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  1. So in this story, you say a good event followed by a bad event.

    fortunately, Bob found $20 on the floor.
    -next post-
    Unfortunately, he tripped and landed on his face.

    Soooo... Let's start, shall we~?

    Fortunately, Alex won the lottery.
  2. Unfortunately, she couldn't find her ticket.
  3. Fortunately, she can just sell the jewels she swiped last Friday
  4. Unfortunately she was then hit by a bus.
  5. Fortunately, the money made from selling the stolen gems will pay for her medical bills.
  6. Unfortunately, she was later arrested for her crimes.
  7. Fortunately she escaped and went on a shopping spree.
  8. Unfortunately, her shopping spree was through the dumpsters behind the mall.
  9. Fortunately the dumpster genie appeared to grant her any one wish
  10. Unfortunately, the genie was a drunk and misheard her wish.
  11. Fortunately, he misheard it as 'please surround me with hotties'
  12. Unfortunately, the said hotties were complete idiots.
  13. Fortunately, these hotties were easily malleable in their idiocy, making them perfect candidates as her new blindly loyal henchmen for use in her new devious jewel related heists.
  14. Unfortunately, some of them were loudmouths., so they shouted what they were doing out loud, leading to risk of capture.
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  15. Fortunately their voices were intimidating enough that the shouts kept away law enforcement at bay long enough for her to swipe some jewels.
  16. Unfortunately, their voices got hoarse, so they couldn't have their intimidation any more, for a while.
  17. Fortunately, there was more than enough profit from her last scheme to afford throat lozenges.
  18. Unfortunately, all the local stores were all sold out.
  19. Fortunately, Alex took this as an opportunity to expand her criminal empire by laundering jewel money to all local pharmaceutical companies, turning in a safe profit from a region with an unusually high demand for throat lozenges.
  20. Unfortunately, an orbital missile strike destroyed the country, all it's citizens and throat lozenges.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.