Fortunes Fools . . .AGAIN

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  1. OK everybody, Asmo's agreed to give this RP another shot! But it needs some interested players, first! The OOC can be found here!

    Interested? Reply here!

    Note: Tegan is only doing this because she really, really wants to play this game, and Asmo is a slave driver. So please make her dying wish come true.
  2. Interested.

  4. You guys are going in the 'Undying Love' folder.
  5. Hunter

    "Are we just attacking the ones here in Baltimore or are we going to expand all the way to their main base?"
  6. This RP sounds vaguely familiar... third time around right?

    Interested... for what that is worth...
  7. You'll all just hurt me again. T__T
  8. . . .

    *checks the price of flights to the UK and tasers.*
  9. John

    "Before you go, we should probably decide what facility each team is hitting."
  10. MEEEE. I'm interested!! Dunno why, but I get this strong "Heart of Darkness" vibe from this RP...
  11. Fine. I'll remake it. Then you can all SCREW ME OVER AGAIN LIKE YOU ALWAYS DO >:[
  12. Uluro

    It was reassuring to hear that she had been given the chance to choose her coworker. The Navigator would have liked the opportunity to be picky with those he chose to serve with, but that was seldom the case. He had traded comfort for advancement more times that he could remember, and grown weary of it. Still, having little to no knowledge of the other crew members of the Pyrrhus wasn't enough to steer him from a gate discovery expedition. It made his eyes wander towards the cold storage pods that remained unopened. In particular, he had hopes for a decent Pilot.

    Thoughts of wandering off to discover his quarters and map out the ship for himself, of flavored paste and weak broth, tugged at him. There would be much to do and to prepare, but he knew better than to push his body's limits straight out of cryo. The irony of her advice to take things slow struck him immediately as her own twenty-two minute window ticked away. The striking Auroun's close attention to time and detail gave Uluro the distinct impression that she had forgotten or deferred her own need to rest. "I will take them all. From the look of these pods the ship is still a lonely place. We should stick together." Putting a hand on the wall despite feeling quite steady on his feet, the towering and spindly Ku'Rhom took a couple small steps toward the door. "Come. You can make sure I don't fall on the way to the food processor, and take some time off of your feet."
  13. Definatly interested... only issue is what to play >_<;
  14. The best issue there is! :D
  15. No worries Kate!
  16. Colette Fournier | Hospital


    Interactions: Carrie @KatSea

    I don't recognize my surroundings.

    Fantastic. Where did Quinn take us now? That deranged speedster never knew how to think before acting and I'm usually forced to endure the consequences. Well, especially so as of recently. God, what did she do injure herself so badly? It had been so hard to breathe, let alone understand why I was being cornered by random strangers.

    Wait...isn't this a hospital? Bleached white ceiling. The sharp odor of antiseptic. And that infernal beeping of a heart monitor. Yes, I'm definitely in a hospital. Perhaps Quinn wised up and decided to get treated? Of course, she hopefully had enough sense to fake her identity or just speed her way into a room, pull a few strings. We share the same IQ, after all; she can figure it out.

    Sighing dully, I shift to sit up--...

    Something's holding me.


    What in the devil?

    I gasp and shoot up, peering down at the woman lying next to me. The hell? Wait, isn't this the same woman who tried to capture me earlier?! What in the world is Quinn doing lying with her? Assuring that my face and tone is as blank as possible, I carefully turn to her face her.

    "Qui es tu (Who are you)."