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  1. I sometimes forget that not everyone uses the same Forum Skin as I do. Personally, I use Ozzie's Crimson Soul for that Malebolge feel of darkness, blood, and angst. I guess. The Dragon's pretty, too.

    What do you guys use?
  2. I am using Diana's Teal. 8D Because I like teal.

    Normally, I tend to use the default style though cause I work on them.... o____o
  3. October's blue :D Cause I like blue, and most of the others are too bright or have a weird light that feels uncomfortable to look at. BLUUUUEEEE :)
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  4. For some reason, when I think of Iwaku, I think of the color orange. So, I have it on Gibs' Orange.

    I like the one that's called Revision's Sky, too.
  5. The default, I just never bothered to change it.
  6. wow falcon you're so boring what a butt
  7. The purple one. I can't see red all that well it looks pink to me. I like calm colours.
  8. Diana's Teal! ^^ I tried a bunch of them, but I've determined this one as my favorite! ^^
  9. [MENTION=3504]VerbalAbuse[/MENTION] :P

    Ok so I went back and looked through all of them and at the moment I've settled on Revision's sky.
    It's a nice calm color that I can read everything on, but it's more fun then a neutral.
  10. I change mine up for different colors/different banner art.
    For some reason, mine keeps going back to the forum default after a bit anyway, so! I sometimes use that too.
  11. You can set your default in your profile settings
  12. Mine? I know that. I don't really want a default one, since I like looking at all of them. Thank you, though, haha.
  13. I like October's blue cause it's MINE

    Also cause blue is easy on the eyes for the many hours I spend on this site.