked around Zek noticed the disinterest in the betting game and he slapped the top of the chest again. "Come on people! Closest guess gets to deliver the payload this time!"

    "More jewelry!"

    "No it's gotta be fine clothing! You know them women always locking their clothing up until those risky nights!"

    Lynn's hand whacked against the back of the mans head as he finished his statement.
    "I'm saying it's some holy relic from the looks of the box. Maybe there was some religious nut aboard."

    With a smile at how quickly they all jumped in when he mentioned dropping off the haul Zek chimed in his guess finally. "Then I'm saying it's that paper currency those government yahoo's are trying to push." Spinning the box around so the lock faced out toward his crew Zek motioned for his first mate to come up. "If you wouldn't mind Vay!" Pulling from one of his chest pockets Zek held out what looked to be a few bent and pointed metal sticks.

    The dark haired man stood up from the main steering deck after locking everything in place. Deep emerald green eyes, a stark contrast to the rest of his appearance, gleamed as he snatched the lock picks from his captains hands and the rest of the crew crowded around as the mans hands went to work.

    "You're more then capable of doing this yourself Captain, why must you always insist on having me do this?" Vay seemed mildly annoyed but gave no real inkling that he didn't want to do the task since his hands moved diligently to cracking the lock.

    "And deny the men the opportunity to watch a master at work? I wouldn't dream of it. Besides you were stuck navigating this time so I thought I would atleast give you the thrill of revealing our mystery prize." Zek had walked away from the box and had moved around the table to where Lynn stood. Speaking in a more serious tone without looking directly at her, still mildly entertained with the box and his men cheering as Vay went to work. "So how's our guest holding up? You made sure to put her clothing back on after the search right? I don't need any misunderstands like the last time."

    Lynn's brow furrowed as she glared at her captain.
    "Its not like you gave me enough time alone with her to do anything more. Everything that could have been used as a weapon has been removed but I still think you should have let me bind her, she's well trained and dangerous enough with just her bare ha.,,"

    Waving the comment off Zek cut her off.
    "It'll be fine. I'll go down and talk to her after everything's cleared up here. Besides we left our random demands with the Liners crew, we'll have to make arrangements to be at the meeting region we designated in a weeks time. We need to restock and unload the contents of our haul this month." Pulling the small pocket watch out from his left side coat pocket Zek gave a small smile at the picture as he looked at the time. "She should be coming to any minute now anyways."

    A loud metallic click rang out as well as a few cheers from his crew as the box lock popped open.

    "Now lets see what our mystery loot is for today."
  10. Aline heard the yells of the crew from the outside deck of a ship. The blond woman had given her a very thorough strip search and not that she enjoyed it too much, but she would’ve liked it better if she could’ve done the favor. She groaned inwardly. What the hell was wrong with her? Her weapons were taken away from her, among them her father’s pistol which was a gift from him when she graduated in the military academy. That one, she will have to take back from them, no matter the cost.

    She was lying on a bed—not a very comfortable one either—but hey, at least a bed. It could’ve been worst. The tiny room Commodore Banford was in was bare save from the bed and the desk. There was a tiny window but even her small frame could not get past that one. Maybe when she gets back to the city she could tell her father ‘oh, they treated me rather nicely. Put me up in a room rather than a dingy jail cell. It was almost like a vacation where half the time my whole body was paralyzed.’

    Her body was still unmoving from the shock the pirate had given her, but she was starting to have feelings on her fingers again. Why the woman did not bind her, she couldn’t be sure. But they’ll probably regret it.

    For some weird reason another thought kept on prodding in Aline’s brain. Could she be forgetting something? She looked around the room, not that she expected help from there. But hey, she could finally move her eyes and blink. It stung to move her eyes again and a few tears leaked out to help moisturize the eyes. Then an image from a couple of years back of her shedding a few tears came to her, remembering the reason for such an event: today was her brother’s birthday.
  11. Soft metallic clicks could be heard from the door, the locks were being undone and low voices could be heard talking about something or other which wouldn't be audible unless she was pressed against the door, but the last sentence was clearly heard as the door swung open from a rather familiar voice.

