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  1. "How are things going? Now that you're in this foster home." The lady asked with her gentle eyes and her impatient fingers tapping.

    " It's good." I said.
    "Bed any good? Any trouble with your roommate?"
    "I don't have a roommate." I glared back with a hiss in my voice.

    The room stayed silent for a while as the windows showed how cloudy it was outside and how the carpeted floor started to dirty.

    "so, it's been your third time in here and in jail, only at the age of 13 ..." She said as she checked her watch. "You should head up to your room now." She ordered.

    I walked towards my room, changed my clothes into sweat pants and a t-shirt, then tried my best to sleep. Everything was still, warm and quiet. I was half asleep but still kept hearing those other kids crying and shrieking in anger at other kids.

    The yells now turned to shifted walking pattern, to my room. It slowly opened with a shadowed figure was in the shape of a male.

    I shot up from my pillow. "Hi..."
  2. I just stand there, motionless, and watch.
    I scratch the back of my head and walk towards you slowly.

    As I approach you're bed, I start to redden slightly.

    I open my mouth and try to speak. Barely audible, I stutter "Hey... Im Kenny. Im new here."
  3. He furrows his brows. "well... Get in your own bed." he says pointing to the bed on the other wall.
    Charles still stares at him with concern. "how old are you?"
  4. Getting into bed, he exhales deeply. "Im 17. Not much longer till im outa here."
    He puts his hands behind his head and crosses his feet. Eyes closed, he lays there. A slow smile appears.
    "Once Im gone I can finally live life. Y'know?" He looks over to charles.
    "How old are you, anyway?"
  5. "13..." he says smiling, trying his vest to smile back. "no wonder you seem so happy,"
    Charles flipped his pillow to the other side and brushed his black hair back, because if he didn't he looked like a Tim Burton character.

    "Why are you here, if you don't mind me asking."
  6. What ever emotion Kenny had on his face soon turned numb. His face was blank.
    "It's a long story kid. Maybe I'll tell it another time." His eyes darkened as he searches through his bag. He pulls out a black, torn up beanie and puts it on.

    Looking back at Charles, his face still numb, he says in an almost sad voice "All I can say is my life aint pretty. Hell, I aint even pretty. You may be 13 but if you're here then you can understand the type of stuff people went through."

    Kenny lays his head down on his pillow and pulls his beanie over his eyes. A shaky smile forms as he sighs.

    "You ever been in love, charles?"
  7. "I'm 13, I don't have time for it." he said bluntly as he watched him.
    "why do you ask? That's something you don't bring up out of the blue." he smiled again, getting more engaged in the conversation.
  8. "Life is a hell hole. And Everything I've done just never amounted to anything..." I say to him while still in bed.
    "But a year ago, at another foster place, there was this girl. She was my bestfriend. She was the only one to understand me."
    A tear rolls down my cheek as I smile.
    "What time is it, anyway? I dont wana keep you up too late." I bring the beanie down to my chin and wipe away the tears.
    "Unless, that is, you want me to keep rambling?" I exclaim.
  9. "Its fine, I haven't heard a nice voice for a long time." he smiled, throwing back his hair again.

    " you fell in love with the girl?"
  10. "she was my everything. So I guess I can call it love. 10 years going through foster homes and I still dont know what love is. Kinda sad..." He takes off his hat and sits up in his bed. He smiles at Charles.
    "It all started when I was 16. I had moved to my third foster home in 5 years. The parents were decent people. They had two kids. A son of their own and another girl. Her name was Miki. I'll always remember her smile. She'd blush up and stare down as her hair falls into her face." He begins to smile uncontrollably.
    "We had to share a room at first. And as we did, we would stay up late just telling our life stories and how we got there. Sadly, she had a rough past like me."
  11. "that's nice..." he yawns, not in boredom but in tiredness. He still kept his eyes slit open, showing his attention to the story.

    "to be honest, I've experienced love but not in an emotional way. I think I was 6 at the time. Met a really nice man who lived on the second floor of my apartment complex." he grinned despite what was coming out of his mouth.

    he covered his face, trying to think. "handsome, but he was older. Can't recall the exact age."

    "I hope you get the idea..." he said with a disturbed, crooked face.
  12. "I think so." He smiles and walks over to Charles.
    "Well its getting late and you're tired. Its best we both get some sleep. We can continue our 'bro talk' tomorrow"
    He pats him on the head and walks back to his bed.
    "Good night Charles," he says in a yawn. "I know we're gonna make good friends."
    Kenny Falls asleep fairly quickly.
  13. "good night..." he said.

    Charles started to fall asleep slowly.
  14. As morning came, Kenny's alarm went off.
    "Ughh....." he groaned."Turn it off..."
    He sloppily got out of bed and turned off the alarm. He then proceeded to crawl back in bed.
    "Hey charles. You up?"
  15. Charles continued to softly snore and deepen his sleep with his head only peeking up from out of his thick blanket.
  16. The glare of the sun woke him before his alarm. He could have been annoyed but he was up before his room mates alarm gone off that was a bonus. He felt like a zombie with only few hours of sleep, but he wasn't going to miss his chance at getting the shower before the lineup begins and there's no more hot water.

    He staggered out of bed and turned the alarm clock off before it would sound, quickly grabbing his towel a set of clean clothes and literally running out his room, not caring at this point upon waking his room mate as he slammed the door behind him, just as long as he could get to the bathroom first.
  17. he popped up from his bed "whoa...wait," he mumbled as he dashed to the bathroom door, quiet enough not to wake Kenneth.
    "I go first." he hissed as pushed him out of the way.
  18. "eh!"surprised by suddently being pushed aside just before stepping past the threshold of the doorway. His body was quick to react, swiftly reaching up and yanking the youth back by the back of his shirt. He surprised himself by doing so, usually not one to just react before thinking. (Well more surprised by the barrier he dropped momentarily) "Not so fast runt!" he muttered, arm slipping around the others waist before Mikalai swung around and turned the youths direction back into the room. He grinned "first dibs"
  19. Charles slide past him again, pushing him again, and slamming the door in front of his face.
    the next noise you could hear from the bathroom was the bathtub running.
  20. "Damn it!"he grumbled, slamming a closed fist against the door before crossing his arms against his chest and turning around, leaning against the cool surface of the door, irritated. "Hey, runt! you better not use up all the hot water."he called in as he pulled his hair back and tied up into a ponytail, grumbling to himself, debating if he should or not...
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