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  1. To play the game you just need to continue on from the last sentence, altinating between unfortunately and fortunately! It gets pretty silly, which is always fun.

    Unfortunately, I was stranded on an island
    Fortunately, there was a house!
    Unfortunately, it was empty.

    I'll start!

    Unfortunately, I got lost at sea...​
  2. Fortunately, I found an island loaded with riches.
  3. Unfortunately the introduction of the riches to any kind of presently established monetary system would cause rampant runaway inflation and devalue not only the riches but the accumulation of wealth of others, causing monetary values to drop, and leading to the starvation and possibly death of thousands to millions of people.
  4. Fortunately, we don't care about that because our ship is crewed by Dragons.
  5. Unfortunately, the all consuming greed of the dragons gives them a vested interest in the economy. An unstable economy means their hoards of wealth are devalued and this upsets them.
  6. Unfortunately, shut up, Ely.
  7. Fortunately Drago is our lord and savior
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  8. Unfortunately now I'm equating Darog with Drogo from GoT.
  9. Fortunately, gold helmets are a good way to remove gold from the economy and improve the value of our dragon hordes.
  10. Unfortunately, Drogo doesn't wear a helmet.
  11. Fortunately he does wear a golden codpiece, same end result.
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  12. Unfortunately Joffrey wants it and is invading to take it.
  13. Fortunately, Joffrey crosses the Highway, just as a plane crashes on it, killing him.
  14. Unfortunately Ned Stark was on that plane.
  15. Hodor[Fortunately], Hodor hodor hodor. Hodor hodor.
  16. Hodor(Unfortunately) Hodor hodor, hodor hodor hodor.
  17. Fortunately, the plane was filed with food.
  18. Unfortunately, it was all expired cheese.
  19. Fortunately, the dragons could turn expired cheese into meat and chicken.
  20. And then the chicken was turned into glorious fried chicken.
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