    "If it comes down to it just take us both out, and what I says goes, no argument. this is my day." Zek's eyes turned to the inside of the room to make sure he could see the women before walking in. He really didn't wanna just walk in and get clubbed by the chair they provided.

    Once he was satisfied with her location the captain entered the room and shut the door behind him which the soft metal on metal clicks could be heard once more. They were locking him in the room with him? They weren't going to come in as pairs or more to make sure she felt overwhelmed and helpless? He was obviously the captain Vivian had heard the other women call him that before. So why would they allow their most important person alone in a room with a trained government officer that not but a few hours ago had a gun pointed at him not once, but twice.

    Unarmed, that was the first thing that could be noticed about Zek at this point. He wasn't even wearing that strange glove thing on his left hand this time around. However, he did seem to be holding a few pieces of paper which looked to be documents of some sort.

    "Although I'm sure we already know each others names let me formally introduce myself." Zek walked further into the room grabbing the chair and swinging it around behind him to sit down. Keeping his arms folded across his knees while leaning forward as he spoke, "My name is Zek Usra, or Captain Zeus, whichever you prefer to call me either is fine. You are currently aboard my ship the "Rolling Thunder" heading to the eastern boarders of Talder'ran." Zek's eyes wandered her face and movements making sure she didn't make any movements that seemed to hostile. He also would tell her to stop if she tried to get to close to him before he would make a move to stand.

    "So can you tell me what exactly you were doing on that ship Commodore Banford?" Zek had settled his sights on her eyes now as if trying to read through them when she decided to talk.
  12. Aline could finally sit up. She rolled her head around, hearing cracks. She watched him warily. If he thinks she’s going to try to attack him, well, she’s not very stupid. She might succeed in killing him but she’ll be dead, too. And Commodore Aline Banford was not in the mood to get blood on her shirt.

    She sat on the bed, facing him. Her mess of brown hair has been taken out of its confinements and she was futilely trying to get them together again. The man in front of her was unarmed at most, holding only a few pieces of paper. Her eyes caught a glimpse of what it might be. Oh, shit. She thought. They opened the box.

    It was the secret documents she was supposed to pick up for the government. They didn’t want anyone asking questions to they kept it on the hush-hush, sending Aline to take a short “vacation”. They figured it would be safe enough if only a few people carried it, so as not to send any red flags to anyone who might be watching. Hell of a plan, really. Now she’s in a pirate ship and the said documents, which even she didn’t know the contents of, are in the hands of a pirate.

    Amber eyes looked at his brown ones. “Zeus, thunder, hmm. Punny,” a low chuckle reverberated from her lips. “Commodore Aline Banford, looking forward to through putting a bullet through your head.” She waited a few moments before speaking again, her face showing her annoyance at their current situation. She could try to escape when they get to Talder’ran, grab the documents, then send an army on their ass.

    “I suppose it’s not illegal for a government official to take a short vacation and enjoy a bit of luxury, hmm?” She gave him a sarcastic smile. “But guessing from the documents you’re holding, I suppose that’s not exactly the answer you’re interested in.” This girl was shit out of luck. Happy frickkin’ Birthday, brother.
  13. "So being a Commodore means you're high enough up on the food chain to know what you were carrying in that lock box then? Good that should make this a lot quicker then." Zek tossed the papers out across the desk letting them spill out enough so she could get a clear view of all of them. "Care to explain this for us?"

    As the papers scattered around the desktop detailed blueprints could be made out. After a few moments of studying anyone would be able to tell they were weapons designs, missiles, warships designed with high power steam cannons, and even golem construction stretches. The look on Zek's face seemed cold, his fingers interlocked under his chin as both elbows rested on the desks edge. He seemed to be leaning forward and glaring at her intently waiting for any form of reaction or subtle hint that she might know something but wasn't willing to share, or was in fact ignorant of the subject.

