Fortunes Fools . . .AGAIN

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  1. OK everybody, Asmo's agreed to give this RP another shot! But it needs some interested players, first! The OOC can be found here!

    Interested? Reply here!

    Note: Tegan is only doing this because she really, really wants to play this game, and Asmo is a slave driver. So please make her dying wish come true.
  2. Interested.

  4. You guys are going in the 'Undying Love' folder.
  5. Interested.
  6. This RP sounds vaguely familiar... third time around right?

    Interested... for what that is worth...
  7. You'll all just hurt me again. T__T
  8. . . .

    *checks the price of flights to the UK and tasers.*
  9. I think this is a rerun.
  10. Itzlie
    She seems very hurt..she wasn't going to accept my help. I sighed
    "Carrie i understand that and it's noble but your hurting. I am afraid ypu are taking on alot." I then say quietly.
    "I'll let you go better then wasting time arging since i have no idea what's going on." I then say. I just hoped she would be fine. This would he hard to keep quiet about but i knew what to be quiet. Whatever just happened wasnt for me to tell.
    It was also true that it would be bad to leave tge kids alone with just Sam after what just happened....

    I smiled as she seemed worried for me..
    "Hey I'll be careful you don't have anything to worry about alright." I say trying to calm her down. I see she seemed cold. I took off my jacket and handed it to power was fire anyways do i was barely cold.
    "Here if you're cold." I say
    "Oh yeah..sakamoto is taking care of Winnie. I wonder how that went. Anyways hes an idiot but he does care so shes fine
    " I then say shaking my head.

    He asked if i really thought so and i nodded.
    I mean he was nice and had saved me..i was embaressed at how he had admitted that i had given him hope.
    "Yup of course i do i dont lie. Anyways im glad you'r my friend." I then say innocently.
    "Alright enought with all the mushy stuff." I then say jokingly getting up," since warren seems to be busy and leaving us alone i am going to go look for that book i was reading. I belive i left it in my room."
    It seemed like Warren was busy and hadn't bothered us...i wondered how long thatwas going to last

    He kissed ny forehead as he praised me...i blushed even more at his wink.
    "U-um..." i say feeling shy at his teasing and how much he praised me," i-im not sure what to say but i think you are the best as well."
    My face was bright red and i shyly looked down
  11. Fine. I'll remake it. Then you can all SCREW ME OVER AGAIN LIKE YOU ALWAYS DO >:[
  12. Yippeeeeee~! :D
  13. Definatly interested... only issue is what to play >_<;
  14. The best issue there is! :D
  15. No worries Kate!
  16. Colette Fournier | Hospital


    Interactions: Carrie @KatSea

    I don't recognize my surroundings.

    Fantastic. Where did Quinn take us now? That deranged speedster never knew how to think before acting and I'm usually forced to endure the consequences. Well, especially so as of recently. God, what did she do injure herself so badly? It had been so hard to breathe, let alone understand why I was being cornered by random strangers.

    Wait...isn't this a hospital? Bleached white ceiling. The sharp odor of antiseptic. And that infernal beeping of a heart monitor. Yes, I'm definitely in a hospital. Perhaps Quinn wised up and decided to get treated? Of course, she hopefully had enough sense to fake her identity or just speed her way into a room, pull a few strings. We share the same IQ, after all; she can figure it out.

    Sighing dully, I shift to sit up--...

    Something's holding me.


    What in the devil?

    I gasp and shoot up, peering down at the woman lying next to me. The hell? Wait, isn't this the same woman who tried to capture me earlier?! What in the world is Quinn doing lying with her? Assuring that my face and tone is as blank as possible, I carefully turn to her face her.

    "Qui es tu (Who are you)."