    "Your governments been pushing it's boundary's for quiet some time now, and I'm sure the neighboring territory's are starting to get antsy. You all wouldn't happen to be moving for all out war in this day and age. Not with all the peace treaty's and talks that you all have been so adamantly advocating, would you?" Zek's hand found one of the blueprints of the golem constructs and turned it around to look at it a bit more before letting his eyes fall back on Banford's. A rather annoying nagging sensation crept up in the back of his mind as he studied her.

    Leaving a moment for her answers Zek seemed to just blurt out,
    "Are you married, or ever been married Miss. Banford?" That question seemed a bit out of left field following the first string of inquires.
  14. Aline stood from where she was sitting. Wide golden eyes stared in shock as they roamed through the blueprints. The dawn of an ugly realization left her mouth ajar. But she was thrown back by his last question, stuttering a bit as she answered. “Wha-? N-no.” She continued looking at the blueprints, grabbing one of the said “secret” documents to study it further. “Th-this isn’t—this can’t be.” She grabbed another sheet of paper, recognizing one of the warship patterns that her father had designed. “He can’t possibly know about this,” she whispered under her breath.

    She returned the sheets she held and looked at the others. Her mind was whirring; trying to look for any possible answer that doesn’t equal to an all out war. But of course, nothing was coming. Aline found herself sitting back down on the bed, her fingers on the bridge of her nose, eyes closed. She massaged her temples. Her father could not possibly approve of this or the President. It was impossible, ridiculous, and unreasonable!

    And yet, she was chosen specifically for this assignment, wasn’t she?

    Suddenly, a dark unamused chuckle left her throat. She shook her head and eyed the blueprints once again. She exhaled sharply. How ironic was it that shit hit the fan on her brother’s birthday?
  15. "So it's nothing you were aware of I take it." Zek had watched her carefully and made sure to be cautious of her movements to not allow an opening for her to get to close.

    "You may be unfamiliar with the reason these were going where ever it was you were taking them, but," Zek started gathering the papers back up into a pile and tapping the stack on the desk to cause them to be flush with one another. "The details of the work seem to be something you have encountered before. Care to enlighten me on how you know of this work? Excuse me for being quiet blunt but you don't seem like the type to be educated enough to have a hand in this type of development." His words held no ill will but he had basically said she didn't look very smart.

    The familiar pocket watch was pulled from his chest pocket once more and was quickly flipped open.
    "15 after I've still got another quarter of an hour with her before the time is up."
    The inside picture couldn't even bee seen from the angle Aline was at but as he lowered his hand and flipped it closed another glimpse of a boy around the age of five with a big smile plastered across his face holding a baby in his arms standing next to a women laying in a nursing bed. The watch slipped into his vest once more as Zek gave it a quick thumb over.

    "You know you're lucky I'm in such a good mood today, else I would have had Lynn in here doing this interrogation. Keep that in mind before you answer my question with any falsifications." Zek gave a boyish smile as he looked back up to the young women and set the papers aside to give her his full attention once more.
  16. Her eyes quickly caught sight of the pocket watch but she did not see the inside contents. She sat up on the bed, crossing her legs over the other and leaning on one hand. "I've got no reason to lie to you about my marital status or about," she gestured towards the stack of papers, "that. I could assure you that I'm legally single," she showed him her ring-less hand before continuing. "And that I have no knowledge about the purposes of why those blueprints were created."

    "Besides, my line of work mainly depends on honesty, unlike yours." Then she smirked, a naughty glint in her eyes. "And I could probably teach blondie a thing or two about hand... combat." She smirked before her expression turned serious again.

    "For the record, you are right. I've no knowledge of inventions or machines but my father does." She frowned, a dark expression on her face. "I've seen some of them in our library at home." She couldn't fathom why he would design such a thing. She had always shrugged it off as her father's hobby or past time. He always liked tinkering and making new stuff. Besides, the blueprints she saw did not include the massive weaponry on the new ones.

    Aline watched the man in front of her. Curious as to why he would care for such a thing or about her marital status. "What do you care anyway? You're a pirate. If these countries start blowing each other up they'll be out of pirates' asses. It's not like you're dependent on them financially." She raised her brow. "What? You think they'll pay more if you threaten to sell the blueprints to another country?" She paused then, giving it an actual thought.

    "That's actually a pretty smart idea. But they'll also probably blow your head off."
  17. "You should be mindful of subjects your ignorant of, being pirates weapons like these could be a big pain. Not only that but if war breaks out, these skies aren't going to be the easiest to navigate." Zek motioned with his hand as if brushing the topic aside as he moved onto her next accusation.

    "Selling this kinda information isn't worth the risk and wouldn't be profitable in the long run." Tapping the stack of papers as he talked. "Besides finding a market that could use these, their engineering would have to be pretty big and that only leaves your own government and maybe the Al'Taleer. We don't deal with either." Smiling at the women since she seemed to have a real stick up her butt in the snappy way she responded really made him want to laugh. The comment about Lynn, if she had heard that he would probably need to tazer the both of them to resolve the ensuing entanglement.

    Standing up and gathering the stack of papers Zek gave the woman another look over the nagging feeling in the back of his might still not quiet leaving as if he was missing something.
    "My crew is fairly well behaved so as long as you behave for the time being you will have nothing to worry about. About an hour or two and some food will be brought Lynn will also be here to take you to the rest room. Once we get the other room set up with your own bathroom in it you will have to deal with this."

    A sharp knock on the metal door pierced the conversation and Zek was already backing over to it and replied with three knocks with time intervals spacing them out, definitely a code. "
    Well I'll be going Miss. Banford, remember do behave yourself, I don't wanna have to make things any more uncomfortable then they already are." A guard had open the door and Zek nodded.

    "Everyone's set up in the mess hall Cap'n" "Damnit. I told them I didn't want this being blown out of proportion." Zek looked rather annoyed as the door swung closed. Just before it clicked shut his final words carried off into the room.

    "Just because it's my birthday doesn't mean it has to be celebrated like this."
  18. Aline looked up at his last statement as the door closed behind him. Birthday? She scoffed. Of course her captor would have the same birthday as her brother. Why wouldn’t he? But she wondered more what he didn’t want to be ‘blown out of proportion.’ A frown found its way to Aline’s façade. She stood from the bed and began to pace back and forth in the small room she was trapped in.

    She went to the desk and checked every drawer, all of which were empty. She checked every nook and cranny of the tiny room for anything that could possibly help her or at the very least entertain her. Finally, she sat herself on the floor with her back against the wall. The window caught her eye and she quickly stood up. She looked out of the small window in hopes of getting a clue of their current location, but instead all there was was the huge expanse of the afternoon sky and the endless sea.

    Aline felt like a cat trapped in a very small box. She did not enjoy that feeling. As the petite woman stepped away from the window she stared at the indistinct reflection on it. Her hands moved to release her brown hair from its messy bun, letting it cascade on her shoulders.

    Amber eyes stared back as she curiously eyed the young woman in front of her. It’s been said that she was the spitting image of her mother. But growing up without her, she couldn’t really tell if it was true. Her hands reached for the small locket around her neck before she remembered that it had been taken away along with everything else she had. It was the only memory of her mother that she owned. Inside was a small photo of her brother holding her when she was only a child and another was the photo of a beautiful woman carrying a baby, presumably her.

    She eyes closed, shaking away the melancholy that threatened to begin engulfing her. Aline Banford did not have time for that. She needed an escape plan and she needed it fast.
  19. Having had quiet enough of all the hoots, hollers, and singing Zek found himself separating himself from the rest of the crew having taken one of the service shafts out to the lower expanse of his ship. Leaning against the railing to watch the sea below pass by Zek's hair whipped about, stray strands easily tousled about by the open air. He really did wish the others wouldn't try so hard to cheer him up on this day but he didn't really have the heart to take the fun away from them either.

    A squeal of metal hinges and a loud clang signaled Zek that some one had open the hatch down, and it was confirmed when he heard the click of boots on the ladder rungs. Having not turned around he waited until the voice called out to him and the frame of his first mate joined him against the rail.

    "If you explained things to the rest of the crew they would understand." Vay's words came out in a subtle yet friendly tone while making sure to stare down at the sea as well. "But knowing you, I'm sure you'll bury it as if nothing was going on and let everyone enjoy the mood, especially since we are heading in to port soon."

    Zek could only huff a laugh at how easily Vay could read him but continued to stare off into the sea. Letting his arms cross along the railing Zek took a few steps back and leaned a lot more heavily now tilting his head back enough to look up at the expanse of sky in front of them the sting of wind forcing a few blinks before he squinted. Finally he spoke, his voice was rather somber but his face kept its smile masking what he could even if Vay could read him.

    "Personal issues shouldn't be used to affect the moods of others lightly, besides what kind of captain like image would I be giving off if I shared that kind of thing with my crew? I'd rather let them continue to think of me how they do, and not offer me any kind of pity. Life has it's ups and downs this day just reminds me of more down moments then up is all."

    Pushing himself upright Zek rubbed his face with both hands and let out a puff of air. "Right anyways lets get back up there, and send a piece of the cake to our guest she looks like the type that would enjoy sweets."

    Vay turned around and stopped leaning on the rail as well and taking a few steps past Zek heading toward the ladder. "We're all your family now, don't beat yourself up over something you had no control over."

    Letting Vay take the lead Zek cast one more look over the sea. "Yeah..." Turning around and grabbing the ladder he hoisted himself up making his way back to the mess hall.


    Having left her alone for the last hour Aline heard the clicking of the door as it was being unlocked and the first color to poke its self into view was the familiar blond hair of Lynn.
    "Come on we got your room ready a little earlier, and don't think you going to be making any breaks for it while you are in the halls."

    The door open all the way and another two gentlemen stood behind Lynn as she backed up and motioned for the women to follow. Once in the halls Aline would be able to see what she meant, every corridor they weren't turning into had another man standing guard as if making sure she would have no where to go other then where they were planning to take her. It wasn't far from the original room but the difference in size and accommodations was a vast change, her own rest room, that was a plus so she didn't have to go with the blond staring down at her. On the desk was a plate with what seemed like a slice of cake with a plastic fork stuck in it.

    "Compliments of the Cap'n of course." Lynn stood in the doorway studying the woman as if waiting to see what exactly she was going to do first.
  20. Aline tucked her hair behind her ear to look at her new quarters. While she was being moved she made no attempts whatsoever to escape and she wasn't planning any now. Perhaps she had finally accepted her fate or maybe she was just waiting for an opportunity to show itself. He did mention they were arriving in Talder'ran and it shouldn't be long...

    Amber eyes roamed the new quarters with curiosity and skepticism. Why were they nice? Her eyes landed on the cake and walked towards it. Chocolate, of course. Aline chuckled but cut it short. "Please send it back to your kind Captain, with my gratitude." She tried to take on a lighter tone, masking the desolation she felt. She walked inside cautiously, studying her new area like a trained individual normally would for escape plans or possible make-shift weapons. She still has to figure out how to retrieve her locket and her father's gun.

    "What does your Captain plan to do with me anyway? It's not like you're going to get away with a ransom of some sorts." She took a seat at the desk where the plate was placed, pushing it away from her. She carefully watched the blonde at the doorway. Her head tilted to the side, akin that to a curious child. A curtain of curly brown hair cascaded down like a waterfall, making her look young. Aline has always kept her hair out of her face but she didn't see the big deal now. Besides, they opened her door before she had the time to tie it back up and she couldn't be bothered anymore.